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5 best movies to binge on if you like Tom Cruise's Top Gun

The history of the film is as glitzy and dramatic as the original medium. In the annals of film history, we come across both towering successes like Tom Cruise and fallen deities.

However, few films have succeeded in defining a generation by internalizing its anxieties, rage, anxiety, and insecurities in a way that no other art form has. The lead actors in such epics become instant celebrities with a cult following.


The 1986 film 'Top Gun,' directed by Tony Scott, achieved the same thing for both generation Y and Tom Cruise, who played the lead part in the film.

'Top Gun,' like other films in the genre, such as 'Easy Rider' (1969), 'Titanic' (1997), and 'Iron Man' (2008), has become a cultural icon that has been mentioned in numerous lists and conversations over the past three decades.


The plot of 'Top Gun,' starring Tom Cruise as a naval pilot named Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, follows Maverick and his comrade Nick "Goose" Bradshaw's experiences in and around the Naval Fighter Weapons School known as Top Gun.

Critics never gave the film high marks, and the audience reception was also muted. Soon after, word got out about 'Top Gun's' jaw-dropping action sequences and stunts.' The number of theaters playing the film skyrocketed.


'Top Gun' has become a worldwide phenomenon, with Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis getting significant praise for their outstanding performances. So, without further ado, here is our list of the top movies similar to 'Top Gun.' Several of these films, such as 'Top Gun,' are available on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

Five movies similar to Tom Cruise's 'Top Gun' that are a must watch

5) Pearl Harbor - 2001


Michael Bay's name has been linked to a signature filmmaking style that includes many spectacular effects and gut-wrenching explosions.


However, we must not forget that Bay has produced some very legendary masterpieces throughout his career. These films may not have been critical favorites, but they have left an indelible impression on moviegoers.


The film 'Pearl Harbor,' starring Ben Affleck, is one of Bay's most famous works. Critics gave the military epic mixed reviews, and it received four Academy Award nominations compared to six Raspberry Award nominations, including the worst picture.

The film depicts the narrative of men and women pitted against love, loss, jealousy, national pride, and the cruel reality of war in a reimagining of one of the most destructive attacks in World War II history.

4) Memphis Belle - 1990


The 1990 war film, directed by Michael Caton-Jones, is a dramatized version of a 1943 documentary directed by William Wyler. The plot of 'Memphis Belle' revolves around a World War II bomber aircraft.

In the same style as Tom Cruise's 'Top Gun,' 'Memphis Belle' highlights the lives of teenage pilots attempting to create a name for themselves through their abilities and daring. However, their mission entails attacking a well-fortified Axis fortress, undoubtedly resulting in some losses.

While death breathes in the nape of their necks, the teenage pilots rely entirely on their ability to emerge victorious from the decisive air battle.

The exciting experience is captured in all its intensity and immediacy in 'Memphis Belle.' The film may exploit some war movie cliches, but that does not detract from the sheer entertainment value it offers.

3) Born on the Fourth of July - 1989


Oliver Stone is a Hollywood outlaw like Tom Cruise. He has carved out his own way by writing and directing pictures that leave a lasting intellectual and emotional impression on audiences. Stone secured his name as one of the leading voices in contemporary world cinema with the 1989 film "Born on the Fourth of July."

Tom Cruise portrays a fictionalized version of Vietnam war veteran Ron Kovic, who aspired to join the Army but joined the Marine Corps. His vision of fighting was turned upside down when he was disabled in a horrific accident on the battlefield.

The story depicts Kovic's transformation as he sees that specific individuals profit from the war while his countrymen battle tooth and nail against the enemy. The picture becomes a loud proclamation of anti-war emotions with its strong political stance on wars and warmongers.


Tom Cruise's outstanding portrayal of the lead part, in which he removes all of his Hollywood gloss and turns himself into a man devastated by the horrors of war, is worth watching.

Surprisingly, a film adaptation of Kovic's story was planned as early as 1976, with Al Pacino playing the lead role. After the transaction fell through, Stone took up the project and enlisted Tom Cruise's help.

2) A Few Good Men - 1992


In 'Top Gun,' Tom Cruise plays a naval officer who struggles to get his footing in his new job. However, in 'A Few Good Men,' he plays a young military lawyer pitted against one of the US Navy's most experienced and veteran warriors.

When up against an actor as formidable as Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise shines, portraying Daniel Alastair Kaffee with such magnanimity that you can't take your gaze away from the screen for as long as he's on it.

The movie 'A Few Good Men' is based on Aaron Sorkin's play. As Sorkin's debut project as a screenwriter, the film is a watershed moment in his illustrious career. Despite being overly self-explanatory, 'Few Good Men' did well in both critical and economic terms.

1) Dunkirk - 2017


"Dunkirk," Christopher Nolan's masterwork war epic, is unlike any other war film released recently. Yes, I use the word masterpiece with caution since, despite being a huge lover of war films, I have never been so engrossed for the duration of one, with a few exceptions.

In 'Dunkirk,' Nolan's approach to filmmaking is so original and creative that it creates a picture on the screen, unlike anything we've ever seen.

Without resorting to constructing characters and narrating the story through them, he uses unique camera techniques and sounds to portray a sense of tension. The sole subject of 'Dunkirk' is the horrors of battle and approaching death.

The performers are simply props used by the filmmaker to bring his vision to life on screen. 'Dunkirk' is an experimental war film that engrosses us by utilizing cinema's most fundamental audiovisual capabilities.


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