Boruto anime facing allegations of “Uchiha Erasure” is the latest Naruto Controversy

Is Boruto really committing Uchiha Erasure? (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Is Boruto really committing Uchiha Erasure? (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Despite the fact that they were all killed during Naruto, the original series never had as many Uchiha Erasure claims as Boruto has since yesterday. No doubt, the Uchiha clan is one of the most beloved and interesting families in the franchise. Unfortunately for fans, the members of this family are already scarce in the Shinobi World, which means any family can come and take their place.

Enter the Fuma clan, a new family of prodigies inside the Naruto universe. Many Boruto fans, who are certain that Uchiha Erasure is happening in the series, were not pleased to see this family introduced in the most recent episode.

Is the alleged Uchiha Erasure actually taking place in the world of Boruto?Continue reading to learn more about the topic.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the author’s opinion and will contain spoilers.

Is Boruto trying to commit Uchiha Erasure and eradicate them from the Naruto universe?

The Uchiha and Fuma clans

The last remaning Uchihas (Image via Studio Pierrot)
The last remaning Uchihas (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Fans of the franchise do not need an introduction to the illustrious Uchiha family. Almost every conflict in Naruto had something to do with a member of this clan, from Sasuke's running away to Madara and his Infinite Tsukuyomi.

While pivotal to the show, the members of the Uchiha clan were already extremely low in numbers by the end of the series. Because of this, when the sequel came out, the Uchiha clan stopped being as prominent in the show, seeing as only three members of the family were left.

The void left by the Uchiha clan was felt by many fans, who believed the absence of more members of the family took something away from the charm of the franchise. This issue got worse after the sequel series introduced an old but forgotten clan from the Naruto era as the Uchiha’s replacement in Konoha.

Kotaro Fuma (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Kotaro Fuma (Image via Studio Pierrot)

The Fuma clan is a distantly related family to the Uchihas that appeared briefly in Naruto, mostly in flashbacks. They are the creators of the Fuma Shuriken, a giant ninja star that was used briefly by Sasuke in the past.

They were never as important to the plot as their distant cousins, but they did have some stellar moments in the original show. During his youth, Jiraiya encountered one of them, who would later become one of the Six Paths of Pain.

Why are fans claiming Uchiha Erasure is happening in Boruto?

Fans of the franchise have been complaining about the Uchiha Erasure happening in Boruto since the beginning of the series. The issue started when Sarada, the most prominent Uchiha in the show, was unaware of her family’s history. There was not a single Shinobi in Naruto who had never heard of the Uchihas, and the future heir of the clan had no idea who they were.

Naruto also made it clear that the police force inside the village was always in charge of the Uchiha clan. Not only that, but the show also made sure fans knew about the ease of this family producing prodigies. People like Itachi, Shisui, and Madara were renowned Shinobi whose legacy is still remembered by fans.

Recently, the sequel series has shown that the police force in Konoha has been taken over by the Fuma clan, justifying it by saying that they are relatives of the Uchiha. Not only that, but after Boruto Episode 261 came out, it was confirmed that the Fuma clan is considered the new family of prodigies in the Boruto anime.

Although these moments have only occurred in filler episodes, fans of the franchise feel like this is being done on purpose. For them, it appears that the sequel is attempting to mask a blatant Uchiha Erasure by burying it in filler arcs.

Is the Uchiha erasure really happening?

Does the fact that there are fewer Uchihas than in the first season indicate that Uchihas have been erased from the sequel? (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Does the fact that there are fewer Uchihas than in the first season indicate that Uchihas have been erased from the sequel? (Image via Studio Pierrot)

There is no denying that Boruto has been trying to remove the influence of the Uchiha clan from its world. After Naruto’s plot was driven mostly by Uchihas, it seems like the sequel wants to prevent this from happening again.

This is not a bad thing on its own, but fans have been pointing out that this could have been achieved without creating a discount Uchiha clan. For a large portion of the fandom, the Fuma clan is nothing more than a cheap copy of the Uchihas.

Fans complained that instead of making Konoha’s police force an organization that any Shinobi could join, they gave it to the distant relatives of the Uchihas. Similarly, the idea of the Fuma clan producing geniuses like the Uchihas used to do in the past is just another clue to the blatant Uchiha Erasure happening in Boruto for these fans.

However, for many others, this is something that feels natural. Konoha was not going to keep relying on the Uchiha clan’s fame to protect its citizens. They needed a new family to take over the police force of the village. The show has never claimed that no one else inside the village can join the organization, they have only claimed the Fuma clan is in charge.

Regarding the issue of the Fuma clan’s prodigies, this clan is still related to Indra, the Otsutsuki that gave the Uchihas their prodigal abilities. It is not farfetched to believe that a clan who shares blood with the Uchihas will also have the ability to birth geniuses every once in a while.

It is still odd and strange that Sarada does not seem to know much about her own family. Still, this is explained in the show as a way of protecting her from the horrible crimes her relatives have committed in the past.

Final thoughts

As of now, the Uchiha Erasure theory seems like nothing more than unfair criticism against Boruto. The show has a lot of problems, including boring characters and drab filler episodes. Yet, they do not seem to be erasing the Uchiha’s history in some kind of evil plan.

The Uchiha clan is mostly gone, with only Sasuke, Sarada and Sakura maintaining the clan alive. It is obvious that their history is not going to be as prominent to Konoha’s youth, as most of their parents had almost no interaction with the clan. The members of Naruto’s generation were still little kids when the Uchiha massacre occurred, meaning they remember next to nothing about the family.

The idea of a new clan stepping up and filling the void left by the Uchihas was going to happen eventually. Konoha is a village in constant motion, with changes happening every day. The Fuma clan is not here to make fans forget about the Uchihas; they just happened to rise to power a few years after the Uchiha clan disappeared.

Fans must accept that the Uchiha era has come to an end, and that the Shinobi World will not wait for them.The Uchiha Erasure theory is not really supported by facts, only a deep desire to see one of the most beloved clans appear on screen again.

Although Boruto may never enjoy the same level of popularity as Naruto, fans of the first season must realize that it is the hour of the sequel. As much as they want to, the original series, with its topics, is not coming back.