10 Naruto couples, ranked based on likeability

The Naruto series had quite a few couples (Image via Pierrot)
The Naruto series had quite a few couples (Image via Pierrot)

Considering the sheer volume of characters introduced in the Naruto series, it isn’t surprising that characters have love interests. In fact, there are plenty of couples featured in the show.

However, viewers aren’t big fans of some relationships, while they’re extremely supportive of a few.

A look at some of the couples in Naruto

10) Sasuke and Sakura

Naruto fans are pretty divided when it comes to this couple. While they might have married and had a child, there was a point in time when Sasuke almost succeeded in killing Sakura.

In fact, he attempted to kill her twice. Given such a life-altering event, it can be slightly weird for the fans to see them in a relationship.

9) Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha

Mikoto was supposedly a jounin-level ninja at one point in time. We don’t see much interaction because they were murdered during the Uchiha clan massacre.

It was only through Itachi’s flashbacks that we got a glimpse of their relationship. They didn’t seem to have many conflicts and raised two extremely strong shinobis.

8) Hashirama Senju and Mito Uzumaki

This was another relationship that wasn’t really explored all that well. Mito was an extremely strong being and fought alongside Hashirama during the wars. At the end of the battle, she sealed the Nine-Tailed Beast into her own body, making herself the first-ever Uzumaki to become the Nine-Tail Jinchuriki.

To commit to something of such a scale, they must have trusted each other a lot, which could be an indication of how much they loved and respected each other.

7) Kaguya and Emperor Tenji

These two were lovers in the Naruto series. Tenji loved Kaguya so much that he passed a law stating that those who harmed citizens of the Land of That would be sentenced to death. The latter was almost kidnapped by a minister from the Land of That and killed countless soldiers.

Therefore, Tenji ordered her execution. She ate the fruit of the God Tree and cast an Infinite Tsukuyomi to end the wars. Tenji was caught in the Genjutsu and wasn’t aware of the fact that she was pregnant with his sons.

6) Shikaku and Yoshino Nara

They are one of the few parent couples that have received a decent amount of screen time. While Shikaku and Yoshino had conflicts, they still loved each other dearly.

They were able to put their differences aside and come to a common ground. However, Shikaku ended up dying in the Fourth Great Ninja War.

5) Hinata and Naruto

Fans are a little divided over this topic simply because Naruto didn’t really love Hinata for the longest time. He was head over heels for Sakura while Hinata was in love with him from the beginning.

It even took the death of Neji to progress their relationship, which is something fans didn’t really appreciate. However, they seem to love and care a lot for each other.

4) Ino and Sai

Ino and Sai were a bit of a surprise since they only had subtle nods throughout the series. Their relationship only began in Naruto Shippuden when the former rescued Sai from Gengo’s Genjutsu.

Sai took Ino’s family name, and they got married. They also went on to have a child named Inojin, and he, too, shared Sai’s passion for art.

3) Asuma and Kurenai

Asuma and Kurenai died very early in the Naruto series, which is why we didn’t see their relationship develop to its full extent. However, it was pretty clear that the two were in love during the earlier episodes.

They had a child despite not being married, and Kurenai gave her daughter Asuma’s family name.

2) Shikamaru and Temari

Shikamaru and Temari is another fan-favorite couple mostly because it’s wholesome and quite funny. The former might be one of the smartest shinobis, and he might be the advisor of the Hokage, but nothing can save him from Temari’s wrath.

While she really loves him, she instilled fear into Shikamaru and their son.

1) Minato and Kushina

Minato and Kushina are one of the most popular couples in Naruto. While the series didn’t really take the time to explore their relationship, some moments shown were quite wholesome.

They truly loved their child. They died protecting him and hoped that he would be a great shinobi one day, which he did.

Note: This article reflects the author’s views.