10 strongest attacks in Pokemon, ranked 

Ursaring using Hyper Beam (Image v via Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl, OLM Incorporated)
Ursaring using Hyper Beam (Image v via Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl, OLM Incorporated)

Pokemon attacks are some of the coolest and most impressive aspects of the series. The vibrant colors, amazing designs, and destructive powers some of them have are part of what makes the franchise so iconic.

Yet among these, some are much more powerful than others. This list will take you through the 10 most powerful Pokemon attacks, from the least powerful to the most.

Disclaimer: This list is based on the author’s opinion.

Which Pokemon attacks are the strongest?

10) Foul play

It is one of the few moves that does not look at the user’s physical strength, but the opponent’s.

Foul Play is a move used by those with low physical attack to defeat the ones that specialize in it. By waiting until the opponent comes closer and tries to attack, the user is able to grab the opponent and drop them on the other side using their own strength against them.

9) Spore

This move may not seem as destructive or flashy as other moves on this list, but it is truly one of the most damaging in the long run.

Spore can be used to put any creature it hits to sleep. A sleeping Pokemon isn't like a paralyzed one, since paralysis still allows them to fight.

However, sleeping opponents will not be able to continue the combat until they wake up. This would leave them open to the opponents' attacks.

8) Eruption

Eruption is one of the best moves to start a fight with. The attack becomes stronger with the stamina of the Pokemon that uses it, meaning that at the beginning of the combat, Eruption would hit with its maximum power.

An immense explosion of fire and magma that can produce a devastating amount of damage to the opponent.

The only downside of this attack is the more damage your partner takes, the weaker it will be.

7) Boomburst


An attack only a sound-based Pokemon can use. Boomburst creates an extremely powerful explosion of sound that can neutralize most of the opponents it hits with its expansive waves.

Though only a few Pokemon can learn it, Boomburst is incredibly strong and is definitely a good move to have in your arsenal.

Additionally, it can also hit multiple opponents if you are battling more than one.

6) Focus Punch

This is one of the strongest physical attacks a Pokemon can learn. After focusing for some time, the user can use all of the strength it has accumulated in a single punch that will definitely cause a massive amount of damage.

Unfortunately, though, the attack does come with a major drawback - the user cannot come out of its concentrated state to avoid getting hit. If the user does get hit, all the power it has obtained will disappear. This is a big drawback for an incredibly powerful move.

5) Hyper Beam


An iconic attack in Pokemon, Hyper Beam, has been one of the most used and most destructive attacks in the franchise for years. A massive energy beam that can destroy everything in its way.

A move as powerful as this one does come with a drawback from using it. The user of the attack will need to wait until the energy is fully charged before being able to unleash its full power.

4) Moonblast

One of the strongest attacks from later generations, Moonblast bathes the user with a shining white power that can later be converted into an energy ball that can hit the opponent.

This move isn't just an incredibly powerful attack but it also has the possibility of reducing the opponent's strength outside the hand-to-hand combat. Additionally, this move doesn't come with any drawbacks for using it.

3) Outrage


Yet another one of the best moves from the beginning of the franchise. Though Outrage was Dratini's evolutionary line's characteristic move, it is now a move a lot of Pokemon can learn.

After entering a state of rage, the user is able to land physical attacks that can cause massive damage.

However, it does have a drawback which impedes the user from exiting the rage status for a while and even after coming out of it, the user would become confused by the sudden explosion of power.

2) Scald

Scald would be just another water-type move if we were to judge it only by the power behind it. However, it is the secondary effect it has on the opponent it hits that helped it rank so high on this list.

Scald fires a water beam at boiling temperatures, making the damage to the opponent worse in the long run because of the burns it causes. It also makes them a lot less effective while battling by cutting their attack with their burns, leading them to be distracted.

1) Explosion


This attack is the strongest of them all, but it also has the biggest drawback among all. Explosion is an attack where the user will build up power inside of itself, to release it all later.

Its power output is enormous, making it the strongest attack just because of its destructive capabilties.

However, the user will become incapacitated after using the move. A terrifying move with grave consequences for using it.

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