3 Demon Slayer characters who can beat Rui (& 3 who never will)

comparing Rui to some of the characters from the series (Image via Ufotable)
comparing Rui to some of the characters from the series (Image via Ufotable)

During the Entertainment District arc, Demon Slayer was one of the most trending anime series. The show introduced many characters that differ in strength and overall ability.

In the first season of Demon Slayer, Rui was introduced as a demon who seemed extremely powerful when he came close to killing both Tanjiro and Nezuko. However, the characters have come a long way and have progressed quite a bit in terms of strength and overall ability.

Disclaimer: The article contains spoilers from the Demon Slayer series.

Demon Slayer characters who can beat Rui with ease

1) Giyu Tomioka


During the first season of Demon Slayer, Giyu Tomioka’s last-minute intervention saved Tanjiro and Nezuko from Rui. The Lower Moon’s thread manipulation proved quite troublesome as Tanjiro couldn’t decapitate his head with his last-ditch effort.

The Water Hashira destroyed Rui with his Water Breathing Eleventh Form: Dead Calm. That move showed just how powerful Hashiras are compared to the rest of the organisation's members.

2) Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro indeed struggled against Rui during the earlier episodes of the series. However, Tanjiro becomes just as strong as a Hashira towards the end of the series.

His ability to perform moves from the Breath of the Sun and the activation of the Demon Slayer Mark puts him leagues above the likes of Rui. Tanjiro would beat the Lower Moon demon with ease using his newfound powers.

3) Tengen Uzui

The Sound Hashira is considered one of the weakest Hashiras in the Demon Slayer Corps. However, he would be able to beat the Lower Moon demon simply because of the difference in their combat abilities.

Tengen Uzui can tank some damage during a fight and use his Musical Score technique to overwhelm the Lower Moon demon. Tengen’s hearing abilities as well as quick reflexes will lend him the victory over Rui.

3 characters who can never beat Rui

1) Murata

The fact that Murata is one of the weakest demon hunters in the series has been established towards the end of the first season. Inosuke seemed to have picked a fight with him.

He seemed to be struggling against the demon hunters who were turned into puppets by one of Rui’s siblings. Therefore, he would not be able to beat the Lower Moon demon no matter how hard he tried.

2) Senjuro Rengoku

Kyojuro Rengoku’s younger brother is a supporting character introduced in the first episode of the Demon Slayer Entertainment District arc. Fans understood that this character isn’t exceptionally gifted in swordsmanship.

However, this frail young kid does not stand a chance against someone like Rui, who could instantly take him out using his Thread Manipulation.

3) Kaigaku in his human form

Kaigaku was Zenitsu’s senior in his dojo. He, too, learned under the tutelage of the former Thunder Hashira. While Kaigaku was supposed to be strong, it is unlikely that he could take on Rui by himself.

He is proficient with the techniques of Thunder Breathing except for the first form. However, Rui’s Blood Demon Art could prove to be too much for someone like Kaigaku.

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