Black Clover movie teaser released to commemorate seventh anniversary

Asta in the Black Clover movie's teaser (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Asta in the Black Clover movie's teaser (Image via Studio Pierrot)

To celebrate the seventh anniversary of the manga’s first serialization, Studio Pierrot released a teaser for the upcoming Black Clover movie.

Along with the first look at the important characters in the film, the teaser gives a few hints as to what the film is about. A few panels of the manga were animated, which transitioned into clips from the film.

Teaser for Black Clover movie hints at Asta, Yuno, and Yami being the central characters

Anime "Black Clover" Movie Release Date Confirmed!2023

While no information on the synopsis has been released to the public yet, it is certain that some canon elements will be featured in the Black Clover movie. This is the first film in the franchise, and it has been in the works for quite a while. The movie was first announced at the end of season 4, and an additional visual key was released during Jump Festa 2022.

To celebrate the seventh anniversary of the manga, Shueisha has featured Black Clover on the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump issue 15, in addition to a color page. Further information regarding the upcoming game and the Black Clover movie was published inside the magazine.

The teaser

The Black Clover movie teaser surpassed its limits!!#ブラッククローバー #BlackClover

The teaser was sort of a surprise to the fans and it turned out to be a pleasant one. The teaser starts with a few manga panels of Asta’s complete Devil Union form, drawing a sword from his grimoire, most likely Demon Slayer or Demon Destroyer, and performing a slash attack.

The dialog (untranslated at the time of writing), spoken by Asta, says something along the lines of “We were not chosen either. That’s why, go and choose for yourself.” It’s reminiscent of Asta and Liebe’s recent dialog in Black Clover Chapter 316.

The teaser then moves on to the animated part, where Asta draws Demon Slayer from his grimoire and proceeds to walk across a field alongside Yuno, both of them in their Magic Knights squad uniforms. After a brief glance at the Black Bulls at their headquarters, the teaser shows Yami Sukehiro running towards a fight with his katana drawn.

The scene transitions into Yuno fighting what looks to be ice shards in his Spirit Assimilation form. Two locations are shown, the first of which is an island and the other is the Magic Knights' headquarters at the Clover Kingdom Capital, where Asta stands atop the castle wearing a hood. He removes it as the credits announce that the first Black Clover movie is set to be released in 2023.

Final thoughts

According to the teaser, mangaka Tabata Yuki is in charge of the character design and general supervision of the production. It is unclear if the movie will follow canon or if it will be an anime original endeavor.

The list of voice cast and staff has not been released yet, but the teaser does confirm that at least Gakuto Kajiwara will return to voice Asta. Hopefully, more information will be disclosed soon.

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