Boruto Episode 261: Kawaki and Himawari's school year begins, Twitter cannot get enough

Kawaki is the funniest character in Boruto Episode 261 (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Kawaki is the funniest character in Boruto Episode 261 (Image via Studio Pierrot)
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With the release of Boruto Episode 261, it's time to go back to school. In order to protect a princess from those who want to hurt her, Kawaki will have to become a student. Will he be able to keep his cover and not attract unwanted attention?

On the other hand, can Himawari discover why her big brother has been acting so strangely lately? Continue reading to learn about the most important moments from Boruto Episode 261, as well as how fans on Twitter are reacting to this hysterical episode.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Boruto Episode 261.

Himawari and Kawaki become classmates in Boruto Episode 261, and fans love it

A brief recap

Boruto Episode 260: Fireworks of Love

Boruto Episode 260 began with Kakashi and Boruto stopping at a dango store to rest after their shopping trip. While they were there, a pair of old men started arguing about something. The granddaughter of one of the men explained to Boruto and Kakashi that the commotion had started because of the fireworks display that was going to be presented during the Konoha festival.

The granddaughter enlisted the two ninjas to help her solve the issue between her grandfather and his former friend. Since her fiancé was the grandson of the other elder, they needed them to be friends again before getting married. Kakashi convinced the two elders to compete with each other, to which both men accepted.

However, he had a plan to make them realize how petty they were being. Before the festival started, he interchanged their firecrackers, causing them to attack their own display, thinking it was the other team’s. After this lesson, the two old friends reconciled and the young couple was able to get married.

Boruto Ep 261 Kawaki Enters The Ninja Academy Preview I’m really excited about this episode 😁😁😆😆🔥🔥

Boruto Episode 261 is titled Kawaki Enters the Ninja Academy!

The Uzumaki siblings go to school

New arc has begun! Excited to see how this all plays out🙌. #boruto

Boruto Episode 261 starts with all the new Ninja Academy students gathered in front of the school for the inaugural ceremony. Naruto gives some words of encouragement to all the new students winking at Kawaki when he is done.

After the intro, fans can see Himawari talking to two of her friends about how happy she is to be a student at the same time as them. The young girl approaches Kawaki, who looks completely done with everyone, and tells him how glad she is to be in the same class as her.

Kawaki’s secret mission 🤫 #boruto

Kawaki has a flashback to the moment Naruto and Shikamaru asked him to join the new class. One of the students, a girl named Kae Yukiwari, is the princess of the Land of Bamboo, and someone is actively trying to kill her without her knowledge.

Her father wants her to remain oblivious to the assassination attempts, which is why the Hokage wants Kawaki to act as a bodyguard for Kae without her knowing.

Getting to know the new students

Class introductions! Everyone surprised to see the hokage’s daughter🤣. #boruto

Boruto Episode 261 comes back on the present, and the children, including Kawaki, are interrupted when their new teacher, Hana, enters the classroom. She asks her students to introduce themselves to the class.

The first one to do so is a boy named Eiki Fumma, the son of a Tokubetsu Jonin, who seems to be very uptight. Next is Himawari, who shocks everyone by confessing that she is the Hokage’s daughter.

Kawaki making a fool out of himself when he introduce himself to the class lol 😂 | Boruto Episode 261

Jealous of the attention Himawari is getting, a pink-haired girl named Osuka, the daughter of a famous actress, stands up. Still, Kae is the most impressive student, as she is revealed to be a princess.

Hana asks Kawaki to introduce himself, making the older boy have another flashback. He remembers Naruto telling him exactly how to present himself to the class, which turns out to be screaming his name and favorite food. This causes most of the young students to instantly fear him, instead of accepting him.

Kawaki’s mission

This has fallen in deep already!❤️😅 #boruto

After classes are over for the day, Boruto Episode 261 goes on to show fans Himawari and her friends talking with Kae. Eiki complains about the girls being too rowdy, but after Kae hands him his handkerchief back, he starts developing a crush on her. Osuna is not happy with this, as she believes she should be getting the attention.

