Black Clover: Who is Alcier Silva? The tragic fate of Noelle’s mother explained

The tragic tale of the late Acier Silva has become harrowingly relevant in recent issues of Black Clover (Image via Studio Pierrot)
The tragic tale of the late Acier Silva has become harrowingly relevant in recent issues of Black Clover (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Spoilers and raw scans for the latest chapter of author and illustrator Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover were leaked this week, marking the series’ unofficial return from a one-month hiatus. Even more exciting is that the issue continued its focus on the fight against Lucius in the Clover Kingdom, shifting perspectives from Mereoleona’s battle to that of the Silva family.

Likewise, Black Clover fans were reminded of the fact that Acier Silva, the late matriarch of the Silva family, was revived by Lucius for the battle and turned into a Paladin. Coincidentally, or maybe not so coincidentally, Acier found herself standing across from all four of her children as the battle commenced, berating some of them for turning out so weak.

This focus on the strength of her children makes sense given her past as a revered Magic Knight who even trained and earned the respect of Mereoleona Vermillion. However, some Black Clover fans have seemingly forgotten who Acier is and the legacy she left behind in the wake of her tragic death.

Black Clover’s Acier Silva has one of the most impressive post-mortem legacies in entire series

Despite not being alive at any point in Black Clover’s story, Acier Silva is still one of the most famous and respected characters in the entire series.

Acier was a noblewoman of House Silva and former captain of the Silver Eagle Magic Knights squad. However, she died shortly after giving birth to her youngest daughter, Noelle, due to a curse from the devil Megicula.

Prior to becoming a mother, Acier was regarded as one of the strongest Magic Knights the Clover Kingdom had to offer. She was so strong that while training Mereoleona, she never lost to her protege despite the latter’s massive strength and her type disadvantage due to Fire Magic.

Shortly after Noelle’s birth, Acier was sought out by one of Black Clover’s most infamous villains, Vanica Zogratis. During the fight, Vanica threatened Nozel and Noelle, prompting Acier’s protective instincts to strengthen her magic enough to lethally wound Vanica. This prompted Megicula, who was using Vanica as a host, to curse Acier.

This curse severely weakened Acier and left her bedridden, eventually causing her death one year later. Noelle’s death was said to be the blame due to the curse keeping Nozel from speaking the truth about Megicula killing Acier.

However, 16 years later, Noelle and Nozel finally destroyed Megicula’s heart, freeing Acier’s soul from Megicula (who used it for a spell), who hugged and complimented her children’s strength before passing on.

While this happy ending would be a lovely place for Acier’s tale to end, this is sadly not the case. 15 months after this incident, Lucius resurrects Acier and turns her into a Paladin. Acier appears in the Clover Kingdom’s Noble Realm on Judgment Day, confronting her former squad and all four of her children.

With Acier now seemingly set to fight her children after having such a storybook ending with them, fans are in disbelief that this is how her tale is set to end.

Although Black Clover fans are expecting this presumed finale to Acier’s tale to be a happy one, the road to the fairy tale conclusion will undoubtedly be overflowing with emotional pain.

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