3 times Vegeta terribly disrespected his opponents in Dragon Ball (& 3 times karma got to him)

Dragon Ball Super's Frost (left) and Dragon Ball Z's Perfect Cell (right) both appear in this article. (Image via Sportskeeda)
Dragon Ball Super's Frost (left) and Dragon Ball Z's Perfect Cell (right) both appear in this article. (Image via Sportskeeda)

Ever since his introduction, Vegeta has been one of the most popular Dragon Ball characters across the entire franchise. His character development is hailed as some of Dragon Ball’s best, and Vegeta’s growth as a fighter throughout the story also endears fans to him.

Yet no matter how much time he spends on Earth, the cocky Prince of Saiyans will always exist in some way, shape, or form. This cockiness has traditionally come out when fighting against opponents Vegeta views as inferior, which is sometimes not the most accurate deduction.

Here are three times Vegeta terribly disrespected his opponent in Dragon Ball, and three times karma got to him.

Vegeta absolutely embarasses these three opponents in Dragon Ball

1) Frost


Appearing in Dragon Ball Super, Frost debuted during the Tournament of Destroyers and eventually found himself matched up against Vegeta. Frost’s success up to that point, however, was the result of quasi-cheating throughout the match.

Silently infuriated by this, Vegeta spent about a minute dodging Frost’s attacks before turning Base Super Saiyan and one-shotting Frost out of the arena. In an age where Super Saiyan Blue is the benchmark, being taken out in one hit by Base Super Saiyan Vegeta is an absolute humiliation.

2) Android 19


For many Vegeta fans, Dragon Ball Z’s Android Saga and Super Vegeta’s introduction is where the infatuation started. The backstory of his attainment of Super Saiyan status through his own path is remarkably exciting and engaging. However, the disrespect came from how Vegeta puts this power to use.

In an incredibly quick fight, Vegeta found his energy being absorbed by Android 19. After telling the Android to hold on tightly, Vegeta began pumping out more energy than the Android could handle, while he pushed back on the Android’s grip. This eventually resulted in the Android’s hands getting ripped off and Vegeta having successfully taught a robot the feeling of fear.

3) Golden Frieza


Upon Goku’s eventual failure to defeat Golden Frieza, Vegeta decided to take control of the fight. Being deadly serious from the start, Vegeta pulled no punches and made sure to let Frieza know of it. Before long, Golden Frieza was totally overwhelmed while Vegeta hadn’t broken a sweat, and Frieza was forced to admit defeat.

These three Dragon Ball opponents took Vegeta’s disrespect and threw it right back at him

1) Perfect Cell


During the Cell Saga, Vegeta found himself completely overwhelmed with a Semi-Perfect Cell after leaving the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. While disrespecting Semi-Perfect Cell and his weakness, the Android claimed he’d destroy Vegeta in his Perfect Form. This sparked the Saiyan fire in Vegeta’s heritage, which prompted him to allow Cell to reach his Perfect Form.

Upon doing so, Vegeta found that he had gone from overwhelming Semi-Perfect Cell to being knocked out in just a few hits by Perfect Cell. After he woke up, Vegeta was incredibly ashamed of what had transpired and stormed off angrily to communicate as much.

This was one fight where Vegeta clearly bit off more than he could chew.

2) Android 18


When he fought Android 18 for the first time, Vegeta made several comments about how he was the strongest Saiyan ever and that he needed no help to take out an Android. While it seemed that Vegeta was making good on these claims in the beginning of the fight, it quickly went sideways for the Saiyan Prince.

Vegeta suddenly found himself on the defensive as Android 18’s power skyrocketed. After being launched into some nearby rocks, Vegeta realized 18 had been toying with him the entire time. Shortly thereafter, 18 broke Vegeta’s arm, ended the fight and dealt a crushing blow to Vegeta’s ego.

3) Frieza (Namek saga)


Vegeta made a complete and utter embarrassment of himself when he fought Frieza in Dragon Ball Z's Namek saga. Before the fight had even begun, Vegeta had claimed that he was the strongest Saiyan alive and was undoubtedly a Super Saiyan. Frieza was unimpressed, and as the fight began, Frieza was able to dodge every single attack that Vegeta made.

Frieza’s evasiveness quickly turned into offensiveness, and Vegeta found himself at Frieza’s will for the rest of the fight. Eventually, Vegeta was beaten so bad that he could barely talk, let alone stand on his own two feet. When Vegeta still discussed the Super Saiyan legend, and claimed that Goku would achieve the form, Frieza shut Vegeta up for the rest of the fight by killing him.