While this is happening, Kawaki has a flashback once again, this time about the details of his mission. He is tasked with staying close to Kae, so being her friend would greatly help the mission. Naruto told him to invite her to eat, which is exactly what he attempts to do, intimidating everyone while doing so. Eiki believes that Kawaki is trying to invite her on a date and tries to stop him.

Boruto Episode 261 New Screenshot! Kawaki showing no interest🤣. #boruto

Kawaki, who is awful at any kind of social interaction, ends up making everyone believe he is in love with Kae. Eiki is still trying to prevent Kawaki from getting closer to the girl, all while Hana is ignored by her students because of her quiet personality.

Later that day, Hana talks with Anko about how hard it is to be a teacher, wondering if she is even cut to be one. Shino tries to make her feel better by explaining that he was extremely nervous when he started as well, causing himself to have a stomach ache. Anko reassures the new teacher that she will do a fine job before the scene ends.

What is Kawaki hiding?

First day at the academy ✅, Boruto teases kawaki🤣. #boruto

Boruto Episode 261 cuts to the Uzumaki household, where Himawari and Kawaki are just entering. Himawari excitedly tells her mother about their first day, and Boruto teases Kawaki for joining the Academy, making Kawaki angry. Himawari is concerned about how her big brother is acting.

The next day, Hana is teaching the class about the village, although Kawaki is not paying attention. Seeing him distracted, Hana asks him to tell the class what he knows about the Hokages.

Kawaki demonstrates to the class how much of a Naruto fanboy he is and tells them he does not know anything about any other Hokage, surprising all his classmates.

The ultimate hokage fan - he even said that he wears his shirts inside out🤣! #boruto

Kawaki, who has never been good at interacting with people, is making all the younger students look at him like he is a freak. One of Himawari’s friends asks the girl if his brother is like that all the time, and Himawari admits he is behaving strangely. Himawari observes that Kawaki is looking straight at Kae, making her think her brother’s actions have something to do with the princess.

After classes are over for the day, Himawari talks with her brother about getting closer to Kae. She suggests he talk with the princess about romance novels that are her favorite. Kawaki looks interested but acts like he does not care, like always, causing Himawari to start suspecting he is hiding his true motives behind wanting to become Kae’s friend.

Kawaki’s attempts at friendship

Kawaki went to the book store to buy Kae a romance novel. | Boruto episode 261

Boruto Episode 261 displays to the viewer h actually listened to his sister. He actually went to a library to buy a book about making a boy fall in love with you, surprising the cashier. However, the Uzumaki boy wonders if the book will be enough to become Kae’s friend.

The next day at school, Kawaki arrives in his classroom only to find it filled with reporters, who are filming and taking photos of Kae. The princess escapes to eat some sweets alone without anyone filming her, pretending to go to the bathroom.

Princess lives a different life away from the press 🤔 #boruto

After lunch, the students go to train with Kunai. Himawari surprises everyone with her skills, especially Kae. Eiki tries to impress the girl as well, but she is not even paying attention to him. To help her see how strong he is, Eiki challenges Kawaki to a fight. Kawai refuses and, when Eiki tries to fight still, only evades the little boy’s attacks.

Eiki is taken to the infirmary to have his wounds treated, where he hears Anko talking with Hana about the storage room. The teachers are talking about dangerous weapons being kept there, giving him an idea for defeating Kawaki.

Kae’s true self

Just Kawaki getting tired and worried of anything on his "first day in the academy" #BORUTO261 #BORUTO

Boruto Episode 261 carries on after classes are done once done for the day, with Kae saying goodbye to her admirers. Kawaki thinks this would be a good opportunity to get closer to her and decides to follow her.

At the same time, Eiki is entering the storage room, trying to find one of the weapons previously mentioned that could help him defeat Kawaki. He finds a scroll that seems promising and decides to take it.

There’s always that one kid who thinks he can do a summoning jutsu! #boruto

The episode cuts to the roof, where Kae is complaining about having to keep acting like a proper princess all day. Kawaki discovers her and asks why she is pretending to be a regal girl when she wants to act like a normal person. Kae explains that it is all because of the expectations put on her by her title, claiming she needs to honor her family’s name.

Eiki arrives moments later with a scroll that he uses to summon a monster. Unfortunately for the Fumma elite, he is knocked down almost immediately by the creature he wanted to control. Without any issues, Kawaki defeats it and becomes Kae’s friend.

