10 least likeable female characters in Naruto

Many female characters in Naruto are written very poorly (Image via Toei Animation)
Many female characters in Naruto are written very poorly (Image via Toei Animation)

Naruto is a very popular anime with its own share of popular female characters, most of whom are extremely important to the storyline.

However, the basic problem with this series is that the female characters aren't that well written, making them stand out in somewhat of a negative light. That said, here are 10 of the least likeable female characters in Naruto.

10 female characters in Naruto that fans don't like very much

10) Tenten


Tenten is a character that people can easily forget. She is all talk and no show, someone who claims to be a strong Shinobi but is easily taken down by Temari. To make things worse, Temari's character barely sees any growth throughout the series. Despite having a skillset that could be useful in battle, she misses out on all the major battles in Naruto.

9) Shizune


Shizune is Lady Tsunade's apprentice and Dan Kato's niece. She is introduced as Tsunade's assistant and nothing more. Shizune is an example of poor character writing, as despite having such a strong background, she fails to accomplish anything.

She is Tsunade's right hand, but she cannot master the Strength of a Hundred Seal technique, something that Sakura is able to learn and master very quickly.

8) Guren


Despite being a strong Shinobi, Guren denies Orochimaru's curse mark. That is where Guren's utility ends as well. She also receives little screen time and vanishes after she goes into isolation after being denied the position of Orochimaru's vessel.

Her strength is seen when she heads into battle against the Three-Tails with Naruto. Both manage to survive the beast, proving that she has a lot of potential. She could have done a lot and been a major player in the fight against Orochimaru, but she does not do anything at all, which turns out to be really disappointing.

7) Temari


Despite being a skilled Shinobi, Temari never does anything major. She is a very proud person and likes to look down upon others. The only feather in her cap is the fact that she defeats Tenten during the Chunin exams. Funnily enough, she could have been hit really hard with a Rasengan had Shikamaru not intervened.

The idea that Konohamaru could have defeated her as a kid shows that she isn't that strong.Though she calls herself the best Wind Style user, she does not show much diversity when compared to Naruto.

6) Koharu Utatane


Koharu is a member of the Konoha council. She has been a part of Team Tobirama along with Homura Mitokado. Despite having the capacity to control village affairs from behind the scenes, Koharu, along with the rest of the council, treats Naruto badly, looking at him just as the vessel of the Nine Tails and nothing else.

Danzo, in the Book of Bright Light, mentions that Koharu isn't skilled; she manages to survive long enough out of sheer luck and strong allies.

5) Karin


Karin is part of Sasuke's Taka. Despite claiming to be a part of the Uzumaki clan, Karin only cares about being obsessed with Sasuke.

Her obsession continues even after being treated badly by Sasuke, something which portrays the toxicity between the two. That said, Karin's only goal is to showcase Sasuke as someone cool, but she fails to achieve that goal as well.

4) Ino


While Ino could have been an influential character in the entire series, she is just another pretty face. She did have small moments where she could showcase her bravery, but that is not enough.

She is another major character who does not have any character development throughout the entire series. She is almost forgotten by the time Shippuden is over, and only makes an appearance in the Fourth Great Ninja War.

3) Hinata


Hinata's only job in Naruto is to be in love with the protagonist and nothing else. She has the potential to be a powerful character because she has the Byakugan, but her utility is limited to being Naruto's love interest. Sadly enough, Hinata is given less screen time, and when she is not dreaming about Naruto, she is ridiculed by her brother Neji for not being strong enough.

Throughout the entire series, it isn't clear what she wants in life or who she is close to, other than Naruto. The saddest thing about her is that for a major part of her life, Naruto remains oblivious to her feelings.

2) Sakura


Unfortunately, one of the members of the fabled Team 7 is also on this list. Sakura has been a part of this team from the very beginning. Since the team also comprises of two major protagonists, it is evident that they will overshadow her. Further, her character is written in a way that makes her appear weak and superficial.

Her obsession with Sasuke causes her to end her friendship with Ino. Although Sasuke does marry her in the end, there was a time when he did not care if she lives or dies. Despite being trained by one of the Legendary Sannin, Sakura remained weak and was pretty much useless in fights.

1) Kaguya Otsutsuki


While it was a very good decision to give a female character such a huge role, the character was poorly written. A character of such a level could do so much if she was given a proper arc. Kaguya, however, receives no such thing. In fact, she is even introduced rather hastily. To make things even worse, her backstory is rather pale, making her character very weak in general.

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