Boruto Chapter 68 leaked spoilers bring back Delta while Eida confronts Amado

Eida and Code discuss how to get to Amado in Boruto Chapter 67 (Image via Shueisha)
Eida and Code discuss how to get to Amado in Boruto Chapter 67 (Image via Shueisha)
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Boruto Chapter 67 ended with several unpredictable developments and a few predictable ones. Kawaki overwhelmed Code effortlessly, only defeated because Code used Daemon as a shield, while Momoshiki gave up the opportunity to reincarnate to save his vessel’s body and preserve his own soul.

But with Code mentioning to Eida that he has a plan for infiltrating Konoha to locate Amado, he still remains a significant threat.

#boruto #borutochapter67#boruto67 i was assuming momoshiki would do something to boruto so he would be alive againBUT THE LAST PAGE??? did he implant something into shikamaru???? should i be scared for the next chapter smh

Disclaimer: Spoilers for Boruto manga Chapter 68 ahead.

What Boruto leaked spoilers reveals about the upcoming chapter 68

Le hice un re-draw a la portada del manga 68 de Boruto 😊#Boruto #BorutoCh68spoilers #Borutochapter68

This time, the leaked spoilers for Boruto Chapter 68 are both sparse and haphazard, making it very difficult to piece together what exactly happens in the chapter.

The cover page of Chapter 68 has been leaked, featuring Boruto with the new Otsutsuki marking on his chest where Momoshiki has repaired his organs. The chapter title can be translated to mean “Marks” or “Traces.”

The title seems to be very appropriate, not just because of the new mark on the younger Uzumaki’s chest but also because of the probability that Code placed a Claw mark on either Kawaki or Shikamaru to infiltrate Konoha.

Amado being scared and so surprised for the first time is absolutely shaking iam so excited for this chapter #BorutoCh68spoilers

The other two leaked panels focus on Amado, featuring a host of unexpected characters. Shikamaru’s presence in the panel strengthens the possibility that the Claw mark was placed on him.

Moreover, Eida appears before Amado, and the only way she could have entered the village without being detected is if she used Code’s ability. In the leaked panel, Amado seems visibly shaken to see Eida, probably since he had assumed her to be dead.

#BorutoCh68spoilers I think sasuke will fight against code and deamon and will succeed in preventing code from removing his limiter and dying like jiraiya he will have somehow save the world about (for chapter 69)

The final unexpected character revealed in the leaked spoilers is Delta. An aggressive and suspicious cyborg who was initially an Inner of Kara, one of Delta’s bodies were destroyed during her fight against Naruto. She was later shut down by Amado when he defected to Konoha.

Chapter 60 of the manga hinted that he was created by a cyborg, which will become a powerful ally to Konoha. Theories of the cyborg’s identity ranged from being a cloned body for Naruto or an Otsutsuki to more absurd guesses like Uchiha Itachi or Shisui.

But as many fans correctly guessed, the spoilers prove that the aforementioned cyborg is none other than Delta.

What to expect

Boruto Chapter 68 cover is amazing! Looking like Boruto will start to tap into his new found genetics and may be too dangerous for konoha to have living there #boruto68 #BorutoCh68spoilers #boruto

Boruto Chapter 68 will probably focus on the aftermath of Code’s attack, with Naruto and Shikamaru processing whatever happened and deciding to investigate further.

Shikamaru being in Amado’s lab is likely him conducting this investigation, asking Amado about Kara and trying to learn the identities of Code’s accomplices. Amado reconstructing Kawaki’s karma without his knowledge might also be an issue Shikamaru would bring up.

#borutoch68spoilersThis is the first time Amado hasn’t been in full control of a given situation (or at least prepared for it to happen) and you can just tell how afraid he is 😳

Eida’s appearance at Konoha is uncharted territory since her charms do not work on Amado. However, the latter’s shock suggests that Eida being alive was not a possibility he had accounted for.

If Eida uses her ability on Shikamaru, she might be able to abduct Amado to try and force him into removing Code’s limiters, following which she would kill him. The only obstacle in this plan is Delta since it is not mentioned if her ability affects cyborgs; if it fails, we might see a fight break out between Delta and Eida.

The official English translation for Boruto Chapter 68 will be released on Sunday, March 20, 2022, and will be available for reading on Viz Shonen Jump and Manga Plus' official websites and apps.

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