10 strongest Otsutsuki clan jutsu in Naruto, ranked

The originators of the 'Naruto' universe (Image via Viz Media)
The originators of the 'Naruto' universe (Image via Viz Media)

Introduced in the late stages of Naruto Shippuden and expanded on in Boruto, the Otsutsuki clan is the closest Naruto ever got to having literal god-like figures.

The clan hails from space, with Kaguya and her former husband Isshiki being the first to land and settle in the world. Their intervention caused the birth of Chakra, the rise of the ninja clans, and plenty of problems thanks to Zetsu. Likewise, their techniques could tear forests and mountains asunder.

Note: This article contains spoilers for Naruto Shippuden and Boruto. It is likewise only the author's opinion.

Ten strongest Otsutsuki clan Jutsu from Naruto ranked from weakest to strongest

10) Temporal Rewind


Rinnegan users like Sasuke use space and time manipulation via teleportation. Unfortunately, the Otsutsuki clan has that ability, specifically Urashiki Otsutsuki. It allowed him to rewind for a few seconds and predict attacks, almost like he was predicting the future in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

The jutsu was useful against Sasuke and Boruto, as well as past versions of Naruto and Jiraiya. Only drawback? In real-time, the user is vulnerable to their surroundings.

For example, Urashiki got caught in Jiraiya's Toad Mouth Bind and got poisoned from it via repeated usage of the jutsu to dodge Naruto's clone jutsu.

9) Tenseigan/Tenseigan Chakra Mode


The Tenseigan is apparently an Otsutsuki and Hyuga legend from Naruto: The Last Movie's novelization, briefly mentioned in the movie itself. Toneri Otsutsuki believed in it, to destroy humanity for weaponizing chakra. He also had an unhealthy obsession with the Hyuga clan.

The eye itself combines Otsutsuki chakra and Hyuga Byakugan, fused to create the chakra mode. While having powers that include summoning giant golems, ripping the moon's crust apart, and giving one access to the Truth-Seeking Balls, the form was fragile, being shattered after a punch from Naruto.

8) Chakra Edible Creation


Momoshiki Otsutsuki had this technique going on to enhance his own chakra. Using their Rinnegan, the user fully absorbs the bodies of their target by turning them into chakra-filled edibles shaped like Chakra Fruit. When eaten, they will transform into demonic-like beings and access all the target's abilities.

Users of this technique can also transform the absorbed chakra into chakra pills to grant immense power and temporary immortality. The drawback is that the pills must be constantly ingested to maintain enhanced abilities and immortality.

Momoshiki in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations shouldn't have skipped his dose.

7) Tool Creation Technique


This particular technique manifests bladed weapons that can slice through anything, potentially cutting through a planet. Kinshiki Otsutsuki, Momoshiki, and Urashiki in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime used these to some extent. They were more than capable of handling Sasuke and Naruto.

The tools created were powerful enough to create craters when struck against the ground. Not only can the user manifest multiple tools and weapons at once, but they can wield them telekinetically.

Again, in Boruto, these weapons were used to great effect against Naruto and Sasuke.

6) Sukunahikona/Daikokuten


This combination technique is a rather unique combo to shrink and store weapons, tools, and projectiles in pristine conditions, then grow and fling them at intense speeds. It was used primarily by Isshiki Otsutsuki to not only survive being murdered by his wife Kaguya but also as a weapon.

One of the more disturbing uses was Isshiki shrinking himself down to microscopic size and infecting Jigen, slowly taking over his mind. Most recently, he used it to fling chakra sealing rods at Naruto in Baryon Mode and failed because Naruto was too quick, which was a cathartic reversal of the situation.

5) Yomotsu Hirasaka


Teleportation to and from places to rip open the fabric of space. It was one of Kaguya Otsutsuki's more annoying techniques in Naruto Shippuden.

It can transport sections of the user's body and yank opponents through portals. It was the first jutsu used on Earth and grabbed Sasuke through a portal at high speed.

It also helps Kaguya get to and from her dimensions, also covered after the next entry. It is also used by Urashiki, though he usually activates his Rinnegan before doing so.

Obito could synchronize his Kamui to access the six dimensions and fight her that way, Black Zetsu likewise.

4) All-Killing Ash Bones


A specific kill technique that involves hardening the user's own bones and firing them as weaponized structures from their backs or palms at intended targets. Kaguya used that technique against Team 7 and Obito. If the attack pierces a living organism, the bones and targets begin to disintegrate at the molecular level.

It has been used in several ways: as a projectile, in combination with Yomotsu Hirasaka, and even as a close-ranged melee attack. It was used to kill Obito after he spent the last of his energy-saving Kakashi and Team 7 from a rain of the above weapons that Kaguya sent their way.

3) Amenominaka


Dimension creation is probably one of the most powerful techniques that Kaguya has. She replaced the world around her using her combination of Rinne Sharingan with her own personal dimensions!

It's a majorly powerful Space-Time Ninjutsu from the end of Shippuden that are still active in Boruto.

To summarize the list of horrors found: a sea of acid that burns anything submerged in it, a dimension where gravity is so much that no one can move, an icy realm of freezing temperatures in the mountains and canyons, a vase desert, an entire expanse filled with lava, and a mountainous core hub world.

2) Karma


Immortality in a nutshell, or rather in a compatible vessel. This technique serves as a compressed backup of an Otsutsuki clan member's biological data, like a backup of a computer file in a person. Over time, the Karma will gradually overwrite their vessel's genetic profile until the vessel can be overwritten and replaced.

The two attempts that failed were Isshiki's attempt at possessing Kawaki, which failed after it was removed. Likewise, Momoshiki was forced to use the remaining 18% on his karma in Boruto to rescue himself from dying. It also grants the vessel access to the powers of the possessor.

1) Rinnegan


The ultimate eye and most exalted of the "Three Great Dōjutsu," the Rinnegan has multiple uses. It can boost ocular power, see chakra flow, master all five basic natural transformations, and gain the Six Paths Technique. It allows access to black receivers and chakra chains to bind tailed beasts, seal or release the Ten Tails.

The Rinnegan has multiple combinations used by the Otsutsuki clan, the Share Rinnegan used by Kaguya, Urashiki's version, and the Sage of Six Paths and Indra and Asura. It aids in all the techniques listed above, plus was used to seal the Ten Tails and cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi.