Bleach TYBW: Is Ichibe Hyosube more powerful than Yamamoto?

The authoritative leader of the Royal Guard
The authoritative leader of the Royal Guard (Image via Tite Kubo / Shueisha / Bleach)

Bleach TYBW anime viewers may wonder how a fight would go down between Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto and Ichibe Hyosube.

Best known for their physical strength and potent abilities, they are the leaders of the Gotei 13 and Royal Guard, respectively. However, following Yamamoto's death in the Bleach TYBW anime, it's up to Ichibe to pick up the pieces. It has also made a few fans wondering if he's supposed to be stronger.

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Who would win in a fight between Ichibe and Yamamoto in Bleach TYBW? Here's the answer

Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto


As shown in the Bleach TYBW anime, there's a reason why Yamamoto has been leading the charge for over a thousand years now. He is the single most powerful captain in Gotei 13 history and it's very telling when Sosuke Aizen and Yhwach have to use trickery to deal with him.

Yamamoto is a master swordsman who carries the legendary Ryujin Jakka. It's the oldest Zanpakuto based on the fire element. Here's a simplified look at what he can do in the Bleach TYBW anime:

  • Shikai: Releases powerful flames that incinerate anything it touches into ash
  • Bankai: The sword erases anything from existence, provides a protective armor of 15,000,000 degrees temperature, and summons the army of the undead

His fiery Zanpakuto is so offensively powerful that Aizen and Yhwach had to disable it during their respective fights with Yamamoto. Of course, he doesn't need his weapon to remain a dangerous combatant.

Despite his old age, Yamamoto's physical stats are completely maxed out in the Bleach TYBW anime. This is someone who can also spam Kido spells at full power without chanting the full incantation, such as Hado #96 - Itto Kaso. Most importantly, his spiritual energy is unmatched by most.

Ichibe Hyosube

Manga readers already know what to expect from Ichibe, who recently made his introduction in the Bleach TYBW anime. He is the leader of the Zero Division, better known as the Royal Guard of the Soul King.

His epithet is the "Monk Who Calls the Real Name." Ichibe can identify the real name of every person and object. True name manipulation also extends to his Zanapukto. When released into Shikai and Shin'uchi forms, Ichimonji grants him the following powers:

  • Shikai: The black ink removes the powers of a target
  • Shin'uchi: The white ink changes the properties of a target

Ichimonji is the first Zanpakuto to evolve into a Bankai form. Back in those days, it was simply referred to as Shin'uchi. His million years of wisdom make him the perfect candidate for the "Special War Powers."

Physically and spiritually, Ichibe's performance against Yhwach put him in a class of his own. Had it not been for "The Almighty" Schrift, he would've defeated the Quincy Emperor in the Bleach TYBW anime.

In conclusion

While they are both extremely powerful in their own right, Ichibe is a lot stronger than Yamamoto in the Bleach TYBW anime, based on their organizational roles. Remember, the Royal Guard is specifically tasked with protecting the Soul King, while the Gotei 13 are simply a military branch.

According to the light novel Can't Fear Your Own World, Ichibe was born a million years ago, which means he already has more combat experience than Yamamoto. More importantly, his ridiculously broken powers allow him to manipulate names and place curses on his targets.

In the end, Ichibe's special abilities far exceed Yamamoto's, or any Gotei 13 captain for that matter. Based on the light novels, they would need a shard of the Soul King to withstand those powers. Of course, it's unlikely that Yamamoto would even carry such an item.

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