5 things to expect from Doma in Demon Slayer 

Some of the events that take place in Doma's presence (image via Ufotable)
Some of the events that take place in Doma's presence (image via Ufotable)

Demon Slayer recently concluded the Entertainment District arc and fans are delighted with Ufotable’s consistent top-tier animation. Some manga fans are quite excited about the upcoming arcs owing to some of the most entertaining fights in the series.

Doma is one of the Upper Moon demons that fans are excited to witness. This demon appears in the Infinity Castle arc, which is considered to be one of the best arcs in Demon Slayer.

Disclaimer: The article contains major spoilers from the manga series.

Demon Slayer: Things one can expect in the arc featuring Doma

1) Doma’s introduction and backstory

When Doma was a young boy, his mother killed his father for committing adultery. Later, his mother took her own life and Doma was not fazed by these deaths. He was clinically apathetic and emotions were a concept that was alien to him.

He was initially the Upper Moon 6 before introducing Gyutaro and Daki into the 12 Kizuki. Doma was also the head of a cult that worshiped him. It also served as a means for him to consume humans.

2) Shinobu’s true strength

Shinobu might not have been able to defeat Doma on her own. However, she played a crucial role in his defeat, since Doma drove her into desperation. Doma ended up absorbing the Insect Hashira.

However, she ensured that he also consumed enough poison that weakened him drastically, giving a window to Kanao and Inosuke to take down the Upper Moon 2.

3) Information about Kanae Kocho

Doma talking about Kanae (image via Gotouge)
Doma talking about Kanae (image via Gotouge)

It was in this arc of Demon Slayer when fans learnt the truth of Kanae’s fate. The former Flower Hashira was killed and eaten by Doma during an encounter. Doma was being extremely insensitive and spared no details while explaining the death of the former Hashira which angered Shinobu Kocho.

It was at this moment that fans realized just how twisted the Doma’s personality was.

4) Inosuke’s backstory

Demon Slayer fans are aware that the rugged mountain boy was raised by boars. However, Doma revealed that Inosuke’s mother was a part of his cult. She ran away from her abusive husband and came across this establishment.

When she found out that Doma was the reason behind the disappearances of the participants, she was killed by him, moments after she dropped Inosuke into the river.

5) Doma’s true powers

During the fight against Kanao, Inosuke and Shinobu, Doma reveals his true powers. This fight in Demon Slayer was exciting as the manga featured his ability to manipulate and control ice.

His Blood Demon Art allowed him to create a fine powder of ice, which would poison humans upon inhaling. However, Doma was decapitated by the aforementioned members of the organization.

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