10 coolest One Piece character designs, ranked

Despite the heat, Ace was always the coolest person (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
Despite the heat, Ace was always the coolest person (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

Eiichiro Oda really knows how to make cool designs in One Piece.

For better or worse, One Piece always had a reputation for being a goofy series. Despite its divisive art style, the series does stand out with a colorful cast of characters. Even detractors would find a few of these designs to be visually appealing, whether it's Trafalgar Law or Boa Hancock.

Appearances go a long way in anime, which is why many of these characters are popular. The best character designs range from a distinct color pallette to fashionable clothing. Taste is subjective, but many of these characters would end up on other lists.

The coolest designs in the One Piece series

10) Portgas D. Ace


Ace has always been a cool older brother for Luffy. His mature appearance made him stand out right away. He never wore a shirt, but he did get to show off his incredible abs. Without question, he was meant to provide fanservice.

The best character designs have recognizable features. Ace is no different in that regard, given his numerous tattoos, red beads, and skull necklace. He also wore a trademark orange hat with blue smileys.

9) Yamato


Yamato is a visually striking beauty, even from a faraway distance. It also helps that she is among the strongest women in One Piece.

Her white hair fades into a combination of blue and green colors. She also has orange eyes and reddish oni horns, given that she is Kaido's daughter. Yamato is also very tall, standing at over 265 centimeters.

She is greatly inspired by the late Kozuki Oden and even dresses like him. Yamato wears a giant nio-dasuki, worn like a belt around her back.

8) Crocodile


Crocodile is a very classy villain that dresses like a mafia boss. His button-up vest and suit pants are complemented by his large fur coat. Despite living in a desert, Crocodile does not dress for the weather.

His most recognizable feature is the scar that runs across his face, along with a golden hook for a left hand. One Piece makes it clear that he is villainous just by his physical description alone.

With a towering presence, Crocodile strikes fear into the hearts of many. Fans know right away that he is bad news.

7) Trafalgar Law


Law is a handsome pirate who likes to make a fashion statement. No matter where he goes or what he wears, Law always has the white fur hat.

He also possesses several tattoos on his body, such as a tribal heart on his chest. The most recognizable one belongs in his own hands. On the back of each finger, the letters DEATH are spelled out.

Many One Piece fans have shown their appreciation of the series by getting Law's tattoos for themselves.

6) Donquixote Doflamingo


With blonde hair and tanned skin, Doflamingo has been to the beach one too many times. He is a very tall man that also dresses in bright pink colors.

As his name suggests, his fashion choices are inspired by the flamingo. He often wears a pink feather coat over a plain shirt. Doflamingo could be seen all the way from outer space with his getup.

Doflamingo has also never been seen without his trademark sunglasses. One Piece fans can only speculate on what's behind them.

5) Charlotte Katakuri


Katakuri's character design is unlike most characters in the One Piece series. Most of the Big Mom Pirates are cartoonish by comparison. Of course, that's what really makes him stand out.

He wears biker clothing, complete with a skull belt and spiked boots. The dark outfit is contrasted with his crimson hair and light pink tattoos. Katakuri also wears a large scarf over his pelican eel mouth. He is almost never seen without a serious expression on his face.

Katakuri is definitely a favorite amongst One Piece villains, given his awesome design and tough demeanor.

4) Boa Hancock


Oda fully intended on making Boa Hancock the most beautiful woman in the One Piece series. Her face is better proportioned than most characters. The term "Amazonian" is also a good way to describe her physical looks.

Boa regularly changes her attire, but she prefers to wear the color red. She also wears golden earrings in the shape of a snake. Anytime there is a popularity poll, she usually places somewhere in the top ten. Her character design plays a large part.

3) Shanks


This powerful figure certainly dresses like a pirate. Shanks loves to wear simple white shirt, often with a black coat over his shoulders. His deep crimson red hair can be easily identified, along with the scars over his left eye.

Shanks is also missing his left arm. He willingly gave it up against a Sea King in order to protect Luffy. This was several years before the One Piece story began.

2) Dracule Mihawk


With a giant cross sword, large open coat, and plumed hat, Mihawk draws heavy inspiration from medieval Spain.

Notably, there are detailed patterns on his red sleeves. For the most part, One Piece designs tend to be simplistic. By contrast, Mihawk is a visually appealing character with several details. The red, black, and purple color palette also works in his favor.

His facial hair and yellow hawk eyes also make him visually distinct. Mihawk is a fancy looking gentleman, yet his wits are as sharp as steel. He can easily cut through anything he wants, all while looking good.

1) Roronoa Zoro


Traditional Japanese clothing will always be popular among the anime community. Zoro pulls it off with style, especially in the Wano Country arc. There are several intricate patterns in his green robes.

Speaking of which, Zoro's hair color is also distinctly green. After the One Piece timeskip, he also has a scar over his left eye. Zoro definitely looks the part of a powerful swordsman. His cool-looking swords also help in that regard.

Zoro arguably has the highest cool factor in the Straw Hat crew. It's truly a defining aspect of his popularity.

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