7 most powerful Jutsus in Boruto

Boruto's Momoshiki manifestation (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Boruto's Momoshiki manifestation (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Continuing the legacy of Naruto, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has brought fans the potential of new horizons opening. This is evident in how much the villages seem to have developed throughout the years, and the lifestyle change that came with it.

Children now have the option of choosing not to be a shinobi, even if they have a huge amount of Chakra, as the peace era does not require young children to fight for their villages anymore. It was something the fans witnessed with Naruto's daughter Himawari and her dilemma with a potential career choice.

However, in its essence, Boruto remains a show that tells the story of the Shinobi life, and with new threats coming in the forms of Otsutsuki attacks and a new form of Karma with Code, this main aspect of the show seems to be taking off again with new wings.

As a result, the fandom has debated over and over again about the strongest Jutsus that the show, Boruto, has shown up until now.

Note: This article reflects the writer's opinion and contains some spoilers.

7 most powerful 'Boruto' Jutsus

7) Vanishing Rasengan


Invented and modified by the show's protagonist, Boruto himself, Vanishing Rasengan is not only strong but it also does a very good job of taking the target off guard. Boruto invented this Jutsu when he kept trying and failing to learn the original Rasengan technique. He ended up combining it with his Lightning Chakra and created a Jutsu that stopped even Momoshiki Otsutsuki in his tracks.

This jutsu seems to be extremely difficult for any normal shinobi to master, but Boruto ended up mastering it in a very short time.

6) True Fire of Samadhi


Used by Kashin Koji, who seems to be a clone of Jiraiya as stated by Amado, True Fire of Samadhi seems to be pretty similar to Amaterasu. The power of this Jutsu is not only devastating, but it seems that nothing can stop the flames from burning the target to ashes, be it rain or wind. As a result, True Fire of Samadhi is a Boruto Jutsu that ranks sixth on this list.

5) Destruction Beam


Delta has been one of the strongest foes that Naruto has fought up until now, according to the fandom. Her monstrous strength, scientifically moderated body, and regenerative abilities provided her with an edge that even Naruto, with his extreme battle smarts, had trouble dealing with.

One of her most vicious powers seemed to be the Destruction Beam. It is a laser-like beam that could be used for both long and short range attacks and it completely obliterated everything on its path. As a result, this ranks fifth on the list of most powerful Boruto Jutsus.

4) Shrinking Ability


Shrinking ability, although it does not sound like much, was one of the most powerful attacks of Isshiki Otsutsuki. This Jutsu enabled him to shrink the size of himself and every other inanimate object around him to microscopic levels.

This provided him with an advantage in battles as he could attack his targets with innumerable sneak attacks without them being able to notice even once. He even used it to possess Jigen's body eons ago, resulting in him being the leader of Kara.

3) Chakra Extraction

Momoshiki Otsutsuki was without a doubt one of the main villains in Boruto. With his Karma contaminating Boruto by the minute, the threat is not at all gone. In fact, it seems that he is going to play an even bigger part later in the series which could result in dire consequences for the characters.

One of his most powerful abilities was to extract Ninjutsu from his targets and use them as his own on a much greater scale. This provided him with an added advantage in the battle against Naruto and Sasuke. As a result, this Jutsu ranks third on the list of the most powerful Boruto Jutsus.

2) Jougan

Owned by the show's protagonist, Boruto, this Doujutsu Eye seems to be an unprecedented ability in the series up until now. However, most of its abilities are still shrouded in mystery, and the fandom seems to think that this Eye could beat most of other Doujutsu Eyes in both the series up to now.

Fans witnessed the power of this Eye during Boruto's battles against Momoshiki and Urashiki, during which he could trace the path of the Space-Time Ninjutsu performed by his enemies. It also seems to be able to see the Chakra flow and weak spots of his enemies. The fandom is yet to witness its functions again, but they seem to be extremely hopeful about this, as the Jougan is called the "Eye of the Otsutsuki God."

1) Karma

As of now, in Boruto, the Karma seems to be the most powerful Jutsu that any character has portrayed. Imparted on Boruto and Kawaki by Momoshiki and Isshiki Otsutsuki, this Karma could help the latter manifest themselves and take over the bodies of the targets once the process is completed.

Although Kawaki seems to have gotten rid of his Karma, the power seems to have remained with him. Boruto, with his Karma intact, carries the threat of Momoshiki taking over his body at any given time. This Karma also enables the possessed to use the powers of the one possessing them.


Other than that, it also has the power to absorb Ninjutsu attacks and provides extreme physical strength and speed to the possessed. This is why the fandom seems to think that Karma is the most powerful Boruto Jutsu so far.

Boruto reached amazing heights in the past year with amazing reveals and twists. Fans are eager to witness the surprises that this new year might brings for them in the series. To keep yourself updated on the same, stay tuned to Sportskeeda.