8 Naruto characters who were better suited for a different village

Some of the characters that would have been a better fit for another village (Image via Pierrot)
Some of the characters that would have been a better fit for another village (Image via Pierrot)

The shinobi world in the Naruto series is quite vast, owing to the length of the series and the sheer volume of characters that were introduced during its course. Naturally, the shinobi world was divided into numerous villages that specialize in certain aspects of ninjutsu and other aspects of being a shinobi.

There are a few characters in the Naruto series that would have had a better life or would have had a chance to enhance their skills if they were born in another village. Let’s take a look at some of these instances and understand why that’s the case.

8 Naruto characters who would have benefitted from being citizens of a different village

1) Danzo - Amegakure

Danzo Shimura from the Naruto series (Image via Pierrot)
Danzo Shimura from the Naruto series (Image via Pierrot)

Danzo is one of the most hated characters and he has received a lot of heat from the fan base with respect to his methods of achieving his goals. The reason why Amegakure would be a more suitable village for this character is because of the way the village runs things.

They are constantly engaged in battle, and therefore, resort to violent means to achieve their goals. Danzo’s ruthless nature would have been perfect for a village like Amegakure.

2) Gaara - Konohagakure

Gaara from the Naruto series (Image via Pierrot)
Gaara from the Naruto series (Image via Pierrot)

Gaara is a popular character in the Naruto series who hails from Sunagakure. He was chosen as the One Tail Jinchuriki and his childhood was terrible. He was isolated and no one really liked him.

Konohagakure would have been a little different since it had people like Iruka who were devoted to being good teachers and developing the young minds of shinobis. Gaara would have had a better childhood if he was born in Konohagakure.

3) Karin - Konohagakure

Karin is a descendant of the Uzumaki clan and therefore has a great life force. She is also someone who is smarter than the average shinobi.

If she was born in Konohagakure and spent time training under the tutelage of Tsunade, Karin could have gone on to become one of the best medical ninjas in the entire Naruto series. She would have also met Sasuke during the earlier stages of the series and could have possibly changed the course of the show itself.

4) Nagato - Konohagakure

Nagato had a traumatic past since he witnessed the death of his parents. If Nagato was born in Konohagakure, things would have been a lot different than how they turned out to be.

He would have been trained by some of the best shinobis in Konohagakure since he had great potential. Not only that, he could have also benefitted from having comrades like Minato, who were compassionate and would have pushed him to become a better shinobi as well.

One can make an argument in favor of Nagato having a better life in Konohagakure if he was born there.

5) Itachi - Amegakure

The only reason why Itachi would have benefitted from being a citizen of Amegakure is because of his abilities as a shinobi. This is a village that has a lot of shinobis that can be hired as assassins.

Given Itachi’s skill set in the Naruto series, he would have been one of the best assassins in the village. This is the only reason why Amegakure would have been a better option, but his life away from killing and violence would have been non-existent.

6) Kakuzu - Amegakure

A still of Kakuzu (Image via Pierrot)
A still of Kakuzu (Image via Pierrot)

Kakuzu was a member of the Akatsuki who hailed from Takigakure. Kakuzu’s only incentive to be a bounty hunter was money. He valued money more than anything else and he killed people for it.

Given the sheer nature of this character, a place like Amegakure would have been a better fit since the village has constantly been in wars, and as a reaction, has improved its military strength. He could have been a shinobi of that village since a good number of their missions would have been assassinations and those are something he is good at.

7) Orochimaru - Kirigakure

Orochimaru is one of the Three Legendary Sannin and is a very skillful shinobi. One thing that many fans are aware of is his skill in kenjutsu or swordsmanship.

This Naruto character would have been able to train alongside the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist and would have most likely been a part of that group as well. Considering his evil nature, he would have fit into the group and would have mastered one of the seven legendary swords as well.

8) Kabuto - Konohagakure

Kabuto is one of the most underrated characters in the Naruto series. He is a well-rounded shinobi who possesses a level of intelligence that very few do.

If he was a citizen of Konohagakure and became a shinobi that served the village, he would have led a good life. His interest in medical jutsu could have been utilized by training under Tsunade, who would have guided him in the right direction and made him an able shinobi.