8 things that make Naruto the worst character of his own show

Naruto has had a rough life since childhood (Image via Narutopedia)
Naruto has had a rough life since childhood (Image via Narutopedia)

Naruto is one of the most beloved characters in the entire show. As a child, the villagers poorly treated him because he was the vessel for the Nine Tailed Demon Fox, but he befriended Kurama later on and worked with the Fox to protect the village.

That said, Naruto as a character is very strong. However, a few things can make him extremely annoying as an individual, so much so that many people consider him the worst character in his show. The following are some of the reasons that irk fans about Naruto.

8) He's unorganized


Naruto is probably the most unorganized character in the entire series. Fans get a glimpse of his room twice or thrice in the anime. And every time his room is shown, it's just an uncontrollable mess. There's junk everywhere, and the young Uzumaki kid doesn't bother cleaning up.

This could result from growing up all by himself as a child. Since no one taught him how to plan things out, he grew up with the inability to do so as well. This disorganized nature is also seen in his fights. He rushes into fights head first and often takes a beating because of this.

7) He talks too much


Naruto is strong and everything, but he talks a lot. Moreover, whenever he's excited or has anything to say, he likes to yell a lot, for whatever reason. The fact that he keeps repeating "I'm going to be Hokage" can be considered repetitive and annoying.

Although this has been a major issue in the anime, he's more tolerable in the manga because no one can hear him yelling.

6) His obsession with Sasuke


For someone who's the protagonist of the show, he's way too obsessed with Sasuke. Sasuke has a lot of people who are obsessed with him, for example, Sakura and Karin. The Uzumaki kid being obsessed with him makes no sense whatsoever. Sasuke has tried to kill the Nine Tails Jinchuriki many times, but that never dissuaded Asura's reincarnation from rooting for his friendship with Sasuke.

5) He's Immature


Even though everyone knows that he's had a rough childhood, Naruto is very immature. Yes, he showed signs of maturity during a few important instances during the show, but that doesn't overpower the fact that he's immature for most of the series.

4) His Temper


If there's one thing that's problematic about the show's protagonist, it's his temper. His temper has often put him in situations that could have easily been avoided. He gets emotionally overwhelmed quite quickly and is quick to pick a fight. Naruto is very jumpy for a shinobi, which is something that isn't befitting for a shinobi.

3) His Recklessness


More often than not, Naruto is a very reckless individual. He doesn't think about the consequences before jumping into a fight. The first instance of this is seen when he jumps into Haku's ice crystal to save Sasuke. He may have good intentions, but his recklessness often leads to problems rather than solutions.

2) Self-centered nature


He can't be blamed for developing this trait. As a child, Naruto grew up alone. He barely had any friends up until a certain point in his life. This was enough to develop a sense that he had to care for himself.

The basic concepts of friendship eluded him. Although he did unlearn this as he grew up and started interacting with people like Shikamaru and others, it still shows up sometimes through his interactions with everyone else.

1) He's insecure


This is another trait of his that developed because of his troubled childhood. Growing up as an orphan and in a village that looks at him as a vessel of a monster, nothing else can take a major toll on anyone's mental health.

Since he had no one to acknowledge him since childhood, he thought he wasn't good enough, pushing him to work harder and be loud and obnoxious. However, it's amazing to see that the Uzumaki kid made it big in life despite all his handicaps.

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