8 Naruto characters who were too sweet to be villains

There are no villains in this series (Image via Viz Media)
There are no villains in this series (Image via Viz Media)

Naruto is a series that has many interesting characters. In fact, many fans would also argue that there are no villains in the anime. Everyone is a hero with their own version of world peace and this is true to a certain extent because not all villains in the series wanted to end the world.

Yes, some wanted to subject everyone to their genjustsu and put them in a dream state where the victims would be in a situation that was perfect for the 'villains.'

That said, here's a quick rundown of a few characters in Naruto, who were too nice to be disliked.

8 Naruto villains who who didn't choose to be one

8) Haku


Haku was introduced to the fans during Zabuza, the first major arc of the entire Naruto series. He was an orphan from the Land of Water, an individual who possessed the Ice Release kekkei genkai. He trained with Zabuza and later on joined him as a mercenary ninja.

Haku liked to avoid conflict, something which was seen in his fight against Naruto and Sasuke, and even put the Uchiha into a death-like state in order to avoid killing him. Haku was ultimately defeated by Team 7, but he left a long lasting impression on the Team and fans alike.

7) Konan


Konan was one of the founding members of Akatsuki. During her childhood, she trained under Jiraiya for a short period of time as well. She worked closely with Yahiko and Nagato, and replaced the former after his death, going on to fight alongside Nagato.

After Nagato's death in Naruto, she left the Akatsuki and went back to her village Amegakure, vowing to defend it. Konan finally died at the hands of Tobi, despite putting up a very valiant fight. She took no part in Madara's grand scheme of things, and worked to protect the peace in her land, even in the face of war.

6) Gaara


Gaara is one of the most popular characters in the entire Naruto series and was one of Konoha's biggest allies. However, that wasn't really the case from the very beginning as he was a killing machine because of his troubled childhood, coupled with the fact that he was also a Jinchuriki.

During the Chunin exam arc, Gaara was a major figure because he chose to attack Konohagakure on behalf of his village Sunagakure and their ally, Otogakure. Naruto eventually stopped Gaara, and the two of them went on to become good friends.

5) Kabuto


Kabuto is one of the most hated characters in the entire series as he was a spy who worked for multiple employers over the duration of his lifespan. His skillset attracted Orochimaru and the two soon joined forces.

Kabuto caused a lot of havoc in the entire series, and was an influential player in the Fourth Great Ninja War in Naruto. After the events of the war concluded, Kabuto finally found his place in the world, and started an orphanage within the walls of Konohagakure.

Although Kabuto isn't sweet, he had started mending his ways by the time the series ended.

4) Sasori


Sasori is another member of the Akatsuki. In fact, he's probably deadlier than most of his comrades. Sasori could manipulate puppets in the Naruto series and was the first member of the Akatsuki to die after the timeskip.

Overall, Sasori was one of the most impatient members of Akatsuki, which was often reflected through his statements. He eventually lost his life to Chiyo and Sakura. While dying, Sasori revealed Orochimaru's location to two shinobis.

This information proved useful, and Team 7 went on their way to confront the legendary Sannin and Sasuke with this information.

3) Nagato


Nagato, also known as Pain, is one of the most polarising characters in the entire series. He launched an entire campaign against Konohagakure in his search for Kurama.

Nagato proceeded to destroy the entire village, killing many people. Before making it to the village, Pain was responsible for the death of Jiraiya as well. Jiraiya served as a mentor to both Nagato and Naruto, making them brothers to an extent.

Upset by the death of his mentor and the destruction of his village, Naruto faced Pain in a heated and lengthy battle that went in the favor of the future Lord Seventh. After the battle, he spoke to Nagato and managed to change his heart, following which he resurrected everyone he killed in the village at the cost of his own life.

2) Obito


Obito single-handedly started the Fourth Great Ninja War alongside Madara Uchiha. He was presumed dead after being crushed under rocks during a mission to save Rin. However, Madara saves him and later on uses him in his plans to conquer the world.

Obito is eventually defeated by Naruto, and he later on sacrifices himself, allowing the Uzumaki kid and Kakashi to defeat Kaguya Otsutsuki. He gave his life to protect the same world he so badly wanted to replace.

1) Itachi


Itachi Uchiha is one of the strongest characters in the entire series. Considered to be a villain throughout a major part of the series, he did everything in his power just to protect his younger brother Sasuke. In fact, he even chose to massacre his entire clan in order to keep his brother safe.

Sasuke grew up hating Itachi for his actions and wanted to kill him from the very beginning. However, after a long battle against him, Sasuke finally managed to vanquish his brother. It was only after this that Itachi revealed the truth about the Uchiha massacre and why he did what he did.

Itachi's sacrifice was considered to be a very heartwarming yet painful one. He chose to sacrifice his entire clan, including his parents, just so his brother could be saved.

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