Boruto chapter 72: How Eida’s alliance with Konoha might affect the course of the manga

Eida in the Boruto manga (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha)
Eida in the Boruto manga (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha)
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Boruto manga chapter 71 ended on a chilling note with Code swearing revenge on Kawaki, and Eida deciding to move to Konoha with Damian and Amado in tow. Now that the manga is going on hiatus for a month, fans are especially excited to see what will happen when it finally returns on August 20.

As a result, several interesting theories have now surfaced regarding how chapter 72 will deal with Eida’s arrival in Konoha. This article will discuss some of the more feasible possibilities and try to predict how this new development will impact the plot of the manga.

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Anticipating how Boruto chapter 72 will deal with Eida’s presence in Konoha village

What was revealed in the recent manga chapters?

Code got some of the best cover pages in the manga.#BORUTO #BorutoCh71Spoilers

Boruto chapter 70 showed Code abducting Amado from Konoha and forcing him to remove his limiters. Chapter 71 showed him on the verge of killing the scientist. In a desperate attempt to save himself, Amado then revealed that he was the only failsafe against Kawaki if he ever needed to be stopped.

#Borutoch71 #BorutoNarutonextgenerations #BorutoCh71Spoilers #boruto (Drawing the lineart from scratch is a bit hard, especially the lettering I can't find the exact same font😭😭)

He further urged Eida to take up Shikamaru’s offer and become allies with Konoha in order to get closer to Kawaki. This enraged Code. Eida had Daemon stop him when he attacked Amado in anger, followed by which, she promptly decided to part ways with him, calling him a hindrance to her goal.

Colored Daemon from Chapter 71Modified his ears and the text lol#BORUTO #Boruto71 #borutonarutonextgeneration

Code challenged Eida and said that he would cultivate the Divine Tree and consume the Chakra Fruit to become an Otsutsuki. Once freed of her enchantment, he would then decide if he truly loves her or wants to kill her.

How Konoha might react to Eida’s arrival

@shonenjump Shikamaru MVP for this chapter. Even he try to resist Eida's power😄

Boruto chapter 72 will most likely deal with the chaos that Eida’s arrival at Konoha will cause, and might give fans a full taste of Eida’s power. It would not be surprising if the chapter shows Shikamaru “welcoming” her, having prepared for this turn of events.

Eida might also be asked to prove her loyalty to Konoha, or at the very least, her lack of ill-will towards the village, before she is granted access inside.

An injured Amado will likely be treated for his injuries, and connected telepathically to Shikamaru via Ino’s jutsu. While recounting how he convinced Eida to switch sides, Amado will no doubt leave out the crucial detail about his ability to stop Kawaki.

How this might affect the manga storyline

BORUTO CH 70 SPOILERS! Sumire tries to talk to Kawaki. Sumire doesn't seem to be able to convince Kawaki to trust her.#borutoch70spoilers #borutochapter70spoilers #boruto70 #boruto70spoilers

Amado’s return to Konoha might make Sumire more important to the story. Her proximity to Amado as his assistant gives her greater access to his research, and having previously voiced her suspicions to Kawaki, she might try to find out Amado’s ulterior motives.

But this would also make her a target of Eida’s jealousy, and it is unlikely that she would be able to hide her investigation from the latter’s Senrigan. Sumire would remain constantly under the risk of Eida exposing her to Amado and endangering her life.

Kawaki♦️, Sumire 🥼.Manga: Boruto Naruto Next Generations [Capitulo.70]

Boruto chapter 72 might also give readers some insight into how Kawaki would react to the presence of people who had earlier allied with Code and infiltrated the village to abduct Amado. Being fiercely protective of Naruto and immune to Eida’s charms, he might be apathetic, if not downright hostile, when it comes to her attempts to get closer to him.

Finally, the chapter will hopefully bring Boruto back into the picture, given that he is the only other person who is unaffected by Eida’s ability. He is also shown to be more level-headed compared to Kawaki, and might try to extract more information out of her.

It is unlikely that Code will try to launch an attack on Konoha before eating the Chakra Fruit, so the next few chapters might be more focused on the village adjusting to Eida and Daemon.

Boruto chapter 72 is scheduled to be released on August 20, 2022. The official English translation will be available for reading on Viz and Manga Plus.

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