10 Akatsuki members in Naruto, ranked based on strength

Comparing the strength of some Akatsuki clan members (Images via Pierrot)
Comparing the strength of some Akatsuki clan members (Images via Pierrot)

The Akatsuki clan was a menacing group that managed to wreak havoc in the Naruto series. This group contained some of the strongest individuals introduced in the show. Their objective was to collect every single-tailed beast to achieve their plan of World Domination.

However, not all Akatsuki members were equally strong in the Naruto series.

Naruto: Ranking members of Akatsuki clan

10) Deidara

Deidara is a shinobi whose power levels can match that of a Kage. He was so strong that he gave Sasuke Uchiha a tough time. Additionally, he was also able to defeat Isobu with ease.

Another instance that shows Deidara’s strength is his capacity to defeat Gaara on his own turf. Deidara’s explosive abilities are unmatched, making him a strong member of the Akatsuki.

9) Sasori

Sasori is the strongest puppet wielder in Naruto. His chakra control is excellent, as his arsenal consists of over 200 puppets. He was so strong that he could kill the Third Kazekage and turn him into a human puppet.

This member of the Akatsuki injects poison into his enemies with the help of his puppets. His power levels are at the level of a Kage, making him a difficult opponent to handle.

8) Konan

According to Naruto Ninja Storm, Konan beat Sasori in a 1v1 battle, implying that she is stronger than the latter. Konan is an underrated character since she pushed Obito to the limits, making him use the Izanagi.

She can also turn herself into paper, which can be very hard to deal with in battle. She even tanks a Fireball Jutsu from Jiraiya, which says a lot about her endurance.

7) Kakuzu

Kakuzu is a very strong character in Naruto as he is capable of using all five nature releases. He has five hearts, and each one of them is capable of detaching from his body and fighting on its own.

One would have to destroy all five hearts to defeat him, and each heart is capable of an elemental release. Fans witnessed how tough he truly was in the series in Episode 86.

6) Orochimaru

It can be slightly challenging to place Orochimaru on this list since there wasn’t much screen time given to him other than the fight against Itachi. While Orochimaru was a strong character, he hadn’t perfected Edo Tensei during his time in the Akatsuki.

Therefore it is hard to place him on this list, but we know that in terms of power and jutsu abilities, he is more potent than Kakuzu.

5) Sasuke

Sasuke developed his Mangekyo Sharingan when he was a part of the Akatsuki. He is an incredibly powerful shinobi in the Naruto series.

Amaterasu was his go-to jutsu when he was in combat. However, he couldn’t utilize his left eye to its potential during his time in the Akatsuki, which is why he’s ranked this low.

4) Kisame

Kisame has one of the largest chakra reserves in the Akatsuki. He is an extremely strong character who single-handedly took on Team Guy and pushed the Bushy Brow sensei to his limits.

He forced Might Guy to open six out of the eight inner gates to beat him. Kisame’s Samehada is a sentient weapon and has a unique set of powers. This sword caused many problems when Team Guy was fighting against this member of the Akatsuki.

3) Itachi

This Naruto fan-favorite has an impressive set of jutsus in his arsenal, making him a strong team member. Itachi’s mastery of the Genjutsu is unparalleled, and he is also capable of using Tsukuyomi.

His Amaterasu has quite the destructive capabilities when used in combat. His Totsuka Blade is capable of sealing, as he used it on Sasuke to extract Orochimaru from his physical body.

2) Pain

Pain is undoubtedly one of the strongest members of the Akatsuki in Naruto. His Rinnegan caused much trouble since he could use the Six Paths of Pain. While his power levels are probably just as high as Obito’s, it is unlikely he could beat the Uchiha, so he decided to take orders from him.

One of the most popular jutsus used by Pain is his Almighty Push, done to destroy Konohagakure.

1) Obito

Obito is the strongest member of the Akatsuki. Those who have watched Naruto Shippuden can recollect how overpowered his Kamui was. Kamui is a space-time Ninjutsu that allows users to transport their targets into different dimensions.

Upon doing so, the target’s chakra cannot be tracked. In addition to that, Obito can use Izanagi, owing to his regenerative powers due to the Hashirama cells.

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