Boruto chapter 73 leaked spoilers reveal Team 7’s new assignment and predict Momoshiki’s return

Boruto, Sarada and Kawaki in the anime (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Studio Pierrot)
Boruto, Sarada and Kawaki in the anime (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Studio Pierrot)

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations chapter 72 ended on a surprising note, with Eida and Code parting ways after she accepted Shikamaru’s proposal to ally with Konoha. With Eida traveling to Konoha and Code’s anger towards Kawaki intensifying, the series has taken an unpredictable turn.

With major threats like Momoshiki and the Ten-Tails in the picture, things will likely get much worse in the near future, and the leaked spoilers for chapter 73 predict the same.

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What Boruto leaked manga panels tell us about the upcoming chapter 73

BORUTO CHAPTER 73 COVER PAGE.Title: Special Mission

The leaked spoilers for chapter 73 reveal the title to be Special Mission and unveil the cover image featuring Sarada, suggesting that she will have a greater role in the manga in upcoming chapters.

The very next leaked panel shows all Team 7 members, along with Sumire reporting to the Hokage’s office. Sumire blushes upon seeing the blond ninja, but the latter is too caught upon seeing Kawaki, the brother to whom he entrusted the burden of killing him in their last fight.

Boruto and Kawaki meeting for the first time since the incident. #BorutoCh73spoilers

The panel shows the younger Uzumaki and Kawaki's first interaction since Momoshiki repaired his vessel's organs. Kawaki simply remarks that he didn’t expect him to return to life after everything, and seems to respond just as casually.

The dialogue is left intentionally, reminding readers that neither Sarada nor Mitsuki know the true circumstances of their friend's "death."

The spoilers move on to Shikamaru explaining their mission, and revealing that Boruto and Kawaki will have to become Eida’s roommates, since their Otsutsuki powers make them immune to her enchantment.

Daemon, Eida and Amado on the train. Eida blushing on the fact that she is going to be living with kawaki and that shikamaru told kawaki that she loves him. Daemon felt that, lol😂#BorutoCh73spoilers

The announcement shocks them both and Shikamaru further explains to Kawaki that Eida is in love with him. Sarada smooths out their protests by asking if this is a surveillance mission, to which Shikamaru answers in the affirmative and adds that they must remain on good terms with Eida to be able to defeat Code.

Chapter 73 leaks show that Eida has been following their discussion using her Senrigan, while traveling to Konoha by train. Knowing that Konoha is planning to make Kawaki her roommate makes her blush.

Shikamaru informing Kawaki about her feelings further flusters her and her rapid heartbeat even wakes up Daemon who was sleeping with his head resting against his sister’s chest.

Kawaki senses momoshiki’s presence as well as Sasuke. Image 3 is the last page of the chapter with a flashback panel, so Sasuke’s rinnegan isn’t back. #BorutoCh73spoilers

The raw scans also reveal that Momoshiki is lurking around Boruto after his appearance in chapter 72, when he warns the young Uzumaki about promising his mother that he would always return.

Kawaki is the first to notice him, looking around in shock. Sasuke senses the Otsutsuki’s presence as well, with the chapter including a flashback of him seeing Momoshiki with his Rinnegan.

Final thoughts

Sasuke's resolve in chapter 69 (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha)
Sasuke's resolve in chapter 69 (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha)

The leaked spoilers for Boruto chapter 73 have made it abundantly clear that Momoshiki’s ominous prophecy will come true in the near future, and he will likely try to take over his vessel’s consciousness once more.

Sarada appearing on the cover directly following her wish in chapter 69 to become stronger suggests that she might get a new power-up.

Fans have also been anticipating Sasuke’s death for a while now, which could prove to be a major catalyst towards Sarada either activating another tomoe of her Sharingan, or achieving Mangekyo Sharingan altogether.

Momoshiki's appearance around Boruto is sure to further damage his relationship with Kawaki as well, who will see him as a threat to Naruto.

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