NU'EST members pen down heartfelt letters after announcing the group's disbandment

The K-pop boy band has shown extraordinary talent for 10 years (Instagram/nuest_official)
The K-pop boy band has shown extraordinary talent for 10 years (Instagram/nuest_official)

After K-pop boy band NU'EST announced their disbandment on February 28, 2022, the unexpected news caused fans from around the globe to wonder why the quintet decided to call it quits. In an effort to provide closure to the fans, the group members penned down their thoughts expressing gratitude for years of support.

The South Korean boy band, formed and managed by Pledis Entertainment, consists of five members: JR, Baekho, Aron, Ren and Minhyun. They debuted on March 15, 2012 with the track Face.

The quintet’s last album, Romanticize, was released in April 2021 with the lead single Inside Out.

NU'EST members cap off their official activities

Pledis Entertainment released an official statement and announced that the world-famous K-pop boy group agreed to end their official activities. The quintet decided not to renew their music contract (ahead of its expiration on March 14, 2022) with the agency after almost 10 years.

Soon after the announcement, each member penned down their thoughts and addressed fans through the group’s Weverse account. The letters expressed their emotions and thanked their fanbase, L.O.Λ.E, for their unwavering support over the past decade.

JR's letter (Image via Weverse/@NU'EST)
JR's letter (Image via Weverse/@NU'EST)
JR's letter (Image via Weverse/@NU'EST)
JR's letter (Image via Weverse/@NU'EST)

In his letter, JR thanked fans for their continuous support for 13 years and that without them, the group wouldn’t be where they are today. He reminisced about the times when the group and fans were together:

"Hello, this is NU'EST's JR. How are L.O.Λ.E doing? I don't know how to begin. I have written this over and over again. After much contemplation, we have decided to go our own way. Looking back, including the time I was prepared to debut, there hasn't been a time I have not been thankful for the 13 years I've been with you."

He continued to thank fans for being the group's guiding light and stated that he was nervous about starting a new journey in life:

"I know very well that those times were possible because you, L.O.Λ.Es and the members were with me, so I am still afraid to stand on my own now. I believe I won't be able to comfort L.O.Λ.Es' sadness and pain. I also don't think I can express with words how much I love you. "

He ended his message by stating that his love and gratitude towards L.O.Λ.E would never wane:

"You have watched me through my teens and my 20s. And thank you for always guiding me. My unconditional love and thanks will never fade for you."

Baekho's letter (Image via Weverse/@NU'EST)
Baekho's letter (Image via Weverse/@NU'EST)

Baekho wrote an intense letter in which he recounted the growth of his career and how he achieved his dreams and goals because of the members and of course L.O.Λ.E:

"Hello, this is NU'EST's Baekho. It has already been 10 years. Looking back at everything from before my debut to now, my dreams have come true. I also had new dreams, and at times unimaginable things were accomplished."

He continued to thank his group members and staff for their love and support. Baekho ended his letter by promising to work hard in his future endeavors:

"I'm so thankful to the members, staff and L.O.Λ.Es. The time we spent together was amazing and the person I am today is because of you. I will continue to work hard so that we can laugh and cry together again. I love my group mates and fans."

Ren's letter (Image via Weverse/@NU'EST)
Ren's letter (Image via Weverse/@NU'EST)

In his letter, Ren first apologized to fans who were eagerly waiting for the group’s contract renewal. He also recalled the days before their big debut and thanked fans for being with him throughout his trials and tribulations:

"Hello, this is NU'EST's Ren. First of all, I am sorry to deliver this news to the L.O.Λ.Es who have been waiting for the contract renewal more than anyone else. It seems like just yesterday that I dreamt of becoming a singer. I joined as a trainee at the age of 16."

He stated that the new journey ahead will be difficult and uncertain but he will continue to have the courage to face life:

"Now, I am going to walk in a slightly different direction. I'm a little scared and will try to walk with courage. I believe that I am who I am today because of the members and L.O.Λ.Es who believed in me even through my shortcomings. I will continue to walk forward calmly without forgetting this feeling."

Minhyun's letter (Image via Weverse/@NU'EST)
Minhyun's letter (Image via Weverse/@NU'EST)

Minhyun jotted down his feelings and stated that after a lot of discussion, the group decided to start fresh. He continued to thank fans for supporting him through difficult times:

"Hello L.O.Λ.Es , this is NU'EST's Minhyun. After much thought with the members and the company about our future, we decided to make a fresh start. There were times when I was tired and wanted to cry, but I think I overcame it thinking about our L.O.Λ.Es."

In the end, he requested fans to support each member in their individual ventures:

"Lastly, please continue to walk with us so that the future of all the NU'EST members, my close friends and family, can be memorable."

Aron's letter (Image via Weverse/@NU'EST)
Aron's letter (Image via Weverse/@NU'EST)

Last but never the least, Aron wrote a letter that was entirely dedicated to L.O.Λ.Es. He thanked them for their love and appreciation over the past 10 years and stated that his happiest moments were with the members and fans.

"Hello, my L.O.Λ.Es. This is NU'EST's Aron. There were a lot of difficult things over the past ten years, and there were many times when I wanted to give up. But I think I was able to overcome them thanks to our L.O.Λ.Es who were by my side."

He added:

"I was able to share the happiest and most precious moments in my life with our L.O.Λ.Es. Thank you for giving me memories that will last a lifetime. It's very scary and I'm afraid of being alone, but don't be too sad because we will always be together. I am sincerely sorry my L.O.Λ.Es. Thank you and I love you."

Fans react to NU'EST members emotional letters

Upon reading their letters, fans took to various social media platforms to express their sorrow at learning of the group's disbandment. Putting aside their disappointment at the news, fans chose instead to celebrate the group's achievements over the past 10 years and bid them adieu as best they could.

Meanwhile, Pledis Entertainment also announced that the group will release an album before they depart from the agency. The as-yet-unnamed record will mark NU’EST’s final release as a group. More details on the same will be announced by the agency soon.

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