Anime community draws hilarious comparisons after mysterious iron ball is found in Japan

Mysterious pod found in Japan leaves fans comparing it to Saiyan pod
Mysterious pod found in Japan (Image via Toei Animation)

While the world was shocked by the appearance of a mysterious iron ball in Japan, anime fans had fun coming to conclusions about how similar it looked compared to elements that previously appeared in several anime.

The mysterious ball washed up on Enshu beach in the city of Hamamatsu, and people were left baffled by what the sphere was. While the authorities have scanned the sphere and found it empty, they still have not been able to figure out the origin of the same. The beach has now been closed off.

Anime community compares the mysterious ball to pop culture references

After the mysterious-orangish ball washed up on the shore of a beach in Japan, the world was left baffled. The authorities have yet to figure out what it was, but they have confirmed that it isn't an explosive. It is yet to be confirmed if the sphere is hostile.

Meanwhile, the anime community was having the time of their life as they compared the sphere to the saiyan pod from Dragon Ball Z, using which the Saiyans were known to travel across space. According to fans, the aliens had finally made their move on Earth as the first of their beings had arrived on our planet using the sphere.

At the same time, others were convinced that the sphere was a dragon ball from the anime, given how it had an orange shade, similar to the wish-granting balls in the anime.

Meanwhile, others were convinced that the sphere contained the Nokkers from To Your Eternity. The Nokkers were mysterious entities known to take over humans in an attempt to free their souls from their bodies, as they would identify it as a cage for the same.

In the story, Fushi was known for fighting the Nokkers in an attempt to save people from being killed, and thus they wanted him to arrive on the scene to protect the planet.

The references to other-worldly beings and aliens seem to be the core of the comparisons made by netizens as they could see the similarities between the metal sphere and the Black sphere in GANTZ.

As per GANTZ's lore, the Black Sphere are objects with impossible abilities, mass-produced in a German factory, using alien military technology. In the anime, the technology was sent to Earth by some other species to help them fight off a hostile alien species that had previously tried to invade them. Thus, the same could be a wake-up call for the people of Earth.

Some netizens hilariously compared the rusted iron ball to the moon from Despicable Me, the Godzilla egg, and the alien invasion. It seems like people are way too obsessed with comparing the sphere to a possible alien origin.

The same could have happened due to the recent news revealed by the US military about them having shot down three unidentified objects that were found flying in the skies over the land of the US and Canada. Nevertheless, the origin of all of them is yet to be discovered.

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