5 reasons why Sakura was a better match for Naruto (& 5 why it's Hinata)

Reasons why both these characters were good matches for Naruto (Image via Pierrot)
Reasons why both these characters were good matches for Naruto (Image via Pierrot)

Naruto and Hinata are quite possibly the most popular couple in the iconic anime. However, based on the protagonist’s actions during the course of the show, fans have debated about who the better match would be.

While most fans believe that Hinata was the perfect match for him, some argue that Sakura would have been a better fit.

Reasons why Sakura was a better match for Naruto

1) Naruto was head over heels for Sakura

Ever since the beginning of the series, the protagonist had a crush on Sakura Haruno, which was extremely obvious from the very first episode. Naruto did not seem to have strong feelings for anyone other than Sakura. However, he managed to develop a great friendship with her that continues to this day even when he became the Hokage.

2) Sakura drove him to be a better shinobi

Since Sakura had a bit of a temper, she would always critique Naruto whenever he did something wrong. He had to constantly prove himself, which only made him a better shinobi. His commitment to becoming a strong shinobi only grew after various entertaining interactions with an angry Sakura Haruno. To some extent, Sakura made him a better shinobi of the Konohagakure village.

3) Sasuke treated Sakura in a poor manner


Ever since the very beginning, Sakura was always in love with Sasuke Uchiha. However, he descended into the depths of darkness and fled Konohagakure in search of power and revenge. In that time, Sasuke became ridiculously strong and almost succeeded in killing Sakura multiple times. If not for the efforts of Kakashi and Naruto, Sasuke might have just killed Sakura out of rage and anger.

4) The two have been through some of the toughest times together

Given that the two characters belonged to the original Team 7, they have gone through several difficult events that have taken a huge toll on their mental health. After seeing deaths and being in near-death situations multiple times together, some of the strongest bonds between individuals are forged in such times of difficulty.

5) The two have known each other for years

Given how long they have known each other, it is highly likely that they know each other inside out. They are aware of each other’s good traits and flaws which would have allowed them to have a relationship that is far more mature than a mere infatuation, which was the case for both these characters during their academy days.

Reasons why Hinata was a better match

1) She actually liked Naruto from the beginning


Unlike Sakura, Hinata liked him ever since she saw him as a young brat, drawn to his determination and perseverance. While it could have just been an infatuation, her feelings for him did not change over the course of the series. Her emotions towards him were obviously real and she always supported him, making her a great match for the protagonist.

2) She liked him when everyone else didn’t even acknowledge him

A majority of Konohagakure citizens steered clear of Naruto simply because he was the Nine Tail Jinchuriki. With such a rough childhood, he was incredibly lonely at a time when he should have been having fun with friends, with most people in the village not even acknowledging the orphan. However, Hinata was one of the few who did not care about his past and held him in high regard. It wasn’t just feelings of love, but also admiration for his willpower and principles.

3) Naruto was Hinata’s source of inspiration


Although Hinata was normally shy and extremely non-confrontational, she started to stand up for herself and never gave up during challenging times. She strove to become a better shinobi after interacting with Naruto and understanding his ninja way of never giving up.

4) They always supported each other

There was never a sense of animosity or clash between the ideas and principles of these two characters. They always respected each other and drove each other to become stronger and better shinobi.

5) Their fight against some of the toughest opponents in the Fourth Great Ninja War


The duo went through a lot during the Fourth Great Ninja War, which affected them psychologically. They also witnessed Neji die, which brought them closer together. Even Masashi Kishimoto admitted that Neji’s death was vital to bringing the two characters close. However, watching the two characters having each other’s backs in trying times showed just how good they are for each other.