10 anime that are better than the manga

K-On! is a series made better with the anime (Image via KyoAni)
K-On! is a series made better with the anime (Image via KyoAni)

The anime industry has been around for decades. There are countless series that have both manga and anime adaptations. This also inevitably led to the debate about which is better: the anime or the manga.

However, there is no clear answer since it is dependent on the series. A lot of the time, the manga is greater than the anime, but there are also times when the anime surpasses the manga.

This does not mean the manga is bad, but rather, it only says that the anime has added features that help elevate the story from the manga.

Note: This list is purely subjective and solely reflects the author's opinion.

Ten anime series fans believe are superior to the manga

1) Gintama


The Gintama anime is revered as one of the greatest Shounen anime. Although the manga is an incredible work of art, the anime is on a higher level.

The combination of hilarious gag humor and various parodies of well-known series made Gintama a fun time. The voice actors used in the anime made the delivery of these scenes all the more comedic.

However, besides comedy and laughter, Gintama was also filled with serious moments. These moments were excellent in both anime and manga, but the voice actors made the anime even better.

Overall, the voice actors added immense meaning to the show and brought it to another level past the manga.

Studio Sunrise did an exceptional job animating Gintama and adding extra features that made the anime an unforgettable masterpiece.

2) Haikyuu!!

The manga is incredible, but the anime has so many aspects that make it a more enjoyable experience for most people.

The technical aspects of Haikyuu!! were stunning. Production I.G. did a fantastic job on this anime and did not disappoint. The art was incredible, and the animation was smooth, allowing fans to enjoy each frame on screen.

At the same time, the OST was breathtaking. The background music set the tone for each scene and was able to keep fans invested throughout comedic and intense scenes.

3) K-On!


K-On! is a cute slice-of-life anime that aims to drown the watcher in never-ending fluff. Each of the characters has an adorable personality, and the shenanigans they cause only increase the level of cuteness. However, the story is pretty uninteresting.

The manga combines a banal story and black and white visuals. Despite the amazing characters, the lack of a hook caused many people to be turned off by the series. This is where the anime excels.

Kyoto Animation, the studio that created the K-On! anime is one of the greatest animation studios in the anime industry. They were able to use their magic touch to bring out K-On!'s hidden potential and give life to a seemingly dull series.

The soft voices given to each character amplified their cuteness, and the color palette made the series much more visually appealing. The anime also allows for a better musical experience than the manga. Fans can hear different instruments as they are played rather than imagine how they sound.

4) Golden Boy

Kintarou Ooe taking notes in 'Golden Boy' (Image via APPP)
Kintarou Ooe taking notes in 'Golden Boy' (Image via APPP)

Golden Boy is a decent manga that only gets better when made into an anime. Studio APPP created the original Jojo's Bizarre Adventure anime series. APPP's staff used their skills to bring out the amazingness of Golden Boy.

The six-episode OVA follows Kintarou Ooe, an academic genius, as he takes on various part-time jobs and gains knowledge and experience throughout his adventure.

The anime, like Gintama, has a large amount of gag humor woven throughout the series. The comedic elements present in the series flow better in the anime rather than the manga.

5) Working!!


This slice-of-life series received a more positive review for its anime than its manga. Although it has no real plot, it never fails to entertain fans as they watch the anime.

Working!! is a seinen workplace anime and hooked many fans with incredible voice acting. It was this voice acting that not only made fans give the Working!! anime a chance but also made them fall in love with it.

On a deeper level, many fans love the mature nature of the show as it depicts the realities of working at a restaurant.

6) Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Yoshihiro Togashi is a fantastic storyteller and has created stellar characters. Even the side characters in Hunter x Hunter are amazing and loved by large portions of the fanbase.

The Hunter x Hunter manga is enjoyable and contains a lot of art. However, the main problem many fans have with it is the quality of the art. Sometimes the manga is visually unmatched, with intricate details in every corner, but at other times it can seem rushed and all over the place.

Madhouse's 2011 adaptation of the manga provides watchers with the manga's intricate storyline while also maintaining high-quality visuals. The character designs, fight scenes, and Nen abilities all look amazing in the anime. At the same time, the OST is wonderful.

7) Fate/Zero

The Fate/Zero manga is quite unknown compared to its anime counterpart. The anime is hailed as one of the greatest works Ufotable has ever put out, and for good reason.

Every action-filled moment seems to have sakuga. From the use of Noble Phantasms between Servants to fights against masters, the art and animation quality is far above most anime out there. The OST also helps bring this series leagues above the manga.

8) Attack on Titan

Eren as he appears in Season Four (Image via MAPPA)
Eren as he appears in Season Four (Image via MAPPA)

The Attack on Titan manga is a beautiful work of art that provides fans with a visually darker version of the series. The lack of censoring in the manga creates a more overall macabre atmosphere.

One of the greatest aspects of Attack on Titan, present only in the anime, is the OSTs. They were composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, a legendary Japanese composer and arguably the most outstanding musician in anime. His music can set up intense scenes and convey specific messages very well.

The manga's art/animation and faithfulness also made fans love it. The most iconic fight scene in the series, Levi vs. Kenny's Squad, had incredibly fluid animation and had fans on the edge of their seats.

9) Trigun

Vash as he appears in the Trigun anime (Image via Madhouse)
Vash as he appears in the Trigun anime (Image via Madhouse)

Trigun follows Vash the Stampede, the main character, as he is on the run from the $60 billion bounty on his head and countless murders. Due to this, many characters in the show view him as a hardened criminal with no morals. However, the conflict is that Vash claims to be the exact opposite.

As its basis, Trigun combines many comedic elements with drama to make each episode a must-watch. The art/animation is from the 1990s, making it much less modern than current anime.

However, it does give the show a more classic look, and many fans love this style. The fight scenes are also more spectacular in the anime than in the manga.

10) Initial-D

Fanart of Takumi and his car in Initial-D (Image via Nidarian/DeviantArt)
Fanart of Takumi and his car in Initial-D (Image via Nidarian/DeviantArt)

Initial-D is an "old but gold" series. It is incredibly popular with various anime seasons and a multitude of merchandise.

The Initial-D manga has some incredible panels depicting various races. The art is detailed and provides readers with an incredible experience. However, the anime can improve these scenes and make them even better.

The scenes were adapted beautifully by Gallop and Studio Comet, and with the right OSTs, each race was more intense in the anime than in the manga.

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