Black Clover unveils new key visual and a new mobile game at Jump Festa 2022

Sneakpeek of the new Black Clover game from Jump Festa 2022 (Image via Jump Comic Channel)
Sneakpeek of the new Black Clover game from Jump Festa 2022 (Image via Jump Comic Channel)

Black Clover had the Jump Studio Red at Jump Festa 2022 today, and it revealed quite a bit of new information, including the trailer for a brand-new mobile game. Unfortunately, fans did not get any trailer or release details for the movie, but a key visual poster was unveiled, as well as the cover of volume 31 of the manga. There is also a signed drawing of Asta done by mangaka Tabata Yuki.

Key visuals, volume covers and new mobile game announced at Black Clover Jump Studio Red

The Black Clover panel had the last turn at Jump Studio Red and consisted of Gakuto Kajiwara (the voice of Asta) and Nobunaga Shimazaki (the voice of Yuno) and was hosted by Chiaki Matsuzawa.

Cover of volume 31 and Tabata's letter

Jump Studio Red revealed the Cover of Volume 31 of Black Clover manga. The cover features Langris Vaude standing behind Yuno in his Saint Stage, aiming his arrow straight ahead. Manga readers immediately understood that this is a reference to Yuno’s fight against Zenon, with Yuno using Spirit of Euros in the most recent chapter. Volume 31 will start from Chapter 304 and go all the way to Chapter 314 or 316.

There was also a signed drawing of Asta from Tabata Yuki, gifted to Gakuto Kajiwara.

The new mobile game for Black Clover

In a shocking twist, Black Clover announced that a new mobile game is set to be released in 2022. The game will be produced by Vic Game Studios, which was founded by Jae-Young Choi who was lead developer for The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross.

The game trailer showed a 3D version of most of the iconic scenes from Black Clover anime, which indicates that some scenes will feature in the game. The upcoming game will be released primarily for smartphones, however more details are yet to be released.

The new key visual for the movie

Ever since the announcement for the Black Clover movie on Twitter a day before the last episode of season 4 aired, fans have been eagerly waiting for any information on it. While there is high demand for season 5, Black Clover manga does not have enough material yet to merit a new season.

After Black Clover released a key visual for the movie prior to Jump Festa 2022 featuring Asta, the anticipation was at a record high. However, the panel confirmed that the Black Clover movie is in production, but no trailer or release date has been revealed. But a new key visual has been released, and it features Yuno in the same fashion as the previous visual that featured Asta.

Final thoughts regarding all the released details

While the fans’ expectations were not met in terms of information released at Jump Festa 2022, Black Clover did not disappoint. The trailer for the game has got fans excited about its release. The key visual featuring Yuno has given rise to expectations of a third poster featuring Noelle.

Black clover manga is in one of its most interesting arcs right now, and the volume cover adds to that. Like Tabata said in his letter, “Black Clover will be heating up.”