Blue Lock director under fire after calling Reo and Nagi's friendship one-sided

Nagi leaving Reo to join Isagi and Bachira
Nagi leaving Reo to join Isagi and Bachira (Image via 8bit)

Now that Blue Lock season 1 cour 2 is out with episode 13, fans of the anime were excited to hear what the anime's director had to say about the forthcoming episodes. However, his interview only happened to rile up fans as he called Nagi and Reo's friendship one-sided, something anime-only fans were too disappointed to hear.

Blue Lock's cour 1 ended with Seishiro Nagi leaving Reo Mikage to join Yoichi Isagi and Meguru Bachira's team for the third stage of the Second Selection. While fans were disappointed by Nagi's behavior towards his friend, they believed that the two taking different paths would only make their bond stronger. But from what the director said about the two, that hardly seems to be the case.

Blue Lock fans rile up against the anime's director

One Blue Lock leaker revealed how in an interview, the anime's director spoke about Nagi and Reo's relationship as a one-sided friendship, given that Reo was obsessed with Nagi. Meanwhile, the only reason Nagi followed Reo was because he was the first person to call him out.

The director believed that Reo was important to Nagi, but not to the point that he always wanted to have him playing an active role in his life, even if they would not benefit from the same.

This caused the anime's director to go under fire as fans loved Nagi and Reo's friendship, but to hear that there was barely any similarity in the feelings they shared for each other was not something the anime-only fans were expecting.

Meanwhile, a small portion of fans were happy with what the director revealed as this meant that he himself shipped the two characters. The only issue at hand was how Nagi had not developed similar feelings for Reo at the time, and thus wanted to spend some time away from him.

At the same time, Reo Mikage fans believed that Reo should focus on someone else who respected and adored him the same way he did Nagi. It wasn't fair for Reo that Nagi left him during the Second Selection when he saw a better opportunity to evolve. It was Reo who introduced Nagi to football, wanting to win the World Cup together, but Nagi seemingly didn't care much about going through the journey together.

This was really harsh on Reo, given that Nagi was his first real friend. As Reo's family is rich, he may have been specially treated by everyone around him, causing him to be somewhat distant from the others. This made Reo difficult to approach. However, this wasn't the same with Nagi, as Reo was the one who called out to him, and has since taken care of him.

Final thoughts

While the Nagi-Reo relationship may be complicated for now, the Blue Lock director himself revealed how he was able to sympathize with both the characters as neither of them was incorrect in their arguments.

Reo wanted Nagi to stay with him because he was his only true friend. Meanwhile, Nagi wanted to distance himself from Reo as he wanted to evolve into a better footballer to fulfill their promise of winning the World Cup, which he wasn't able to do by staying beside Reo all the time.

The Blue Lock director himself did an amazing job in hiding the spoilers from the anime-only fans by only talking about their relationship and the way it would transpire in cour 2.

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Edited by Upasya Bhowal
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