5 Naruto characters who can never solo their opponents (& 5 who can wipe out teams in seconds)

The strongest and weakest characters from Naruto when it comes to wiping off enemies very quickly (Image via Studio Pierrot)
The strongest and weakest characters from Naruto when it comes to wiping off enemies very quickly (Image via Studio Pierrot)

The constant power struggle in Naruto makes it quite an intriguing show to watch. With so many impressive characters featured in the series, it becomes quite difficult to keep track of everyone's strengths and weaknesses.

Some powerful characters have the ability to shut down enemies with just one hit without even breaking a sweat. However, there are also characters who do not have the power to defeat their opponents in a one-on-one battle. Follow along as we list 5 characters who can never go solo against their opponents and 5 who do not need anyone else to triumph on the battlefield.


Note: The list reflects the author's opinion and contains spoilers.

Tenten and 4 other Naruto characters who cannot fight their opponents solo

1) Kiba Inuzuka


Amongst all the characters that exist within Naruto, Kiba is arguably one of the weakest. This is because his entire kit is moulded to benefit a team effort.

Kiba specializes in finding his opponent's scent and providing information for further investigation. Hence, he lacks any form of frontal offensive ability that could fatally wound an enemy. Obviously, when accompanied with Akamaru, he has a few offensive tools that can make an enemy sweat. Unfortunately, that is the most he can do. Kiba is comically weak without Akamaru.

2) Tenten


Tenten is a character who will probably lose out to most other stronger units in a one-on-one battle. This is because she relies heavily on using weapons in fights.

Tenten also uses a technique where she stores weapons in scrolls which she can summon when needed. While this technique may sound very promising, the issue is that most shinobis rely on powerful ninjutsu that can deflect and destroy the weapons instantly.

Apart from that, her physical strength is quite lacking which means that as long as someone is able to close the distance they will be able to embrace victory.

3) Ino Yamanaka


Ino is one of the characters who will never be able to solo her opponents irrespective of the situation. Ino's primary technique is called Mind Transfer Jutsu which is a proper intel-gathering technique. The sole purpose of this jutsu is to enter the enemy's mind and take control of their body to gain information that may not be readily available. Unfortunately, if the enemy is mobile, the ninjutsu will miss its target. Thus, she is quite crippled in a direct confrontation.

Ino is also a medical ninja and lacks any form of strong offensive ability that can fatally harm an enemy.

4) Karin Uzumaki


Karin is another character from Naruto who will be quite ineffective when fighting against an enemy in a one-on-one scenario. This is because Karin excels in sensory ninjutsu and healing techniques, none of which are usable in a direct fight.

Karin's sensory technique allows her to sense a target's chakra signature. The problem is that this ability is more suited for predicting something like an ambush or an invisible enemy. She will definitely be more effective when she is part of a team.

5) White Zetsu


If we are talking about uselessness in direct one-on-one combat in Naruto, White Zetsu is an integral member of the list with its primary functions being infiltration and communication.

One of the major abilities of this entity is to take the form of any person and create an identical copy, but they cannot use the techniques of the original. Hence, the ability is only useful to deceive someone visually and confuse the enemy.

Apart from that, White Zetsu is also able to drain someone's chakra by attaching themselves to a shinobi. Unfortunately, that would not prove to be useful in direct combat because the White Zetsu will not stand a chance once any shinobi from Naruto gets close to him.

White Zetsu could also create clones of itself and communicate amongst them without any distance limitations, it would not be useful unless he was passing crucial information to a team.

Madara and 4 other characters from Naruto who can destroy teams in an instant even when they are alone

1) Kaguya Otsutsuki


Kaguya Otsutsuki is the mother of all shinobi in Naruto. She has an infinite supply of chakra and access to almost every ninjutsu possible. She is also the prime Ten Tails Jinchuriki and is able to perform all forms of visual jutsus like the Byakugan and Rinne Sharingan. Therefore, when it comes to fighting against other shinobi, she can destroy them without even trying. In truth, there is no legitimate way to defeat her apart from using some form of trick or fallacy to catch her off guard.

2) Madara Uchiha


Madara Uchiha is undoubtedly one of the most powerful characters in Naruto. He can take on teams of multiple shinobi without any trouble both in his normal form as well as his Sage of Six Paths form.

In fact, when Madara was reincarnated, he took on an entire battlefield of shinobi and won the fight without any competition. He also fought the 5 Kage almost immediately after the battle against the shinobis and won once again. Apart from that, when in Sage of Six Paths mode, he became unstoppable on account of the immense power of the Ten Tails.

Thus, regardless of the form, Madara can wipe out an entire team all at once.

3) Naruto Uzumaki


The protagonist Naruto Uzumaki, even when he did not have the Sage of Six Paths chakra, was quite strong on account of Kurama being inside him. He had an immense amount of chakra reserves that allowed him to continue fights without getting tired for a long duration.

However, Naruto's real strength came into play after he learned the Wind Style: Rasenshuriken and Sage Mode. Wind Style: Rasenshuriken alone can wipe out more than 10 shinobi at once. If he combines the same with the power of Sage jutsu and the immense strength of a Tailed Beast Bomb, he can wipe out over 100 shinobis in the blink of an eye. It is also crucial to mention that he can increase the size of Rasengan which means that he can take out big teams with a single blow.

It goes without saying that Naruto can utilize the Sage of Six Paths power and bring Lava Release into the mix when using his Rasengan or Rasenshuriken.

4) Sasuke Uchiha


Sasuke is immensely strong and can single-handedly demolish multiple enemies at once in Naruto. Sasuke's perfect Susanoo, combined with his Sharingan and Rinnegan, is more than enough to demolish a team of shinobi in few seconds.

Sasuke can use all forms of nature release transformations. Moreover, due to his visual powers, he can detect the enemy's moves even before they happen. So, in reality, Sasuke does not need to fight at all. He can simply trap his enemies in a genjutsu and put them to sleep while watching from a distance. Sasuke can then use his Amaterasu and burn his enemies to ashes instantly.

5) Hagoromo Otsutsuki


Lastly, the final Naruto character to make it into this list is none other than the Sage of Six Paths himself, Hagoromo Otsutsuki. Just like his mother Kaguya, he is a powerhouse of a shinobi. He has access to both Rinnegan and Sharingan, and he is also a near-perfect Ten Tails Jinchuriki. Thus, he can use all forms of nature release transformations while capitalizing on his immense amount of chakra.

Apart from that, Hagoromo has a multitude of ninjutsu at his disposal, including the likes of Shinra Tensei that can wipe out an entire village in seconds.