Call of the Night episode 13 review - Yamori finds out Hatsuka is a boy, Nico wants Nazuna to face the repercussion

Call of the Night Episode 13 review (Image via Liden Films)
Call of the Night Episode 13 review (Image via Liden Films)

The previous episode of Call of the Night saw Yamori struggling with the notion of whether vampires are kind or whether his whole perception of them was wrong. However, in front of Anko, he defended them and clarified that the vampires he’s acquainted with are way better than humans.

Hatsuka Sawashiro was featured in the final moments of the previous episode and her arrival raised several questions among fans, like about the business she has with Yamori. Call of the Night episode 13 titled "Call of the Night" is the very finale of the season. This article will briefly summarize the episode by dividing it into three narratives.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Call of the Night episode 13.

Call of the Night episode 13 highlights

Nico wants to kill Yamori

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Call of the Night episode 13 kicked off with Nazuna getting bored whilst playing video games and deciding to take a stroll around the city as usual. On the other hand, Yamori visited Hatsuka’s apartment where a middle-aged man and two girls rushed towards the door. The three people addressed Hatsuka using the honorific “Sama,” as if they were her offspring disciples.

The three were disgruntled over Yamori being with Hatsuka and started badmouthing him. However, the latter threatened the three of them to vacate her apartment immediately by keeping a jovial expression. Yamori was puzzled by the recent events and after he found out that Hatsuka is a boy, he was shocked to his core.

Nazuna confronted Nico, Seri, and Midori and told them that she had dropped the idea of turning Yamori into a vampire. Nico being extremely outraged told Nazuna that she’s now left with the only option to eliminate Yamori as he will be a potential risk to the vampires' existence. Disregarding Nazuna’s threats, Nico scared her by asking how Yamori is different from other humans and why she wants to protect him.

Hatsuka wants to make Yamori his offspring

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Yamori explained everything about the vampire turned school teacher and the private detective Anko Uguisu to Hatsuka. However, like Nazuna, he too was having a hard time believing that a human could kill a vampire. Hatsuka revealed that he has an effect which makes both men and women attracted to him, which is why he loves to look like a girl.

Hatsuka told Yamori that there has been a fight between Nazuna and Nico by showing a picture of a broken table that Midori shared with him. Hatsuka made a proposal to Yamori that he would make him his offspring in no time by tricking him to love him. The latter eventually refused the offer because he wanted to stick to the pact he made with Nazuna.

Nazuna enters an agreement with Nico

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Yamori rushed towards Nico’s place and got startled by the broken furniture laying around. The latter told the former that Nazuna has already left the place and is not in the condition to talk. Yamori left the place to search for Nazuna, but he got in trouble after two policemen tried to approach him. However, he managed to escape them.

Yamori eventually found Nazuna at the same place where they met each other for the first time. Being upfront, Yamori finally revealed that his boring life changed the day he met her. Reminiscing about the deal she made with Nico to make Yamori fall in love with her, she apologized to him for ruining their date.

Yamori told Nazuna that they must find new things to beat the boredom and for that, they must stay together. Hearing that the latter kissed the former.

Final thoughts on Call of the Night episode 13:

Call of the night with another banger episode

Call of the Night episode 13 surprised fans by revealing that Hatsuka Sawashiro, whom everyone thought to be a girl, turned out to be a boy with feminine features. Through Hatsuka, Yamori finally got all the answers to his questions when she told him, like humans, vampires still have a long way to go to learn about their own kind.

As Yamori wasn’t able to find a good reason for becoming a vampire, he was confused. However, he finally gets to know that being together with Nazuna makes his boring nights more exciting. He finally made his decision to become a vampire by falling in love with Nazuna first, and unbeknownst to him, she will be helping him too.

As Nazuna will also take part in Yamori’s journey of exploring love, fans will get to witness a whole new version of these characters in season 2.

Readers can keep up with the latest anime and manga news as 2022 progresses.

Edited by Abhipsa Choudhury
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