8 best fashion brand logos of all time (Image via Getty)

8 best fashion brand logos of all time

In the sea of labels, certain fashion brand logos stand out, not only for their designs but for the storied brand histories they represent. Fashion is an industry that doesn't solely rely on apparel but the brand image as well. The essence of every fashion brand logo is way more than the mere sketch or a vector.

Indeed, the most compelling fashion brand logos have a deep connection with the brand they signify, forming an integral part of our daily visual lexicon. What makes a brand logo the best include several factors like graphic design, work of art, the message it tries to express, and simplicity as well.


8 best fashion brand logos of all time


1) Chanel (1925 to present)

From a design perspective, Chanel stands out for its elegant simplicity. The interlocked ‘C’ initials are the brainchild of Coco Chanel herself, a design that exudes luxury and sophistication. Every detail, from pearl brooches to leather embossings, boasts this emblematic logo.

One of the best fashion brand logos: Chanel (1925 to Present) (Image via Getty)

The appeal lies in its timeless design, which has remained unchanged since 1925. The worldwide recognition of the brand has been mostly because of its design and rich heritage. Chanel has therefore established its place firmly among fashion enthusiasts.

2) Versace (1993 to present)


At the heart of Versace's emblem is a tale from ancient mythology. The Medusa logo, chosen by Gianni Versace, was inspired by a mosaic he encountered during his childhood.

Versace (Image via Getty)

This intricate design, which has been the brand's hallmark since 1993, is a vivid departure from other contemporary fashion brand logos. From clothing trims to colorful adaptations, the Medusa symbol has been synonymous with Versace, offering a touch of ancient history to modern apparel.

3) Loewe (2014 to present)

Loewe, primarily known for its luxury leather goods, represents European craftsmanship. The brand, which was conceived by German founder Enrique Loewe Roessberg in Spain, has consistently reflected its rich European roots.

Loewe (2014 to Present) (Image via Getty)

The Anagram logo, designed in the 1970s, draws inspiration from branding irons, adding a unique twist to the brand's identity.

4) Louis Vuitton (1854 to present)

Louis Vuitton's origins, with its iconic monogram, is rooted in the late 19th century. The one-of-a-kind design of the logo combines the initials of L and V, with different motifs like flowers and stars.

Louis Vuitton (Image via Getty)

Not only that, this fashion brand logo encapsulates the legacy of the brand in the luxury segment. Since the beginning of the brand, the logo has received a great revamp. Gradually, it was reinterpreted and turned into a symbol of evolution in the world of fashion.

5) Supreme (1994 to present)

Supreme (1994 to Present) (Image via Getty)

Hailing from the streets of Manhattan, Supreme exemplifies the streetwear revolution. Despite its limited editions and select stores, the brand's bold red box logo has made a significant mark in both the skating and fashion communities, drawing inspiration from the art of Barbara Kruger.

6) COS (2007-2021)

COS (2007-2021) (Image via Getty)

A sister brand of H&M, COS focuses on enduring fashion inspired by artistic and architectural elements. Minimalism is something that goes long way and so does this COS logo.

The fashion brand logo, active from 2007 to 2021, is a reflection of the brand's minimalist approach, emphasizing longevity in design. It's not just elegant but also simple and easy to remember.

7) Comme des Garçons PLAY (2002 to present)

Comme des Garçons PLAY (2002 to Present) (Image via Getty)

Comme des Garçons PLAY is where playfulness meets fashion. Among so many commercial logos, the PLAY logo is more like a breath of fresh air. This diffusion line from the primary Comme des Garçons brand is recognized by its whimsical heart symbol, replete with cartoonish eyes, making it an instant classic in contemporary fashion.

8) A Bathing Ape (1993 to present)

A Bathing Ape is among the best fashion brand logos (1993 to Present) (image via Getty)

Japan's A Bathing Ape stands out for the streetwise aesthetics of the fashion brand's logo. The fashion brand logo has a simplistic ape, conceived by founder Nigo in 1993, and is an ode to urban culture. The concept of ape is an out-of-the-box approach that resonates with its vast audience and makes it one of the best fashion brand logos.

The value of a fashion brand logo transcends its design. It narrates a story, evokes emotions, and encapsulates a brand's essence. These eight fashion brand logos have etched a permanent mark in the fashion industry, reflecting the visions of their founders and the values they uphold.


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