5 most difficult jutsus Naruto ever does (and 5 easiest ones)

Taking a look at some of the jutsus used by the protagonist in the series (image via Pierrot)
Taking a look at some of the jutsus used by the protagonist in the series (image via Pierrot)

The Naruto series has been going on for decades and during its course, it has introduced an impressive set of jutsus. While a few of the jutsus are quite easy to perform, some are extremely difficult.

Certain jutsus are difficult to perform because they require chakra manipulation, chakra reserves, and an in-depth understanding of the flow of chakra itself. Let’s take a look at some of the most difficult and easiest jutsus that Naruto has performed over the course of the series.

Some of the most difficult moves Naruto has used in the series

1) Rasengan


Rasengan is one of the most commonly used techniques in Naruto’s arsenal. He uses it so often that there are a ton of memes about how he doesn’t really strategize and dives headfirst into a battle with a Rasengan.

The reason why this jutsu is difficult is because of chakra manipulation. The chakra needs to be directed in a certain manner which causes an inward circular motion, thereby creating a destructive force when it comes in contact with the target.

2) Rasenshuriken


There’s a reason why Kakashi admitted that Naruto was one of the few people that could actually pull this off. His huge chakra reserves allowed him to create multiple shadow clones that accumulated experience during his overall training.

He was tasked with adding the Wind Release to his existing Rasengan, which would create a new technique. This is one of the hardest jutsus to master in the entire series.

3) Sage Mode


This technique/transformation is unbelievably tough to master. Any shinobi that intends on using this technique requires large chakra levels. Additionally, this technique involves a very delicate balance of natural energy and chakra.

Too little natural energy won't allow the shinobi to enter Sage Mode, while excess amounts can turn the human body into stone. Too much natural energy can also lead to the shinobi’s body turning into the animal that corresponds to the school of senjutsu they were learning from. Hence, Sage Mode is a very difficult technique to master in the series.

4) Tailed Beast Mode


The Nine Tail Chakra Mode is an important technique/transformation in Naruto’s repertoire. This mode utilizes Kurama’s chakra, enhancing the overall physical abilities of the jinchuriki.

The reason why this is difficult to master is because of the ability to control the chakra. If the jinchuriki doesn’t have the required control over the Tailed Beast, it can take over the former's consciousness and make them berserk.

5) Super Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken


The Rasenshuriken is one of the most difficult techniques to master in the entire series. Naruto takes that technique to another level in Six Paths Sage Mode. He creates eight different shadow clones, each creating a Rasenshuriken that is combined with the unique chakra of every single Tailed Beast.

Creating multiple Rasenshurikens at the same time is ridiculously difficult, and being able to combine the unique chakras of every Tailed Beast is even more complex. He used this against Kaguya since he didn’t really know the type of chakra that would weaken her.

Some of the easiest techniques in Naruto's repertoire

1) Harem jutsu

Naruto was extremely naughty and constantly pulled pranks on his superiors. He didn’t even spare the Hokage of that time. In his office, the young boy decided to use the Harem Jutsu which caught the latter off guard.

He was taken away by some of the academy instructors who decided to discipline him. This technique is not that difficult to perform since it’s similar to a transformation jutsu. However, it is very specific and meant to distract people.

2) Substitution jutsu


The substitution jutsu is one of the most elementary techniques that is taught to every single student in the academy. This technique is such that they replace themselves with a block of wood.

If the timing is perfect, it will look like the shinobi is hurt from an attack launched by the enemy. However, this will fool them, allowing the user to set up a counter attack.

3) Shadow Clone jutsu


The Shadow Clone jutsu is one of the most commonly used techniques by the protagonist. This is a technique that allows him to create clones. These copies can also perform the same techniques that the user is capable of. However, the Shadow Clones can be easily destroyed.

This might be a simple technique, but when coupled with other moves and tactics, it can be quite useful. This technique was used by Naruto when he was learning Rasengan.

4) Transformation technique


This is another technique that is quite elementary and is taught to all the students at the academy. This is a technique that allows the user to make themselves appear like the person they intend to imitate.

During the earlier parts of the series, fans saw Iruka training the students to transform, and Naruto used this technique to look like Sasuke to get closer to Sakura.

5) Naruto Uzumaki barrage


The name sounds like it’s an intricate technique, but it’s just a taijutsu move that Naruto devised during the earlier stages of the series. In this move, he uses Shadow Clones to kick and launch the target into the air.

The user then kicks the target back on the ground. This is a combination of a few taijutsu moves that are used to inflict a little bit of damage to the target.

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