10 strongest Sharingan abilities in Naruto, ranked

Taking a look at some of the strongest Sharingan abilities in Naruto (image via Pierrot)
Taking a look at some of the strongest Sharingan abilities in Naruto (image via Pierrot)

The Uchiha clan is of great importance to the overall plot of Naruto, and the abilities that some of the clan members have are quite extraordinary. Some of these abilities are restricted to those who possess the Uchiha dojutsu, Sharingan.

While some of the characters have unique sharingan abilities, a few powers are common to all the Sharingan users. Let’s take a look at some of the strongest techniques that can be performed only if the user has the Sharingan.

Kamui and Indra’s Arrow and 8 more strong Sharingan abilities in Naruto, ranked

10) Chidori Kagutsuchi

Chidori was a powerful technique created by Kakashi when he failed to apply Lightning Release on the Rasengan. This technique was adopted by Sasuke who made it one of his most-used jutsus in the Naruto series. He harnesses the black flames of his Kagutsuchi and embeds it into his Chidori, which makes it an extremely powerful attack. This cannot be used by those who do not possess the Mangekyou Sharingan.

9) Amaterasu


Amaterasu is yet another powerful technique that was used by both Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha. This is an ability only possessed by those who have the Sharingan. Amaterasu releases black flames that are said to be as hot as the sun. These flames that cannot be extinguished by water and other ninjutsu, but they can be manipulated and controlled by the caster. This technique causes a ton of problems for those who get caught in it because they are forced to take drastic measures such as cutting off parts of their body before the flames spread.

8) Tsukuyomi


Tsukuyomi is a powerful genjutsu technique in the Naruto series that is used by Itachi Uchiha. This is a technique that forces the people caught in it to perceive time in a manner that Itachi decides. The person casting it can make the victim relive some of their worst events for days together. It can seem like they’re experiencing days worth of torture when only a few seconds would have passed in the real world. Itachi can trap them in Tsukuyomi just by looking into the eyes of his target.

7) Susanoo


Susanoo is considered to be one of the best defensive abilities in the Naruto series. The only ones capable of performing this technique are Uchiha clan members that possess Mangekyou Sharingans in both their eyes. Many characters in the Naruto series have utilized this technique, including Sasuke, Madara and Hagoromo. Essentially, it is an exoskeleton of the user’s chakra that cloaks them in a humanoid form, making it very difficult for attacks to pierce through them. Sasuke used the wings of his perfect Susanoo to counter the effects of the Infinite Tsukuyomi and saved his comrades as well.

6) Kamui


Kamui is one of the most broken Sharingan abilities in the Naruto series. This is a Sharingan ability that was unique to Obito Uchiha. It allowed him to create a dimension that could not be detected by anyone, and teleport between the Kamui dimension and the real world. It has both offensive and defensive capabilities which makes it a difficult jutsu to counter when used by Obito.

5) Kamui Raikiri


This is a technique that was used by Kakashi against Kaguya Otsutsuki towards the end of Shippuden. Kakashi utilized the intangibility effect of the Kamui technique and applied it onto his Raikiri, or Lightning Cutter. This attack was powerful because it launched at a very high speed and the part of the body that came in contact with the attack could get teleported to the Kamui dimension instantly.

4) Indra’s Arrow


Indra’s Arrow is one of the most powerful offensive jutsus that Sasuke had in his arsenal. The attack is probably named after one of Hagoromo’s sons, Indra. It only makes sense that Sasuke was said to be the strongest reincarnation of Indra. Sasuke, in his perfect Susanoo, collected the chakra from all the Tailed Beasts and infused it with Lightning Release. Upon doing so, he created a bow and arrow. This attack was so strong that it was able to counter Naruto’s Six Paths: Ultra Big-Ball Rasenshuriken, which is one of his strongest abilities in the series.

3) Izanami


One of the most powerful Sharingan abilities in the entire Naruto universe, the technique is considered as a countermeasure to the Izanagi. It allows the user to cast a genjutsu that affects the target through physical sensations that are shared between them. Itachi mentioned that the Izanagi, another powerful genjutsu technique, had the ability to alter reality, but Izanami technique could decide it. Itachi Uchiha used this technique prominently in the series.

2) Izanagi


Izanagi is a genjutsu technique that is so powerful that it can alter reality. While most genjutsu techniques are applied to the sensations of the target, this technique is applied to reality itself. It gives the user the ability to control what is real and what isn’t. It requires a large amount of chakra and the payoff is that the person casting it goes blind in one eye. Madara Uchiha used this ability to escape from Hashirama in the Naruto series.

1) Kotoamatsukami

Given how the ability works in the Naruto series, there is no doubt that this is one of the most dangerous abilities. Subtle but extremely powerful, the technique was unique to Shisui. It allowed him to cast such a genjutsu that the target lived through false experiences and believed that what they were doing was of their own free will. The most dangerous aspect of this is that the person casting it isn’t even aware that they’re under the genjutsu.