10 best fights in Attack on Titan, ranked

The powers of the Nine Intelligent Titans make for fantastic fights (Image via MAPPA Studios)
The powers of the Nine Intelligent Titans make for fantastic fights (Image via MAPPA Studios)

Thanks to its Titan Shifters, Attack on Titan is home to some of the biggest and most visually stunning fights in anime and manga. Even when Titan Shifters aren’t involved, Attack on Titan proves it can still create an incredibly engaging, suspenseful, and enjoyable fight sequence.

In fact, some of the arguably best fights in the series have at least one normal human involved. Being such a conflict driven story, it’s certainly a difficult decision to point to which of the series’ iconic battles are truly its best.

Here are the 10 best fights in Attack on Titan, ranked.

Titan Shifter battles dominate Attack on Titan’s 10 best fights

10) Eren vs. Annie


Serving as the finale fight of Attack on Titan’s first season, Eren versus Annie is literally a battle of titanic proportions. The two shifters activate their abilities and brawl it out in the Stohess District, resulting in the series’ best fight up to that point. Emotional investment is palpable for both Eren and Annie, who each fight for their parents and families at the moment.

9) Survey Corps vs. Reiner


In Attack on Titan’s Return to Shiganshina arc, the Survey Corps at large split from Eren and Armin so they can combat Bertholdt and Reiner, respectively. The Survey Corps’ struggle against the Armored Titan is incredibly engaging and suspenseful, with evolving circumstances and stakes that keep viewers engaged. Their eventual victory feels more than earned, and is incredibly satisfying.

8) Eren and Armin vs. Bertholdt


Occurring simultaneously to the previous entry, Eren and Armin versus Bertholdt shows just how deadly a combo the two were at one point. The former's Titan powers and the latter’s intellect quite literally save the day here, with the Colossal Titan being a massive roadblock in Shiganshina’s reclamation.

7) Fort Slava battle


Serving as the debut fight of Attack on Titan’s final season, the battle introduces key characters like Falco, Gabi, and Porco Galliard. Meanwhile, familiar faces Zeke and Reiner lead a Titan Shifter assault on the mountaintop encampment. The fight is brilliantly animated and choreographed, with great pacing and suspense throughout to keep viewers engaged.

6) Levi vs. Zeke (Season 4)


The season four rematch of Levi versus Zeke is one of the most emotional fights in all of Attack on Titan. After losing so many comrades to Pure Titans and Titan Shifters, he must now take the lives of his soldiers after they were transformed by Zeke’s powers. The rage Levi feels is palpable, and his taking it out on the elder Yeager brother makes for a great fight sequence.

5) Mikasa vs. Reiner and Bertholdt


When Reiner and Bertholdt first reveal themselves as traitors in Attack on Titan’s second season, both Eren and the audience are absolutely dumbfounded. Still within her senses is Mikasa, who comes in at the last minute to defend her love from the two. While this is more of a quick scuffle than a true fight, it's still one of the most memorable and impressive in the series.

4) Kenny vs. Levi


Definitely more of a true fight than the previous entry, Kenny versus Levi is a battle of, for all intents and purposes, father and son who took diametric paths. Their high-flying antics throughout one of the wall’s districts leave destruction and bloodshed behind them. The animation is some of Wit Studio’s best, as is the choreography and overall tone of the sequence.

3) Eren vs. Reiner (Season 2)


Happening just after Reiner reveals he and Bertholdt to be traitors, Eren versus Reiner is essentially a judo match between Titans. The two exchange armbars and holds left and right, with Eren in particular impressing with his creative attack strategy. Although the fight ends quickly due to Bertholdt’s interference, it’s still one of Attack on Titan’s best.

2) Eren vs. Warhammer


Eren’s battle versus the Warhammer Titan is a fantastic first fight for Paradis’ savior in Attack on Titan’s fourth season. The Warhammer’s creation abilities make for inventive sequences between the two, and it even seems like Eren may lose. While he does pull out the victory in the end, the fight has viewers on the edge of their seats, wondering what will happen next.

1) Levi vs. Beast Titan (Season 3)


Finally, serving as Levi’s ultimate confrontation in Attack on Titan season three, he absolutely embarrasses Zeke. He brings the Beast Titan to its knees in a flurry of violent, swift, and accurate moves before aggressively releasing its host from the nape. While unable to finish the job thanks to the Cart Titan’s interference, this is still Levi’s best fight and arguably the best in the series.

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