10 anime to watch if you like Inuyasha

Inuyasha and Kagome happy together (Image credit: Takashi Shiina, Yashahime: Princess Half-demon)
Inuyasha and Kagome happy together (Image credit: Takashi Shiina, Yashahime: Princess Half-demon)

Inuyasha is one of the most iconic animes of the 90s. The story of young Kagome and her adventures through feudal Japan in the company of the half-demon Inuyasha was a part of many of our childhoods.

Those who watched Inuyasha fell in love with its romantic scenes, brilliant action scenes, and interesting and mystical background. If you're looking for more anime like that, here are 10 anime you should watch if you like Inuyasha.

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What anime you should watch if you loved Inuyasha?

1) Ranma ½


A series created by the same mangaka as Inuyasha, Ranma ½ is the story of Ranma Saotome - a brilliant martial artist who followed his father, Genma, into the Jusenkyo springs in China.

After they both fell into the water, they became cursed, and Ranma turned into a woman while his father turned into a panda. Every time they come in contact with cold water, the transformation occurs, and they can only return to their normal bodies with hot water.

After this tragic moment, they meet the Tendos, the family of Genma’s old friend, Soun. When they arrive there, Soun’s youngest daughter, Akane, is engaged to Ranma, in hopes that they both will join schools of martial arts in the future.

The series is fiiled with hilarious and romantic moments, as we watch Ranma’s journey to break his curse and his blooming relationship with Akane. The magic and mystical elements it incorporates with every new character make it a great series to watch if you enjoy Inuyasha.

2) Noragami


Created by the mangaka duo Adachikota, Noragami tells the story of Hiyori, a young girl who died while trying to save someone from a bus. After the incident, she meets Yato, the past God of Calamity who is trying to gain more followers and obtain a Shrine.

She is now half-ghost and asks Yato for help as he has been helping all those who ask to become popular. He agrees but tells her he needs a Shinki or sacred treasure.

After he gets one, he and Hiyori embark on a new journey to get Yato his shrine and Hitori her body. A great series with a lot of supernatural elements for the lovers of Inuyasha.

3) Kamisama Kiss


After Nanami is evicted from her home thanks to the gambling debt her father left her with, she decides to walk in the park. There she finds a man being attacked by a dog. The man, named Mikage, offers her his home to live in, and, excited, Nanami accepts the offer.

However, upon arriving at the temple where Mikage supposedly lives, she realizes she was not only given a new home, but also Mikage’s position as God. With the help of Mikage's old assistants and Tomoe, a Fox Demon that used to serve the God, she needs to prove herself as the new Goddess.

And maybe fall in love with a Fox-demon.

Kamisama Kiss is a great series full of romance, supernatural elements and hilarity, for those who love Inuyasha.

4) Tsubasa Chronicle


Sakura is the princess of the kingdom of Clow and the childhood friend of the protagonist Syaoran - a young archeologist. However, when Sakura loses her memories, Syaoran needs to collect feathers that contain these memories.

Syaoran goes to meet a witch and obtains the ability to travel between dimensions to get back Sakura's lost memories. Accompanied by his friends, he is ready to return the feathers and save the princess from certain death.

Filled with beloved characters from the manga group Clamp, Tsubasa Chronicle is a series of amazing supernatural elements and romance that Inuyasha fans love.

5) Rurouni Kenshin


Kenshin Himura used to be a samurai known for his ruthlessness, who went by the name of Hitokiri Battosai. After he decides to give that life up, he becomes a person who no longer wishes to kill or bring death to others.

After saving Kaoru Kamiya, a Kendo fighter attacked by a fake Hitokiri, Kenshin Himura decides to take up her offer to stay with her. However, the enemies that want to defeat and get revenge against Kenshin continue to arrive, making him fight once again to save this new life.

An anime set during the transition period of Inuyasha’s feudal Japan and the actual country, Rurouni Kenshin is filled with excitement, battles and a dose of romance.

6) Chrono Crusade


1920 America was filled with dangerous demons, and the nun Rosette Christopher was ready to fight against them any given moment. With the help of her friend, a demon named Chrono, they were always on the case when demons attacked New York.

Rosette is also looking for her missing brother Joshua, which brings another layer of mystery to the story.

Her charming but distracted personality and Chrono’s serious and protective self, make a great pair. The series is filled with adventure, romance, comedy, and action. Perfect for Inuyasha fans.

7) Blue Seed

Momoji is the reincarnation of a princess from the past who possessed the blood that was needed to stop the Aragami - angry and furious deities. Momoji finds this out after she was attacked by an angry man who called her Kushinada - the princess she is an incarnation - and later by an Aragami named Orochi.

After being badly hurt due to the Orochi's attack, she is impanted with a Blue seed or a mitama which gives her the power to perceive when an Aragami is near.

This is yet another anime filled with supernatural aspects, comedy and a lot of romance, sure to be of the liking of Inuyasha’s fans.

8) Rin-ne


Sakura Mamiya has been able to see ghosts since she was a little girl. One day at school, a strange boy named Rinne Rokudo sits next to her. Rinne works as a Shinigami - a being that tries to helps living things’ souls to reincarnate and not stay in the world of the living.

Sakura gets involved with him during one of his purification rituals, and after that becomes Rinne’s partner in his quest to save the souls trapped in this world.

A funny and romantic anime with just the right amount of supernatural elements that will be to the liking of Inuyasha’s fans

9) Fairy Tail


Lucy is a Celestial Spirit magic user - someone who has the power to call powerful being from another dimension to help her fight. One day while looking for one of the keys she uses for this magic, Lucy meets Natsu, a member of Fairy Tail.

Lucy’s dream had always been to become a member of the guild, and after getting into a fight with Natsu, she was able to make that dream a reality.

What follows this is a lot of adventures that come Lucy's way as we see her and her friends grow and obtain even more powerful magic and allies.

An anime filled with magic, friendship, hilarious moments and some romance, Fairy Tail is defininitely something that a lot of Inuyasha fans are sure to enjoy.

10) Hiiro no Kakera


Tamaki Kasuga is the reincarnation of princess Tamayori - an ancient princess with the blood capable of sealing the cursed sword Onikirimaru. The cursed sword is a katana with such a destructive power that it could erase everything in the world.

Tasked with the help of reinforcing the seal of the sword, Tamaki Kasuga has the help of the Shugogo family who have been protecting the reincarnations of Princess Tamayori for generations.

However, the Logos are after her - these are evil beings who want the seal to break for the leader Aria to take control of the sword.

Based on an otome videogame and full of romance and supernatural beings, this anime has everything that an Inuyasha fan will love.

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