10 strongest chakra types in Naruto, ranked from most difficult to least

Dust release (Image via Pierrot)
Dust release (Image via Pierrot)

Chakra is arguably the backbone of the Naruto franchise. The substance is derived when a person molds together their physical and spiritual energy. Every shinobi in the series uses some form of jutsu, made possible only by weaponizing their chakra.

Change in chakra nature is an advanced skill. It involves molding and refining one's chakra to alter its properties and characteristics in order to perform specific techniques.

While there are five basic charka natures (not including Yin and Yang), many ninjas use a combination of basic nature transformations to wield powerful and unique techniques known as kekkei genkai (2 natures), or kekkei tōta (3 natures).

Most potent chakra natures, ranked by difficulty to use

10) Boil Release (Vapor Style)

The Fifth Mizukage (Image via Pierrot)
The Fifth Mizukage (Image via Pierrot)

Boil Release is a kekkei genkai achieved by combining fire and water releases. This technique is most notably used by the Fifth Mizukage. She is one of only five shinobi known to use this style.

Due to its gaseous state, this form requires focused precision and judgment to control. It can be acidic or extremely hot, threatening to melt anything in the area.

9) Storm Release

Storm Release is a kekkei genkai derived from lightning and water releases. It is a form native to Kumogakure. Darui used this overwhelming, flowing electricity-beam style during the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Lighting and water nature are opposites, making this technique relatively difficult to learn and use.

8) Explosion Release

Exploding Palm technique (Image via Pierrot)
Exploding Palm technique (Image via Pierrot)

Explosion Release is a kekkei genkai, assumed to be a combination of earth and lightning. This volatile transformation is exceedingly dangerous to use. One could easily harm themselves or nearby allies.

Akastuki member Deidara used this style to create and detonate his clay bombs. The only other known user of this style in Naruto is Gari, who shares his homeland of Iwagakure with Deidara.

7) Magnet Release

Magnet Release (Image via Pierrot)
Magnet Release (Image via Pierrot)

Magnet Release is a kekkei genkai suggested to be derived from wind and earth. Users of this rare jutsu create a magnetic field which they apply to other substances for various purposes.

Typically only known by elite members of Sunagakure, Naruto and Toroi are the only shinobi outside of the Kazekage clan who can use this technique.

6) Scorch Release

This nature transformation is a kekkei genkai born from a combination of fire and wind releases. This deadly fusion can be used to evaporate water as well as slice and burn through targets.

Pakura of Sunagakure is the only known character who is able to achieve this style without help from an ally.

5) Wood Release

Sage Art Wood Release (Image via Pierrot)
Sage Art Wood Release (Image via Pierrot)

This famous technique used by the First Hokage is a kekkai genkai resulting from mixing Earth and Water styles. This extremely powerful and versatile release was highly sought after.

Hashirama is the only shinobi able to naturally use wood techniques, although genetic experiments with his cells have allowed others to also employ this style.

4) Yin Release (Shadow Style)

Shikamaru using Shadow Imitation (Image via Pierrot)
Shikamaru using Shadow Imitation (Image via Pierrot)

Yin Release is a transformation that exists outside of the five basic natures. Yin Release focuses on the spiritual energy side of chakra control. This release can be used to create a form out of nothingness.

Yin Release has traditionally been inherited by the Uchiha clan, although its teachings have not been passed down. Some clans, such as Nara, use this elusive transformation in their powerful yet exhausting secret techniques. Furthermore, genjutsu is typically categorized as one function of the release.

3) Yang Release (Light Style)

Naruto's Nine-Tails Form (Image via Pierrot)
Naruto's Nine-Tails Form (Image via Pierrot)

Yin Release's counterpart, Yang Release, is dependent on physical chakra energy.

It can be used to control vitality and has been inherited by descendents of the Senju clan, although it is typically not made use of. Similar to Yin Release, some clans use the transformation in their secret techniques.

2) Dust Release (Particle Style)

This release is an incredibly powerful kekkei tōta, formed from a combination of earth, wind, and fire. To execute Dust Release, users generate a small three-dimensional object in their hands formed from chakra.

Upon release, the object moves and expands rapidly towards its target. Anything that comes into contact with this jutsu is obliterated on a molecular level. This unparalleled destructive technique is the only known kekkei tōta, or combination of three nature transformations.

1) Yin-Yang Release

The Creation of All Things Technique (Image via Pierrot)
The Creation of All Things Technique (Image via Pierrot)

Yin–Yang Release combines the release of Yin and Yang transformations. Considering this combination of spiritual and physical energy, all chakra-based jutsu are at least distantly derived from the powerful Yin-Yang release.

Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, also known as the "Sage of Six Paths", used Yin–Yang Release to create the nine tailed beasts from the Ten-Tails' chakra. This formidable transformation can be used to nullify the effects of all ninjutsu. Yin-Yang Release has been used by members of the Ōtsutsuki clan as well as by Madara, Obito, and Naruto.

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