Black Clover chapter 343 spoilers & raw scans: Asta vs Ichika continues as a familiar face arrives in Land of the Sun

Black Clover Chapter 343 - Ichika Yami
Ichika Yami activating her form Dark Yojutsu: Dark-Cloaked Black Warrior (Image via Twitter/@xxetrikk)

Fans of Black Clover have been speculating about the future events of the series for a week now, and finally, chapter 343's spoilers are out.

The previous Black Clover chapter explained the lore of the Land of the Sun, as there once used to be a five-headed dragon in the Land of the Sun, whose rampage was stopped by a celestial maiden, following which the dragon's mana seeped into the water surrounding the nation. Thus, the Yami clan was assigned to take care of the surrounding land owned by the Ryudo clan.

Fans also got flashbacks to Sukehiro and Ichika's past as we learned how Ichika's mom passed away while giving birth to her, following which her father would try to hurt her. Her brother Sukehiro would defend her and take her outside, which would include fishing, where Ryuya Ryudo would join them. However, while her brother seemed like a peace-loving person, he annihilated the Yami clan.

Asta tried to defend his captain, triggering a fight between the two, following which fans have been waiting for Black Clover chapter 343 spoilers.

Black Clover chapter 343 spoilers hints at Asta learning how to use Zetten form in future

Ichika keeps on getting cooler and cooler man this is so raw #BCSpoilers

Black Clover chapter 343 will be titled Clash of Black on Black, which refers to Asta's Devil Union and Ichika's "Dark Yojutsu: Dark-Cloaked Black Warrior."

The previous chapter saw Ichika preparing for her fight against Asta, and this chapter continues from that very moment. Ichika uses her Yoryoku to pull Asta towards herself, however, Asta manages to stop after he activates his Devil Union. The Devil Union acts as a repellant to Yoryoku, allowing Asta not to get pulled into it.

Asta using Devil Union (Image via DeviantArt/DanLC2001)
Asta using Devil Union (Image via DeviantArt/DanLC2001)

Ichika uses another spell, "Black Yojutsu: Black Star," which Asta somehow takes on. As the battle between the two kept progressing, Ichika told Asta how Yojutsu was mainly for taijutsu and kenjutsu, referring to physical and sword fighting. Asta then switched from Demon Slasher Katana to Demon Destroyer-Sword.

Seeing how Asta was able to keep up with her, Ichika became angry and started throwing taunts at Asta. She tells Asta how he will never be able to become the Wizard King, a position which was the same rank as the Shogun of the Land of the Sun, Ryuya Ryudo, with no ability and such low determination.

Ichika's anger towards Yami and himself was evident to Asta through her Ki, but he added how he could feel something else as well, a feeling which was much more sinister.


After observing Ichika using her Zetten form, Asta was about to execute his own Zetten form when Ryuya interfered in their fight. Ryuya's interference caused Asta to step back from the fight in what was about to be their final clash.

Ryuya had arrived there to inform them that Asta's enemies had arrived in the Land of the Sun. The scene cuts to Sister Lily arriving in the Land of the Sun with two Paladins alongside her.

Final thoughts on Black Clover chapter 343

Not Sister Lily and the paladins traveling to an entirely different country to make sure Asta's dead 😭 my guy CANNOT catch a break #BCSpoilers

Black Clover chapter 343 is set to end with a major cliffhanger as the paladins have decided to come to Asta instead of waiting for him in the Clover Kingdom. It was Sister Lily who teleported Asta to the Land of the Sun. She may have arrived in the nation to check if Asta was really dead.

She was also tagged along by two Paladins, whom fans suspect to be minor Black Clover antagonists, Heath Grice and Revchi Salik. To confirm this, fans will have to wait for the release of Black Clover chapter 344.

In the meantime, it is yet to be seen why the paladins have arrived in the Land of the Sun.

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