Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 key visual sparks outrage over Mappa's treatment of Mikasa

Attack on Titan - Mikasa Ackerman
Mikasa Ackerman and Founding Titan (Image via MAPPA)

On Sunday, November 13, MAPPA revealed the new key visual for Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3. With the anime set to be released in 2023, fans were elated to receive new information on the anime. However, a good majority of fans were left disappointed by the key visual due to MAPPA's treatment of Mikasa.

As MAPPA is doing a wonderful job with Attack on Titan, the fanbase has had a wonderful experience with WIT Studio for the first three seasons. Thus, when compared to WIT Studio, MAPPA's work on Attack on Titan: Final Season is often scrutinized by fans. One example of that is the criticism regarding Mikasa in the new key visual.

Attack on Titan fans wanted MAPPA to emulate the manga covers of either volume 31 or 33

With the announcement that a special event was set to take place for the anime, fans believed that they would finally get a Mikasa-centric key visual where she would be facing Eren, who is in his Founding Titan form.

Many fans wanted MAPPA to emulate the manga covers of either volume 31 or 33, where Mikasa takes center stage as she looks at Eren.

Mikasa is set to play a huge role in Attack on Titan: Final Season Part 3, and thus fans believed that the new key visual should have been Mikasa-centric. Instead, they were provided with a key visual with the Alliance swirling around the Founding Titan with the help of their ODM Gear.

A good number of fans wanted MAPPA to make a similar key visual to the anime's season 1 or final season part 1, where Eren in his Founding Titan form would look down at Mikasa.

Even if fans were to ignore MAPPA's treatment of Mikasa in the key visual, many did not like how the key visual looked in its entirety. People found it to be messy with the composition seeming completely out of proportion.

They did not like the fact that despite Mikasa and Armin being given close-ups, their faces weren't detailed enough. As for the characters in the background, Jean and Connie were looking clear, when they should have looked a bit blurry due to having been placed far behind in the key visual.

Thus, fans found the new key visual to be randomly designed and flat.

Even the ones who liked the key visual couldn't help but admit that the work looked more like fan-made art than an official key visual for the anime.

Some fans even pointed out how the new key visual of Mikasa for Attack on Titan's smartphone game looked way more detailed than the key visual for the anime's conclusive part.

Attack on Titan fans also dislike the way MAPPA keeps making Mikasa with a big chin, as several fans pointed out how they could see no difference between the size of Mikasa's chin and that of Armin's.

Some fans even mentioned the resemblance between Mikasa's chin and that of the man in the "Giga Chad" meme. The meme features a masculine man with a distinctively big chin, the iterations of which are also available in other forms, such as Spongebob Squarepants' Squidward.

It is not only Mikasa that fans dislike in the key visual, but several fans also pointed out how other characters such as Armin and Levi looked unlike themselves.

With the anime set to be released in 2023, fans can only hope that MAPPA unveils another key visual when they reveal the release date for the same.