8 anime waifus who are more than meets the eye

Waifus can be very two faced (Image via Death Note anime)
Waifus can be very two faced (Image via Death Note anime)

The 8 anime waifus who are more than meets the eye is a difficult subject to approach. Appearances can be deceiving, yet not all waifus can be treated the same, no matter how important they may be.

At first glance, these female anime characters can either seem docile or intimidating, but more exposure to them is needed in order to fully understand them and the depth of their existence.

Some harbor deep secrets that can destroy a nation while others are surface deep, yet fans seem to pick apart their waifus like a fine toothed comb.

8 anime waifus like Misa, Tsunade, and Kaguya Sama who have a layered personality

1) Misa - Death Note

Misa is intelligent (Image via Death Note anime)
Misa is intelligent (Image via Death Note anime)

Misa was a character from Death Note, and one of Kira's fanatics. She is portrayed as an airhead whose life and soul revolve around Light Yagami and his regime of violence and justice.

However, there's more to Misa than meets the eye. She can easily manipulate people into doing what she wants by making herself appear docile and can disguise herself at will.

2) Tsunade - Naruto

At first glance, Tsunade appears to be a no-nonsense type of woman, but she's a very skilled medical ninja. She can heal the worst of injuries, and was even approached by Orochimaru, who requested that she heal his arms, which were devoured by Death.

In one of the Shinobi World Wars, Tsunade healed multiple people at once and never got tired. Her abilities made her into a legendary Sannin.

3) Mikasa - Attack on Titan

Mikasa's warm personality shrouds her in an air of kindness and sunshine, in a world that is quite unfit for such things. She sees light, especially where everything is clouded by the burning darkness of the world.

But she's a very powerful woman who can, essentially, bench press multiple Titans. Her abilities have been lauded by many fans as being unstoppable.

4) Kaguya-sama - Love is War

Kaguya comes from a rich family and so she is portrayed as a girl who is full of mannerisms and decorum. Kaguya seems to enjoy an environment filled with propriety.

However, she's completely obsessed with Miyuki, but doesn't wish to confess as that would be a sign of weakness. So, she creates elaborate schemes to get him to confess to her.

5) Nico Robin - One Piece

Nico Robin is a member of the Straw Hat Crew in One Piece and is the designated archeologist. She is calm and thinks over her opinions before voicing them aloud, which makes her an ideal member of the crew.

However, she is highly intelligent and possesses great power because of her Devil Fruit abilities. Though her more macabre side tends to emerge at the most inappropriate of times, she is well loved by the crew.

6) Yuuki Kuran - Vampire Knight


Yuuki Kuran is a pure blood vampire from the world of Vampire Knight. When she was mortal, she possessed a kind and caring personality that bordered on naivety.

However, once she awakened as a vampire, she became more reserved. She was still naive, but also displayed signs of reminiscing about the consequences of her actions.

7) Yu Takeyama - My Hero Academia


Yu Takeyama is a member of the Lurkers in the anime, My Hero Academia. She is portrayed as a vain hero who adores attention and recognition from others. She values her beauty and isn't afraid to flaunt it.

However, she can be quite selfless when it comes to others, as she will not hurt innocent civilians in order to defeat a villain, even if that route would take out the villin much faster.

8) Rin - Fate/Stay Night


Rin is a character from Fate/Stay Night anime who is the master of Archer, one of her summons. At first glance, she's a tsundere who has a bone to pick with multiple people if she doesn't get her way. She aimed to win the Holy Grail War and announced that she would do so by any means.

In actuality, there are more layers to her. Rin can be very kind when she wishes to be and doesn't kill anyone without a solid reason.

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