Boruto Episode 262: Release date and time, where to watch, what to expect, and more

Kawaki will attend his first tea party in Boruto Episode 262 (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Kawaki will attend his first tea party in Boruto Episode 262 (Image via Studio Pierrot)
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Tea will be served soon with the upcoming release of Boruto Episode 262. We are already acquainted with the new generation of Academy students, especially Princess Kae. Now it is time for their characters to develop further as we accompany them to a fancy tea party.

Will something new about Kawaki’s secret mission be revealed this time around? Will Himawari confess that she knows about her brother’s assignment? Continue reading to learn more about Boruto Episode 262’s release, as well as what fans can expect from this episode.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers.

Will Kawaki survive the Academy’s tea party in Boruto Episode 262?

When will the episode come out? Where can you see it?

Boruto Episode 262 Preview [English Sub] Title: “The Princess’s Tea Party” (8/14)

Boruto Episode 262 is scheduled to air on Japanese TV networks this coming Sunday, August 14, at around 5:30 pm JST. Shortly after, the episode will be released internationally, according to the times listed below.

  • Pacific Daylight time – 2:00 am, August 14th
  • Central Daylight time – 4:00 am, August 14th
  • Eastern Daylight time – 5:00 am, August 14th
  • British Summer time – 10:00 am, August 14th
  • Central European Summer time– 11:00 am, August 14th
  • Indian Standard time – 2:30 pm, August 14th
  • Philippine time – 5:00 pm, August 14th
  • Australian Central Daylight time – 6:30 pm, August 14th

If you want to watch Boruto Episode 262 as soon as it comes out, you can do so on Hulu, VRV, Crunchyroll, and Funimation. These are the official streaming services for the show and fans are encouraged to support the official release.

A recap of Episode 261

Boruto episode 261 review. A really fun episode with a really fresh tone. The addition of new characters and soundtrack make this arc even more exciting to look forward. Love the academy vibe, made me feel a bit nostalgic 🤧9/10, pretty positive arc starter 🔥

Boruto Episode 261 focused on Kawaki and Himawari’s first few days at the Ninja Academy. While Himawari was there to learn how to be a Kunoichi, Kawaki was enrolled to protect Princess Kae, a transfer student who was being targeted by a group of assassins.

Kawaki was tasked with getting closer to the princess, so he tried to become her friend, failing with each attempt because of his awkward behavior. A boy named Eiki Fuma, who developed a crush on the princess, is jealous about how much attention Kawaki is giving Kae and tries to defeat him, believing this will make Kae love him.

I can basically say they aren't joking for this arc. Because Ayano Kusunoki herself (PA from #65, 135, 218) also here to be one of the PA. I'm really interested how this arc will be delivered.Kae's relationship with Kawaki and the others will lead us into somewhere unexpected.

Seeing Kawaki act so strangely made Himawari suspicious of his brother, but she couldn't get any information from him. Still, she advised Kawaki about gifting Kae a romance novel to gain her friendship. Kawaki followed his little sister’s advice and followed Kae after class to give her the book.

While he was talking to Kae about her role as a princess, Eiki attacked Kawaki with a monster. Kawaki got rid of the beast almost instantly, impressing Kae, who agreed to be his friend. The episode ended with Kawaki giving Naruto a mission report while Himawari was outside the room, spying on her brother and father.

What can you expect from Boruto Episode 262?

Kae just looks happy in Boruto Episode 262, new screenshot! I can’t wait for the interactions between Eiki and Kawaki🤣. #boruto

As stated before, this episode will mostly focus on a tea party that Kae’s classmates will hold in her honor. Kawaki does not seem pleased about this idea, mostly because he will have to use proper attire for the party.

However, we need to remember that Himawari is now aware of her brother’s mission, which could either be a blessing, as she could help protect Kae, or a curse, with Himawari threatening to expose Kawaki. We still have to see how this will be handled in the story, but it will be interesting to see how the creators make use of this idea.

#BorutoHow Kawaki be pulling up at Himawari's princess tea party be like:

Last week’s episode was extremely funny, and fans loved how this new arc started. Kawaki trying to blend in with kids half his age while trying his best not to be the most awkward person in the room was hilarious to watch.

We can only hope that Boruto Episode 262 will give fans more fun moments, as well as expand more about the group that is trying to assassinate Kae.

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