Every character who has awakened the Demon Slayer Mark

Giyu, Tanjiro and Sanemi's demon slayer marks (Image via Shueisha)
Giyu, Tanjiro and Sanemi's demon slayer marks (Image via Shueisha)

Demon Slayer season 2 episode 17 proved to be the most intense and climactic episode of the Entertainment District arc, concluding the fight against the Upper Rank Six demon siblings.

Tanjiro was stabbed by Gyutaro through his mouth as he tried to slice off the latter’s head, and it was during this final desperate attempt that he awakened a mark on his forehead that resembled flames.

The pattern was uncannily similar to the birthmark of Tsugikuni Yoriichi, the creator of the first Breathing Technique. It allowed him to garner the extra strength needed to completely cut through Gyutaro’s neck and decapitate it completely.

So this brings us to the question about what exactly the awakening of this Mark means, who else other than Tanjiro has it.

Major spoilers for the Demon Slayer anime and manga ahead.

What is the Demon Slayer Mark?

The Demon Slayer Mark appeared on swordsmen of exceptional caliber, taking the form of a tattoo or scar resembling the individual’s specific Breathing Technique. It only appeared when the swordsman survived a life-threatening physical condition, with their heart rate increasing beyond 200 beats per minute and their body temperature rising over 39 degrees.

Another prerequisite for the awakening of the Mark was that someone directly related to Sun Breathing has to awaken it, and their Mark in turn resonates with the most talented of swordsmen to awaken their own individual markings, depicting their Breathing Styles.

The awakening of the Mark enhances the individual’s strength and agility dramatically, and has the ability to turn Nichirin swords bright red, which temporarily renders a demon’s regenerative capacity useless.

Many of the demon slayers who awakened the Mark also awakened an extrasensory ability called Transparent World, which allows users to see the blood flow, muscle and joint movements of their opponent and predict their attacks.

The awakening of the Mark is a double-edged sword however. The strain caused on the bodies of those who awaken and activate the Mark reduces their lifespan, with every user of this special ability dying by the age of 25.

Every holder of the Demon Slayer mark in the series

Tsugikuni Yoriichi

Yoriichi was the creator of the first Breathing Style, Sun Breathing which he later modified into the various other Breathing Styles to fit his disciples’ individual strengths. He was born with the Mark, with a flame-like marking spreading across his forehead.

Yoriichi was the first swordsman to be able to turn his Nichirin sword red, and was also born with the accessory abilities like Transparent world and Selfless State. He was the only demon slayer to defy the curse of the mark, living till 85 years of age, and dying while fighting Kokushibo.

Tsugikuni Michikatsu (Kokushibo)

Kokushibo, who was Tsugikuni Yoriichi’s older twin brother, awakened his Demon Slayer Mark while training under Yoriichi. His Mark was also shaped like flames, but spread across the bottom right side of his chin and the top left of his forehead.

He not only unlocked Transparent World, but like Yoriichi, was able to use it constantly. Due to him becoming a demon, Kokushibo was able to bypass the curse of dying at 25, since demons are immortal.

Kamado Tanjiro

Tanjiro awakened his Demon Slayer Mark for the first time while trying to behead Gyutaro, and again, during the fight against Upper Rank Four, Hantengu. The flame-like Mark, which was almost identical to Yoriichi’s, became permanent after Tanjiro underwent strict training during the Hashira Training arc.

Being a user of the Sun Breathing Technique, his Mark also resonated with the Hashira swordsmen around him, causing them to awaken their own Marks.

Tokito Muichiro

Tokito Muichiro, the Mist Hashira, first awakened his Demon Slayer Mark in the Swordsmith Village arc, while fighting against Gyokko. His Mark resembled reddish mist-like markings all over his body but especially on his face and arms. Muichiro was able to dye his Nichirin sword bright red, and use Transparent World after awakening his Mark.

Kanroji Mitsuri

Love Hashira Kanroji Mitsuri was another Hashira who awakened her Mark during the Swordsmith Village arc. Her Mark took the form of two mirroring hearts with winged patterns between them above her left collarbone.

Upon activation of the Mark, her endurance and already astonishingly high physical strength increased further, allowing her to be on equal footing with Hantengu’s strongest clone, Zohakuten.

Tomioka Giyu

The Water Hashira, Tomioka Giyu, awakened his Mark during his battle against the Upper Rank Three demon, Akaza. His Demon Slayer Mark appeared as a blue design resembling a stream of water on his cheek. After awakening this form, Giyu was also able to temporarily turn his Nichirin sword red, and fight toe to toe with Upper Rank demons.

Himejima Gyomei

The acting leader of the Hashiras and arguably the strongest of them all, Stone Hashira Himejima Gyomei awakened his Demon Slayer Mark while facing off against Kokushibo. His Mark looked like fissures and appeared on his forearms.

Gyomei was able to turn his Nichirin weapons bright red twice, once while fighting Kokushibo and later while trying to kill Muzan. Gyomei also awakened the Transparent World ability and was able to predict his opponents’ movement by seeing their blood flow, joint and muscle movements, despite being blind.

Shinazugawa Sanemi

Alongside Gyomei, Wind Hashira Shinazugawa Sanemi also awakened his Demon Slayer Mark while fighting Kokushibo. His Mark appeared on his cheek as a tattoo of single green windmill origami with two dots. Mark's awakening also granted him the ability to turn his Nichirin sword bright red.

Iguro Obanai

Snake Hashira Iguro Obanai awakened his Mark during the final battle against Muzan himself. His Demon Slayer Mark appeared as snake-like patterns stretching from his left arm up to his chest.

Along with enhancing his natural agility, power and endurance, it allowed him to turn his Nichirin blade red. Obanai also unlocked Transparent World for a split second, seeing the placement of Muzan’s organs.


The Demon Slayer Mark was first introduced in season 2 episode 13 of the anime, where Tanjiro thinks back to Rengoku Shinjuro believing him to be the chosen Sun Breather, born with the Mark.

In the current timeline of the story, Tanjiro was the only swordsman who used Sun Breathing directly, and was able to awaken the Mark without a catalyst, and in turn, resonating with the Hashira to awaken their own individual Marks.