4 most underrated jonins in Naruto (and 4 who are overrated)

Assessing some of the jonins in terms of overall combat abilities (Images via Pierrot)
Assessing some of the jonins in terms of overall combat abilities (Images via Pierrot)
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Naruto has introduced a variety of characters that differ in skill and appearance. The show also has a ranking system that categorizes based on one's overall ability as a shinobi. However, not all characters are equally strong within the same ranks.

Some of these characters are even perceived to be stronger than they are, while others are seen as weaker. Let’s take a look at some of the jonins from the series.

Note: This list is in no particular order.

Underrated jonins in Naruto

1) Temari

Temari is hardly given attention but she’s an impressive ninja who uses Wind Release. The main reason why this character is underrated is because she barely has the screen time to showcase her abilities. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, she was considered to be one of the best Wind Style shinobi.

2) Sakura

Sakura isn’t necessarily a fan-favorite character and the Naruto fan base can be a little harsh while assessing her. While combat isn’t her strong suit, her skills as a medical ninja are sublime. In addition to that, she also has the Strength of a Hundred Seal, which enhances her abilities.

3) Might Guy

1/1 - Happy Birthday Might Guy! 🎉#NARUTO #BORUTO

Most Naruto fans didn’t consider Might Guy to be extremely strong until he opened all the gates while fighting Madara Uchiha. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that he uses physical attacks against those legendary figures who perform some of the most advanced ninjutsu, capable of mass destruction.

The fact that he was able to defeat Kisame and go toe-to-toe with Madara speaks volumes about his skills as a shinobi.

4) Yamato

Yamato is yet another character that isn’t extremely strong, but he has proved his strength and his quick decisions that have saved his comrades. Since he has the cells of Hashirama, he has the ability to use Wood Style. He is proficient in Wood Style and it also gives him regenerative abilities that aid in battles.

Overrated jonins

1) Shikamaru

9/22 - Happy Birthday, Shikamaru! 🎉

Shikamaru has been extremely overrated in some of the discussions that have taken place among fans of Naruto. He is an exceptional shinobi whose intellect is far superior to others. However, his jutsu is extremely situational which means it’s very difficult for him to go up against a strong enemy all by himself.

2) Kakashi

Kakashi is an incredibly powerful character and there is no doubt about it. The ability to copy jutsus and his physical skills is top-tier. However, the Copy Ninja’s win/loss ratio is quite bad.

Itachi beat him with ease, Kakuzu overwhelmed him until he was saved and he even struggled against Zabuza earlier in the series. While the knowledge of 1000 jutsus is a bit of a legend, he hasn’t really shown a lot of what was copied.

That being said, the fact is that he’s an exceptionally strong shinobi and that should not be taken away from him.

3) Rock Lee

If Pepe ever becomes an outdated meme I'll just be standing here like

Rock Lee can be placed higher on the power levels compared to what the truth is. There is no doubt that his Taijutsu skills in Naruto are exceptional and were quite strong during the earlier parts of the series.

Towards the end of Naruto Shippuden, he didn’t have many feats to back up some of the claims made by fans.

4) Neji

(7/3) Happy Birthday to Neji Hyuga, gone but not forgotten. #naruto

Neji is undoubtedly a strong shinobi. However, his fighting style is close-range and could have a difficult time against those capable of performing long-range attacks. During earlier episodes of Naruto, Tenten hyped Neji’s strengths and towards the end of the series, people like Gaara, Sasuke and Naruto ended up becoming far stronger than him

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