7 times Yelena was the most annoying character in Attack on Titan's final season

Yelena, as seen in the Attack on Titan anime (Image via MAPPA Studios)
Yelena, as seen in the Attack on Titan anime (Image via MAPPA Studios)

As Attack on Titan's final season continues, fans' opinions of certain characters seem to change every week. Since the good guys and the bad guys appear to interchange roles often, these shifts of opinion are completely understandable.

However, one fan opinion that seems to have remained constant (at least amongst the anime-only crowd) is how annoying Yelena is. From her beliefs to her actions, she clearly does not appeal to Attack on Titan fans.

Here are seven times Yelena was the most annoying character in Attack on Titan’s final season.

Fawning over Eren, 6 other actions make Yelena the most annoying Attack on Titan character in the final season

1) Yelena being a Euthanist

Almost nothing could make Yelena more irritating in the eyes of fans than her support of Zeke’s euthanasia plan.

Zeke’s answer for the core conflicts of Attack on Titan is to take away Eldians’ ability to reproduce so they die out as a race. Understandably, fans heavily dislike this plan, and Yelena’s vehement support of it makes her incredibly annoying to them.

2) Yelena’s minimalist trapping of Pieck and Porco


In the first half of Attack on Titan’s final season, fans saw Yelena play a key role in the Paradisian raid on Liberio. Her trapping of Pieck and Porco gave the Paradisians a great opportunity to maximize a sneak attack. However, fans have since pointed out what little Yelena did to ensure their entrapment.

While the tight space did take away their Titan powers as an option, Yelena certainly could’ve done more to fully take them out. Since she didn’t, the two ended up being rescued and joining the fight.

While not outwardly obnoxious, it is annoying that Yelena didn’t really make sure the job was totally and irreversibly finished.

3) Yelena’s creepy face

When Zeke is shot through the nape and falls down the wall during the Marleyan attack on Paradis, Yelena makes a very strange and creepy face at Armin. What’s even creepier is how quickly Yelena returns to her happy, cheery self.

While not inherently an annoying act, Yelena’s quick shifts between emotions and her unclear loyalties often get under the skin of many Attack on Titan fans.

4) Yelena posing while blimps burn


During the Marleyan attack on Paradis, Yelena can be seen posing triumphantly with her arms out as Attack on Titan’s biggest conflict begins around her.

Given the themes of the series, Yelena’s apparent indifference to the value of life and the gravity of death understandably annoyed fans. This further shows how Yelena’s true feelings and allegiances are partially unknown.

5) Yelena fawning over Eren


When the Marleyans' raid on Paradis begins, Yelena tells Eren to escape through the underground with the War Hammer Titan’s powers. While Yelena is obviously doing this out of her affection and love for Eren, she is ignored by him as he jumps off the building they’re on.

Yelena’s constant coddling and concern for Eren truly annoyed fans, as he clearly needs almost no help at this point.

6) Yelena kills Griez out of respect


When the captured Survey Corps members are visited by Yelena, Onyankopon, and Griez, the latter begins slandering Sasha while talking to Niccolo. After Griez makes demeaning remarks about Sasha twice, Yelena shoots him in the head and apologizes to the Survey Corps members.

Yelena's fake respect and platitudes here are incredibly annoying to fans, who can tell she’s just putting on a good show.

7) Lying to Hange and Pixis through her teeth


In the first half of Attack on Titan’s final season, Yelena has a meeting with Pixis and Hange, where the former interrogates her.

During the interrogation, there is a point where it seems like Yelena lost her cool and revealed her true intentions. However, as later discovered, Yelena was lying through her teeth the whole time, successfully fooling Pixis and Hange.