Blue Lock chapter 244 spoilers: Shido Ryusei makes his comeback as PXG's star playmaker gets revealed

Blue Lock chapter 244 spoilers: Shido Ryusei makes his comeback as PXG
Julian Loki, Ryusei Shido, and Rin Itoshi as seen in Blue Lock (Image via 8bit)

While Blue Lock chapter 244 is set to be released on Wednesday, December 13, its spoilers have already arrived online. With the match between Bastard Munchen and Paris X Gen set to be the final match of the Neo Egoist League, the upcoming chapter is set to focus on the France team and their mysterious key playmaker.

The previous chapter revealed how Kaiser and Ness became partners and got selected for Bastard Munchen Academy together. During this, Kaiser shared his past and mentality with Ness, allowing both of them to share the same dream of winning the World Cup and Champions League. The chapter later revealed how Kaiser had managed to find a new weapon to defeat Isagi.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Blue Lock manga.

Blue Lock chapter 244 spoilers and raw scans: Paris X Gen's tactics get revealed

Hiori Yo as seen in Blue Lock (Image via 8bit)
Hiori Yo as seen in Blue Lock (Image via 8bit)

As per the spoilers for Blue Lock chapter 244, the upcoming chapter will be titled "PXG." The chapter opened with the Bastard Munchen players resting as it revealed how Kurona Ranze, Yukimiya Kenyu, Hiori Yo, and Yoichi Isagi shared the same quadruple bedroom. There, Kurona, Yukimiya, and Hiori were trying to calculate how the valuation worked.

Yoichi Isagi's value increased by 100 million yen after accumulating 2 goals and an assist. Meanwhile, Hiori Yo's valuation was 20 million yen after getting one assist. Thus, it was very evident that being involved in goals was the key to getting one's valuation to skyrocket.

Yoichi Isagi as seen in Blue Lock (Image via 8bit)
Yoichi Isagi as seen in Blue Lock (Image via 8bit)

As for Yoichi Isagi, he was gazing at the auction rankings as he wished to overtake Rin Itoshi. He was currently valued 30 million less than Rin. Hence, Isagi wondered if he could reverse their rankings and become the top Blue Lock player through his performance in the next match. That's when Yukimiya called Isagi to join him and the others to watch the match between Paris X Gen and Barcha in the monitor room.

Blue Lock chapter 244 spoilers then saw the players gather in the room as the match was just about to begin. The players were all looking forward to learning what kind of team PXG was. The match began with Rin Itoshi playing as the striker for the France team. Meanwhile, Shido Ryusei was starting from the bench.

Rin Itoshi as seen in Blue Lock (Image via 8bit)
Rin Itoshi as seen in Blue Lock (Image via 8bit)

Blue Lock chapter 244 saw the match begin as Rin Itoshi was faced up against Bachira and Otoya. However, he was backed up by Nijiro Nanase and Aoshi Tokimitsu. Rin passed the ball to Nanase, who delivered it to Tokimitsu. Tokimitsu then gave the ball to a midfield player called Charles Chevalier. Charles crossed the ball to the middle from where Rin scored the first goal with a volley.

Bastard Munchen players were amazed from watching the goal, especially Isagi who believed that Rin had accumulated new methods for shooting. However, just after the goal was scored, PXG Master Striker Julian Loki conducted a substitution that saw Rin, Nanase, and Tokimitsu get subbed out, while Ryusei Shido, Karasu, and Zantetsu got subbed in.

Blue Lock chapter 244 spoilers then saw the match resume as Barcha restarted the game. However, Tabito Karasu managed to steal the ball immediately from Otoya, following which he passed it to Zantetsu. Moments later, the ball was passed to Charles, who again crossed the ball to the center. However, unlike the last time when the ball had a good height and backspin, this time the cross was quicker and lower, reaching a position from where only Shido could score.

As expected Ryusei Shido scored the second goal for Paris X Gen. This left the Bastard Munchen players confused as they believed the second cross was a miskick. However, Isagi and Hiori immediately identified the midfielder Charles Chevalier's skill in understanding Rin and Ryusei's playstyles and giving them passes that matched their skills. With that, Isagi deduced that Charles was the heart of the Paris X Gen team.

Final thoughts on Blue Lock chapter 244 spoilers

Blue Lock chapter 244 spoilers saw the introduction of a new player Charles Chevalier. With that, the manga introduced the heart of the France team and whom Bastard Munchen should focus on in their match against the double-standard team. Both Rin and Ryusei hated each other, thus Loki must have chosen to give the two strikers their own teams and partners. However, the player that remained a key part of both teams was Charles, making him a key threat.