5 times Gohan irritated fans in Dragon Ball (& 5 times he made up for it)

Gohan has done both annoying and amazing things in the Dragon Ball series (Image via Toei Animation)
Gohan has done both annoying and amazing things in the Dragon Ball series (Image via Toei Animation)

As the son of Goku, Gohan has had a lot of pressure on him since the beginning. Both fans and characters in Dragon Ball expect him to live up to his father's capabilities. However, sometimes Gohan falls short of this and causes fans to get irritated with him.

Yet, Gohan always knows how to fix the mistakes he makes so they do not become something worse.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects the author's opinion.

5 ways Gohan annoyed Dragon Ball fans

1) He became a scholar and put martial arts on the backburner


Although Gohan has always wanted to be a scholar, he has displayed immense potential as a fighter. Fans were excited to see how much stronger Gohan could get in the future if he started training with Goku and Vegeta. However, fans were never able to see this happen as he decided to become a scholar rather than continue as a fighter.

2) He was beaten too easily during the Majin Buu arc


Fans loved how powerful Gohan was in the Cell Games arc. Everyone expected Gohan to perform well against Majin Buu, but unfortunately, it did not go as expected. Gohan was easily defeated by Evil Buu despite the immense power he had stored in his body. Fans were expecting him to at least have put up more of a fight than what was shown.

3) He never ended up as Goku's successor

Goku (left) and Gohan (right) as they appear in 'Dragon Ball Super' (Image via Toei Animation)
Goku (left) and Gohan (right) as they appear in 'Dragon Ball Super' (Image via Toei Animation)

Throughout the series, fans believed Gohan was being set up to become Goku's successor. With the power he possesses, he could have easily accomplished this act, but he never ended up doing it. This is most likely due to his desire not to be a fighter.

4) He became boring in the most recent seasons

Since he has decided not to be a fighter anymore, Gohan seems to have been thrown to the sidelines of Dragon Ball's plotline. He no longer needs to have a featured role in many episodes since he will not be fighting. This has caused Gohan's character development to take a hit and become stagnate. It would be amazing for him to return to the spotlight once again.

5) He was incredibly arrogant against Cell and allowed him to recover


Although Gohan was clearly stronger than Cell at this point, there was no need to risk the safety of the entire planet just to show off. Gohan was incredibly arrogant and did not properly think through the consequences of letting Cell recover. It was a good thing he was able to defeat him properly in the end.

5 ways Gohan redeemed himself

1) He started a family


Fans already knew about Gohan and Videl's budding romance, but it came as an absolute shock to find out they were having a kid. Nobody had a clue about Videl's pregnancy, not even Gohan himself, until she told everyone during the Battle of Gods movie. It was bittersweet realizing that the young Gohan everyone fell in love with is now a fully grown adult and father.

2) He created the Great Saiyaman persona

The Great Saiyaman as he appears in 'Dragon Ball Z' (Image via Toei Animation)
The Great Saiyaman as he appears in 'Dragon Ball Z' (Image via Toei Animation)

Fans loved the Great Saiyaman Saga as it provided some comedic relief after a saga filled to the brim with action. Although it was completely different from the regular Dragon Ball story, the Great Saiyaman captured the hearts of all anime fans and even the characters in the show.

3) He trained Videl and Goten


Although he was busy juggling both school and his Great Saiyaman activities, Gohan was still able to spend time with Videl and Goten and teach them how to fly. Goten quickly got the hang of it and was flying all over the place, but Videl took more time. However, this was no problem for Gohan as he slowly walked her through each step, and in the end, Videl was flying through the sky as well.

Gohan was amazing for taking time out of his day to teach both of them something incredibly fundamental to fighters in the Dragon Ball series.

4) He led Universe 7 to victory during the Tournament of Power


As the Tournament of Power was announced and Universe 7 chose its fighters, Gohan was picked to be the leader. Although he does not have the most combat experience, it makes sense that Gohan was chosen to be the leader due to his intelligence and diligence.

Using his brains, Gohan created strategies that allowed Universe 7 to eliminate the other universes and win the Tournament of Power.

5) He unlocked his Ultimate Form

The Ultimate Form is when Old Kai unlocks Gohan's true potential after being released from the Z-Sword. This made Gohan stronger than ever before and had Dragon Ball fans hyped up to see this new form in action. Ultimate Gohan did not disappoint as he was shown defeating powerful opponents left and right without breaking a sweat.