Is Inosuke dead in Demon Slayer?

Will the God of the Mountain die in Demon Slayer? (Image via Ufotable)
Will the God of the Mountain die in Demon Slayer? (Image via Ufotable)

The Entertainment District arc of Demon Slayer is inching closer towards its conclusion, and fans are hyped for the upcoming episodes. It is safe to say that Inosuke is one of the funniest characters and is loved by the entire fanbase.

But Episode 9 of the Entertainment District arc has left fans shocked as Gyutaro stabbed him while he was running away with Daki’s head. They have begun to question if the self-proclaimed God of the Mountain is dead.

Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers from the manga.

Demon Slayer: Inosuke’s fate in the Entertainment District arc

Towards the end of the latest episode of Demon Slayer, it seemed like Inosuke was dead since Gyutaro stabbed him from behind. But, the truth is that he barely managed to shift the position of his vital organs owing to his incredibly flexible body.

Inosuke, born in the mountains, was raised by boars, and naturally, his movements mimicked wild animals. He trained in the mountains and developed a level of flexibility far superior to an average human being.

In Chapter 94 of the manga, Inosuke helps Zenitsu cut Daki’s head, which shocked her. She could not believe this guy was alive since Gyutaro stabbed him with his poison sickle. But he replies, saying that it had no effect on someone like him since he was a rugged mountain boy.

However, that wasn’t really true since Inosuke’s pulse was slowing down by the minute. The Demon Slayer Corps had managed to kill the Upper Moon 6, but every last one of them was gravely injured. Gyutaro’s poison proved to be a menace as it was slowly taking away their life force.

Just when things seemed bleak, Nezuko managed to rescue Inosuke and the Sound Hashira, Uzui. She used her Blood Demon Art to burn the poison circulating in their bodies.

Inosuke, who lay there unconscious, immediately screamed at Tanjiro, asking him to bring him some food. Luckily, Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art saved Inosuke and Uzui from dying. Tanjiro collected a sample of Gyutaro and Daki’s blood, later sent to Tamayo for analysis.