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LaTocha misses rehearsal in the upcoming episode of SWV & Xscape (Image via Instagram/@iamlatocha)

SWV & XSCAPE season 1 episode 4 release date, air time, and plot

Bravo’s SWV & XSCAPE is set to return with another episode this week. Despite the fact that the show has only been airing for three weeks, viewers have seen the cast members clash both on and off camera, and the upcoming segment will not be all that different. While the group is busy rehearsing, there’s one member missing, and Kandi Burruss is just about done with it.

The segment of the upcoming episode reads:

"SWV and Xscape finally decide which group will headline their show as planning for the collaboration of a lifetime begins; LaTocha still hasn't told Xscape that she's shopping a solo deal, however."

Tune in on Sunday, March 26, at 8 pm ET on Bravo to watch SWV & XSCAPE season 1 episode 4.

LaTocha misses rehearsal in the upcoming episode of SWV & XSCAPE


The six-part series revolving around a one-night-only reunion concert is nearing an end. However, it looks like one SWV & XSCAPE cast member isn’t quite aware of how much time is left before the concert as they don’t show up for practice.

In a promo uploaded to social media, the group is seen practicing, but LaTocha is nowhere to be found. During the clip, after finishing a song, Kandi Burruss asks the group where LaTocha Scott-Biven is. Tamika Scott, her sister, informs her that she’s not coming. Tameka asks Shane, the road manager, to come over so they could discuss the situation with her.

In a confessional, Kandi Burruss says:

"I’m trying to be patient. I’m trying to be chill. But I’m getting annoyed."

When they ask her whether the singer is coming for the rehearsal, she says no but adds that she will be there for the show. Shane further asks the SWV & XSCAPE cast to check her mic during sound check.


Kandi is seen getting agitated and states that she’s not going to show up for practice but wants to be there for the show. She further tells the group that LaTocha didn’t even ask whether they had made any changes.

The Bravo star told the singing group that they need to practice Scott-Bevin’s parts as well in case she doesn’t come for the show either. When Tamika says that she’ll be there, Burruss states that “this is the kind of stuff” that annoys her, further stating:

"Why do we give her the right to always put us on hold, let us know where she’s gonna be."

She asked the group why they collectively set the rules, and when SWV & XSCAPE’s Tameka asks her what she thinks, the RHOA star is annoyed by the fact that her cast member won’t show up for the sound check.

SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B Season 1, Episode 4 SNEAK PEEK. All new, Sunday 8/7c on @Bravotv. (Source @Bravotv @NBCUniversal) #TheQueensOfRB

In another promo, Tamika Scott and Cheryl Coko Gamble have a conversation about their upcoming tour. Cheryl tells her that they need to discuss what they’re going to wear and brings up the Spice Girls as an inspiration since they all stood out when they performed. Tamika starts taking notes, and the SWV & XSCAPE cast member tells her that they should all “dress to the personality.”

In a confessional, Tamika explains:

"What matters is us coming together and doing something great for our fans."

The two discuss what each of the members like and while Coco likes everything bodycon, Tiny and Kandi love “b*oty shorts” while Tamika states that she likes to dress like a “retired stripper.”

Tune in on Sunday, March 26, at 8 pm ET to watch the upcoming episode of SWV & XSCAPE on Bravo.


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