All Might’s decision in My Hero Academia chapter 386 put his survival in question

All Might
All Might's next moves could result in the greatest emotional loss for Deku yet (Image via Sportskeeda)

My Hero Academia chapter 386’s spoilers and raw scans were released earlier in the week, seemingly confirming the chapter's events ahead of its official release this coming weekend. In the spoilers, fans saw a rematch between the brothers set up, as Tenya Iida and Shoto Todoroki headed to the Gunga battlefield to confront Dabi, formerly known as Toya Todoroki.

However, one especially exciting scene comes from My Hero Academia chapter 386 at the end of the issue. Here, fans saw All Might appear on the battlefield, seemingly preparing to fight All For One despite being Quirkless. Amazingly, All Might’s briefcase and car began transforming into mech-suit armor for him.

While fans are certainly excited about the development, there’s also a hint of concern among fans for All Might’s survival as he confronts a younger, more ruthless All For One.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers and raw scans of My Hero Academia chapter 386.

My Hero Academia chapter 386 could be setting All Might up for heroic sacrifice, or an impressive standoff

Brief spoiler recap


My Hero Academia chapter 386’s spoilers begin by showing All For One’s position, confirming him to be rapidly traversing Japan. Readers are then told about the situation in Gunga, where Dabi’s continuous heat buildup has turned him into a ticking time bomb. Harrowingly, his expected five-kilometer blast radius will harm even sheltered civilians in the Gunga area.

All For One is constantly increasing speed, as he can now use a teleportation Quirk to arrive at Pro Hero headquarters. Meanwhile, in Kamino ward, Iida and Shoto speak to All Might, who brings them up to speed on the Dabi situation and tells them to get to the Gunga battlefield as soon as possible. Iida says his engines have cooled off enough to do this due to the rain.

The two then depart while Stain watches, muttering about their altruism. All Might gets out of his car and is called an idiot by Tsukauchi. He muses on his past with All For One and Izuku Midoriya as a sadistically smiling All For One approaches. My Hero Academia chapter 386 ends with All Might’s briefcase and car transforming into a mech-suit while All Might proclaims “I am here” to All For One.

Why All Might’s survival is in question, explained

While the alleged closing scenes of the upcoming official release of the series seem exciting, they also come with a hint of danger and potential loss. Despite All Might apparently having a plan for dealing with All For One, it’s hard to say how successful he can truly be in this fight without a Quirk.

There’s also the fact that the younger All For One has been shown to be incredibly sadistic in issues leading up to My Hero Academia chapter 386. All Might even comments on this, saying that Shigaraki’s hatred has changed the Demon Lord. While All Might recognizes this newfound danger, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s prepared to fight against it, let alone live through it.

One major piece of evidence that fans worried about is the late Sir Nighteye’s prediction that All Might would die a gruesome death while fighting against a villain. Fans were never given any additional elaboration on this, except by All Might confirming that the series takes place in the time range when Nighteye predicted this death would happen.

Resultantly, fans are nervous that All Might will not only die but they could be forced to watch this death given My Hero Academia chapter 386’s spoilers. While it would be fantastic to see another “prime All Might” moment before the series comes to an end, it’s hard to say if the risk is worth All Might’s life itself.

However, this is all purely speculative, with the spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 386 still not officially confirmed via the chapter’s actual release. In any case, fans are at least being mentally prepared for an interesting string of chapters in the coming weeks.

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