Mission report

Kawaki saves the princess from a summoning jutsu attack, meanwhile himawari gets to learn about kawaki’s secret mission. #boruto

Hours after the events on the roof, fans see that Kae is reading the book Kawaki bought her. She talks about her day with a servant and mentions:

"This will be the last time I'll be free."

The final cut transports the viewer to the Hokage office. There, Kawaki reports to Naruto about the advances regarding his mission. Boruto Episode 261 ends by revealing to viewers that Himawari was spying on her father and brother, learning about Kawaki’s mission.

How did fans react to Boruto Episode 261 on Twitter?

today's boruto episode was so funny omg 😭focused on my fav character <3#BORUTO261

Fans are loving this new arc that started with Boruto Episode 261. The concept of Kawaki, arguably the most awkward individual on the show, socializing with kids almost half his age is as funny as the series can get.

There’s a reason socially awkward Kawaki is my favourite character 👏😂

Kawaki may look intimidating, but this episode proves that he is just a goofball trying to look tough.

Kawaki is Naruto's biggest fanboy 😌…

He also allowed everyone in the village to learn about his obsession with Naruto, although it seems like he does not mind people knowing.

Imagine how Kawaki will ask a girl for a date 😂#kawaki #BORUTO #BORUTO261

After seeing his disastrous attempt at making friends, fans are wondering how bad Kawaki will be when he has to ask a girl out.

Uhuuuuuuu 😍🤩💖💗💓 She's so cute 🥺😭 Must Protect Himawari at all cost don't let Kishi-Sensei kill her for the plot 😰#Himawari #BORUTO261

Fans also love how cute and skilled Himawari was made to look in Boruto Episode 261. The youngest Uzumaki may not have been the focus of the episode, but her scenes were by far some of the best parts of it.

One day we're gonna look back at this arc and reminisce about how much Himawari has grown 🥹🥺#BorutoNarutoNextGenerations #Boruto261 #Boruto #Himawari

Twitter is excited about the growth Himawari is showing, hoping they can see her become the amazing Kunoichi they know she can be in the future.

This new character, Yukiwari Kae may be an anime canon character but she can be a manga canon and will be important in the future, remember Jiraiya is introduced to us in a FILLER episode of Naruto 🥺#BORUTO261 #yukiwarikae #kawakae

Many fans instantly loved Kae and want her to become a canon character at some point in the future.

This could be symbolism for Kawaki slowly growing a bond with Kae (not relational) but a genuine friendship, which is Kawkai offering a "love" book I still have this feeling that Kae will die at the end of this arc, and it'll be devastating for Kawaki like with Mozuku & Kagura

Sadly, many others think she will meet her demise as before the end of this arc, pushing Kawaki even further into the darkness into which he will inevitably fall.

That episode was hilarious this arc is already starting out great 💪🏾😂#BorutoNarutoNextGenerations #Boruto261 #Boruto

Overall, fans seem to have truly loved Boruto Episode 261 and are waiting impatiently for the continuation of this fun and entertaining arc.

Final thoughts

I was admittedly entertained by Boruto episode #Boruto261 Fun seeing the ridiculous ways that Naruto used to get people to ‘accept’ him. Man sentence Kawaki to be roasted. ALSO who are these people? Fuuma clan? Gongoro? WHO? Wastemen probably. #Boruto #anime

After the boring episode we were subjected to last week, Boruto Episode 261 arrived to invigorate the franchise. The concept of this new arc is fresh enough to give some vitality to the franchise, all while developing some of the most forgotten characters in the show.

The new Academy students may not appear ever again after this arc concludes, but they are extremely well developed, nonetheless. They all have distinctive personalities, as well as interesting designs that make them hard to forget. It is still too early in the arc to judge the direction the story may take; still, fans are loving what the series is doing and cannot wait to see more.

Boruto Episode 262 Preview [English Sub] Title: “The Princess’s Tea Party” (8/14)

The next episode will feature all the students going to a tea party for princess Kae. From the few moments that fans can see in the preview, they can already tell Kawaki will not have a good time. Let’s hope next episode is as funny as Boruto Episode 261 was, and everyone can enjoy it.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh
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