3 most popular characters in Demon Slayer (& 3 nobody wants to see)

As with any series, some characters are loved, and others disliked by the fanbase (Image via Ufotable)
As with any series, some characters are loved, and others disliked by the fanbase (Image via Ufotable)

With Demon Slayer confirming the third season being in the works, manga readers have started to engage in discussions evaluating the characters and the extent to which they are liked. While some characters in the series have received love from fans worldwide, others have been disliked by the entire community.

Disclaimer: The second half of the article contains major spoilers from the manga series.

Some characters adored by Demon Slayer fanbase

1) Inosuke Hashibira


Fans thoroughly enjoyed watching Inosuke in the Entertainment District arc. Demon Slayer is quite dark as it constantly deals with gruesome death and pain. Therefore, it is enjoyable to watch Inosuke since he serves as comedic relief.

Additionally, he’s extremely strong and never fails to charge head-on whenever he’s being challenged to a fight.

2) Zenitsu Agatsuma


Zenitsu Agatsuma could have been annoying during the early stages of the show. However, he proved just how strong and capable he was during the Entertainment District arc.

He made tough decisions on the fly and took on Daki, who was extremely strong. The Thunder Breathing user also revealed a new move that had fans on the edge of their seats. Followers cannot wait to watch this young man realize his true potential.

3) Nezuko Kamado


Nezuko Kamado is one of those characters who cannot be hated. The Demon Slayer fan-favorite Imouoto played a crucial role during the fight against the Upper Moon 6. Everyone would have died to Gyutaro’s poison if not for Nezuko’s intervention.

She used her Blood Demon Art to save everyone. She’s constantly fighting her very survival instincts and not consuming human flesh. Fans genuinely hope that her efforts will show positive results during the series.

Some unloved characters

1) Doma

Doma is arguably one of the most disliked demons in the series. His behavior around people is extraordinarily creepy, and he is clinically apathetic.

His smile can be pretty unsettling, and his backstory isn’t as good compared to the likes of Akaza, which usually allows viewers to sympathize with demons.

2) Kaigaku

Kaigaku is one of those characters in Demon Slayer who masks his cowardice by putting on a false image of being extremely confident. He’s arrogant and highly selfish. He was also why Zenitsu’s master, Kuwajima, killed himself.

Fans didn’t particularly like him and didn’t fancy seeing him on-screen except for the sole reason of watching Zenitsu solo him with ease.

3) Muzan

Muzan’s sense of superiority over others can be quite obnoxious in Demon Slayer. One would assume that someone this strong would have a level of pride that wouldn’t allow them to display desperation.

Despite being extremely strong, Muzan’s desperation was clearly shown towards the end of the series. He was ready to do anything to survive, which is why he gave his blood to Tanjiro in the hopes that he’d destroy everyone from the Demon Slayer Corps.

Note: This list is in no particular order and reflects the author’s opinions.