Anya cosplay will leave Spy X Family fans grinning for hours

One of the best Spy X Family cosplays (Image via Sportskeeda)
One of the best Spy X Family cosplays (Image via Sportskeeda)

A few days ago, Spy X Family fans began sharing on social media a video containing one of the most imaginative Anya cosplays ever. The costume in question is composed of a simple Eden Academy cloak, a pair of knee-high socks, and shoes. However, the best part about the costume has to be the head.

The cosplayer, known online as @bestiny_lw, created a one-of-a-kind mask of Anya, which contains most of the iconic expressions the girl has made on the show. This costume is sure to brighten the day of any Spy X Family fan who comes across it.

Thai cosplayer creates the most unique Spy X Family's Anya cosplay ever

The aforementioned TikTok user used their ingenious mind to come up with one of the best cosplays the world has seen this year. The mask was made to look exactly like Anya’s head in the show. Still, the most intriguing part about the cosplay is the ability the head has to change expressions.

The Anya costume by @bestiny_lw has the capability of changing faces by simply spinning the head of the character. Each of the four sides of the mask contains an iconic expression the little Esper has shown in Spy X Family. The smug smile that Anya shared with Damian during the first day of class, as well as her usual crying face, were included in the mask.

How the cosplayer created such an ingenious cosplay is unknown at the time of writing. The TikTok user may give fans a more in-depth look at how they came up with the idea and designed the mask in the future.

Why is Anya so beloved?

Anya as seen in Spy X Family (Image via Wit Studio)
Anya as seen in Spy X Family (Image via Wit Studio)

When she was younger, Anya was used as a test subject in an experiment to give paranormal abilities to living creatures. The little girl suffered immensely and ran away after she was given the power to read minds. Despite all the pain that she has gone through, Anya is still one of the most optimistic, kind, and caring characters in anime.

She also loves excitement, which is why she was so happy when Loid came by her foster home looking for a child to help with his mission. Using her powers, Anya can get in and out of any problem. She has used them to help her father marry an assassin and even saved her country from a terrorist attack. Spy X Family fans cannot help but fall in love with this adorable and mischievous little girl.

Fans can read and watch all the adventures that Anya has been involved with in the anime and manga series. The anime just entered its second cour and has 16 episodes at the moment. The manga series is still being published online for fans to enjoy.

Final thoughts

Erverybody loves Anya (Image via Wit Studio)
Erverybody loves Anya (Image via Wit Studio)

Cosplay is one of the most imaginative and expressive forms of art that anime fans can partake in. Not only does it give people the freedom to become one of their favorite characters, but it also allows the world to see their creativity. The Anya cosplay mentioned above is the perfect example of this.

While the concept of a spinning mask with different faces has been used before, it is still a brilliant idea. The fact that the creator used it to portray the many expressions that Anya has used in Spy X Family only makes it more iconic. Fans of the series will not forget this amazing cosplay any time soon.